Letting It Go!

I've been such a bad blogger....shame on me!  I know I stopped like right in the middle of that thirty day blog journal thing but I got bored.  So we will just say it was a 24 day journal and move on =)

I totally had an epiphany last night while watching Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion (by the way...ending was totally lame!).  Caroline made a comment about life not being all lollipops and roses.  I've said that a thousand times before, substituting lollipops and roses for rainbows and butterflies. 

Why can't life be all lollipops and rainbows? 

I know...it's not...but can't I at least try to see the best in everything .....Can't I at least try to be happy and let things roll off my back? 

If I'm having a bad day...why can't there be lollipops?  If I'm going through a storm, why shouldn't I look for the rainbow? 

So I promised last night...I'm starting a new life of lollipops and rainbows. 

Here's the thing...It will be a struggle.  I know it will. I am an extremely passionate person.  I put my heart into people and things I care about and I get mad or protective when issues come up. Unfortunately, this leaves me often angry and unable to sleep.  Who is that hurting? Me.  And it's not just me anymore, its affecting Sweet Pea too!

So I'm letting it go....  I'm grabbing my lollipops and I'm looking for that rainbow. 

I know who is worth fighting for....and I know who isn't. 

I know what is worth fighting for ...and I know what isn't.

People are like holidays. Do others see you as Christmas, or more like Tax Day? 

~Terri Guillemets