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For the first time in my pregnancy, this feels real.  I have a baby growing in my belly....and it's ALL sorts of wonderful!  We had the NT scan today.  I am in LOVE!

I was so nervously excited for this scan....So nervous because I hadn't seen Sweet Pea in three weeks.  That's a long time to a infertile. I did LOTS of research about the test and asked so many questions from a friend.  I kept hearing that this was an external scan.  I couldn't believe it!  Only really pregnant people get to do those.  I was still unsure so I shaved my Yeti legs anyway to prepare! 

Once we got to the office and the ultrasound tech got going, my heart seriously soared.  I have never loved something SO much!  Watching Sweet Pea on that screen was something I have dreamed about for MANY years.....something I wasn't sure I would ever get to experience.  Something I will now never forget. 

My darling was perfect!  Heart rate of 167!  Moving around like they were dancing.  Unfortunately, Sweet Pea was being stubborn, just like mom and dad!  The ultrasound tech had to keep shaking Sweet Pea to get them to move.  Of course, all I kept thinking was how she was probably giving my baby brain damage.  Sweet Pea was probably like "What is this? An Earthquake?!" 

She even startled my poor baby who we watched literally JUMP on the screen. That WITCH!

My heart became so full this morning.  I looked at my husband....we created this...and looking at that screen...I thought my heart would burst.  Is there any type of heart better to have then one full of such love?

I unfortunately kept getting yelled at because I was laughing. The mean lady even made me turn on my side away from the screen to try to get a better angle.  What did Sweet Pea do about this?  Turned around and mooned her!  That is my child!!

We finally got the perfect measurement for the NT about 15 minutes later.  I haven't received the risk assessment yet...but she said it is looking normal.

We scheduled our gender scan for eight weeks.  I can't wait to find out what we are having!

I think it finally hit us....we are having a baby!!!!!

P.S.  My husband and I have decided we will NOT be sharing pictures of the baby on here or twitter.  I understand how devastated you are all but we feel strongly about this.  I hope you all can understand and respect our wishes!  xoxoxoxo


the2weekwait said...

This is wonderful news! Congratulations! (And totally understand about the pictures by the way) Can't wait to find out what the gender is!