Introducing My OB!

Today I have reached the ten week mark!  Double digits baby!  10 down- 30 to go!!!!

On Monday, my husband and I had our very first appointment with our OB.  I was clueless how to find one.  So I picked the hospital I want to deliver at and then asked Nurse Christmas for recommendations.  She gave me three names that Dr. Godfather recommended.  Upon doing research, I made my choice. 

Dr. Godfather's office was state of the art.  New ultrasound machines, flat screens, HUGE fish tank with plenty of fish.  This of course didn't surprise me...I mean infertility is a million dollar business, I'm sure. 

I don't know what I was expecting when I pulled up to my OB....but whatever I was expecting, it wasn't a house. To be honest, I was a little creeped out.  I don't know why!  My pediatrician when I was little worked out of a basement apartment in his house in Brooklyn.  I calmed my fears and went inside. 

The waiting room resembled an old ladies living room.  I half expected to see tea and scones or crumpets or something.  We filled out the massive amounts of paperwork required to find a doctor to deliver your baby.  Just as I finished up....in he came. 

Introducing Dr. Hawaiian Tropics!  He is a mix between:

George Hamilton

and Jack's dad from the show LOST! 

NO LIE!  I'll let that sink in for a moment.........


The truth is he totally looks like a man who delivers babies.  I could picture him delivering my baby. 

Next we had our sit down with him.  He was going to ask us questions and then we would ask him.  Here's the thing.  He totally didn't really want me to ask him questions.  The first question (albeit was about financial concerns but I'm NEW to this...I didn't know) was answered with a snarky response.  HEY DOC- DID YOU NOT SEE MY POST ON THE SUPER PREGGO BITCH CAPE?!?!  After that he just seemed annoyed.  He answered everything but you could tell he didn't want to or maybe my first question annoyed him SO much.....either way...wasn't too happy at this moment. 

My super angel doctor that I ten minutes ago pictured happily delivering my baby...was quickly turning into the devil with a pitchfork.

Next was the examination time....He brought me into a room and I NO JOKE almost passed out when I saw his ultrasound machine.  Maybe I was spoiled at Dr Godfather's but SURELY there was a newer cheaper model that wasn't made in the 80'S?!?!?  The ultrasound machine was as old as I was.....very Commodore 64

I'm sorry but is the maternity business not doing well nowadays?!?! 

He then proceeded to find Sweet Pea.  Looked at the heart and decided it was strong enough (without trying to listen to it) and printed me a picture...which you can imagine is pretty much in 8 bit!  If I ever thought Sweet Pea looked like a blob of jelly...now was the time.  The thing that stopped me from freaking out was that Sweet Pea is measuring on schedule.  Official due date March 31!

He then proceeded to give me magazines to read and send us on our merry little way. 

It was an experience......I don't know how to feel.....

Here's the thing....he came HIGHLY recommended from Dr. Godfather whose opinion REALLY means everything to me.  The man has GOT to be a good doctor.  I don't need to have dinner with him..I need him to take care of Sweet Pea. 

I am giving it one more chance.  I scheduled my NT scan through his office at the local hospital in about 2.5 weeks.  I will then return to see him a few days later.  We will see how that goes. 

Maybe he will be nice if I put on coconut lotion?!?