Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is?

Hello my friends!

It was not even a discussion...when we found out we were expecting...we KNEW we would find out what we were having.  If you know us, you know we couldn't wait.  My husband HATES surprises and I am so not a yellow type person.  Pink or Blue...I love them both!

Of course, we wanted to know as soon as possible...and then my mom and dad wanted to be here and suddenly my priorities changed.  I no longer wanted to find out as early as possible.  I wanted my mom and dad there.  They scheduled a visit around my 20th week....and they will get to be there when we find out.  Nothing in the world is more special to me! 

With this being said...of course, I have to WAIT until I'm 20 WEEKS!  We have a little over a month to go so I figured what a better way to spend this month then doing all those tests people tell you to try to guess the gender. 

Who are these old wives??!?!?  and what are their tales?!?!

I picture the old wives as a group that looks like this...

Sitting around and chatting about their experiences and their children. 

"In my day....."

You would hear lots of this:

"MY Edward......" "Well MY Judith......" 

So in my head...those are the old wives...and I'm honoring them.  Now of course I know this isn't accurate....It's really a fifty fifty shot!  Each tale has a change of being half right or half wrong.  Sweet Pea is already a boy or a girl.  This whole series is meant for fun....

I will have fun doing it and I hope you have fun reading it!

My first tale will be posted tomorrow morning and I will post one a day until our anatomy scan!  I will keep a running total each day about what the chances for each gender is based on that group of old wives and then of course...we can compare when I find out =)

oh and P.S.-Any experience you have with the tales I tell each day...please share! I love reading about others experiences!

So to start...what are some of your favorite gender old wives tales?