Ok Let's talk comfort.......

I'm on the cusp of finishing up my first trimester and let me tell you my friends, I am ALL about comfort these days. I want comfortable pants, comfortable shoes, and my comfortable bed and pillows.

I must admit in my first trimester UTTER fatigue phase...my housework well has...um...what's the best word for it......slacked? all but almost disappeared?   Honestly, if you give me a choice between housework and a nap...I take the nap....EVERY TIME!!!

But seriously, being a housewife there are just SOME things that need to be done sometimes.  Don't get me wrong my wonderful husband has been a HUGE help but he works hard all day and I don't expect him to do everything ALL the time (just most of the time!)

So there are times, when I have to suck it up and get down and dirty.....especially with the dishes!  My biggest pet peeve about washing dishes is the backache.  It's awful!  You end up switching feet to put your weight on, which puts a SERIOUS damper on trying to dance to the music your listening to while washing the dishes.

I'll admit when my husband's stepmother told me about the Imprint Comfort Mats..I was skeptical.  A mat is a mat right?  Oh but this isn't just a mat.  This my friends is HEAVEN for your weary feet.  Washing dishes no longer proves to be an issue (well expect for the fact that I just don't want to!).

These are how great these mats are... I accidentally stepped on the mat with my high heels.  The mats are spongy and my heel print went right into it.  I automatically freaked out! I thought I ruined the mat!  The next day, when I woke up....YOU COULDN'T TELL!!!  I was shocked and in love.  Is there any better way to feel like a woman then to slip on those Manolo's and wash your husband's dirty dishes?  (Don't roll your eyes at me).

The mats don't need to just be used in the dish washing!  You can put it in front of the stove for those yummy delicious meals you make your family.  Put it in front of the bathroom mirror for comfort while doing your hair and makeup!  And if all else fails my friend, they are GREAT for taking naps (not like I know or anything).

So here's the deal: Sublime Marketing Group contacted me to do a review and giveaway to one of my blog readers of their Imprint Comfort Mats.  I of course jumped at the chance...  I have received the great comfort..and now I want to pass it on to you!

Sublime Marketing Group is offering a standard length (20 x 36") Imprint Comfort Mat Elite Series (Retail $69.99) to one VERY lucky reader!  The company will try to grant the color and pattern wishes of the winner but they might vary, depending on what is in stock. 

The giveaway will run until 9/26!  Winner will be chosen at random and announced on my blog on 9/27!  Mat will be sent directly from the company to the winner's house, where the winner can feel free to gush over the comfort! 

Of course you want to know how to enter...LISTEN UP:

To qualify you MUST:
  1. Be a follower of my blog
  2. Go to www.imprintmats.com ....look around the website and leave me a comment telling me how you would use your Imprint comfort mat!  (and don't forget to leave your name!)
Oh my friends...but the entries don't stop there!   

EXTRA ENTRY OPPORTUNITIES: please leave a SEPARATE comment for EACH extra entry!
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Remember to leave a SEPARATE comment for EACH entry!! 

Good Luck =)  May the luckiest person win!