Happy Birthday Baby!!!

When I think back on all the time we have spent together... the fact that I now know you for more than half of my life..I smile.

I remember those times in high school, where I thought nothing more of you than a classmate...those times turned into becoming friends...best friends....and then loves....I smile!

I think of our first kiss..how you laughed because you were nervous.  I could today paint a picture of that scene 12 years ago and it makes me smile.

I think of the ups and downs we had.  How we somehow managed to navigate our way through a VERY LONG long distance relationship.  I think of it as a yo-yo....at times we dangled far away from each other and just as I thought the string would break...our love wrapped us back up.  I don't smile about the bad times...I smile because we got through them.

I will forever remember the conversation when we decided it was time to get married....July 4 2005....sitting on the terrace of a restaurant overlooking La Jolla.  I have never been so excited for our future....so excited for the possibilities that laid in front of us.....That day makes me smile.

On our wedding day, saying our vows, as the tears flowed and the words squeaked out....my heart and soul...they both smiled.

We found our way through the dark tunnel of infertility....using each other as guidance.  We never knew what lie ahead and each month that past saw a shortening of the gap between us...instead of a widening like most would expect.  I look back at the journey and I smile.

We have become intertwined with each other. Our souls have meshed. 

And when I thought I was losing everything we worked for.....everything we dreamed of....everything we have ever wanted to share...I turned to you and realized you, my beautiful husband, are my rock.

You have held me together for 12 years. 

You have made me a better person.

Today on your birthday, I honor your love.....your strength.....your passion!  I honor you and thank you for showing me the meaning of love.

I love you baby!  Happy 30th birthday!