Welcome to Injection Junction

So it is official.....I faced my fear of needles and have started injections! *insert applause*

For some strange reason when I think of the word injection....I think of conjunction junction. 

Injection Junction...What's your function?  Making follicles so you can have baby(ies). 

Ok so I might have totally ripped the concept off from a Family Guy I watched recently ...but mine is so less vulgar....

With all kidding aside.....we wouldn't even be on injections this month if it wasn't for two awesome people we met through twitter.  J and K (their names will be withheld so you all don't try to track them down and get free stuff out of them! No they are not paying your rent, buying your groceries or giving you their baby!) went through an IVF cycle at the beginning of the year.  They conceived and offered us their unused injection medication!!!  Honestly, I have NEVER been so touched by a "strangers" kindness.  People may not get or understand the power behind the connections made through twitter.  The support from the people I tweet with on a daily basis is amazing...and I have truly met some wonderful people.  J and K are the prime example! 

I will honestly never be able to thank them enough for their kindness. 

Ok but seriously enough about them.....you want to know how I am doing on my injections right?

See I have this little mission to take down infertility....and I am keeping score!

The first few nights were MISERABLE.  The needle itself really only hurt one night (and BOY do I have the bruise to prove that!) but afterward....the medication spreading in my body felt like burning.  It was not pleasant...I might have cried (A LOT!). 

After a few nights, we mastered the technique (and followed the guidelines) by letting the shot sit out for a bit before doing it.  The pamphlet says that injecting a cold medication will cause discomfort.  DISCOMFORT is an understatement.  For the past three nights...NO PAIN....NO TEARS! That's right...I ROCK!

So I am taking it like a pro...and taking one for the team (of me and my husband!). 

What I have disliked EVEN MORE than the injections (I know you are thinking what the hell could she dislike more than having a needle shoved into her every day)...is the doctors appointments...EVERY OTHER DAY! 

These aren't normal doctors appointments folks...these are "too early in the morning to function-get a coffee drip going into my vein stat- I can't believe I have a doctor in my candy land at that time of the day" doctors appointments.  My husband and I have been stumbling to each appointment.  I swear the last time I looked like what the cat dragged in (only not stinky and VERY fabulous). 

We are back in the morning to the doctors for our Day 10 appointment....which has followed the Day 3, Day 6, and Day 8 appointments.  I was told by Nurse Christmas and I quote "You have a boat load of small follicles".  I'm not sure what terms of measurement a boat load is under...but it sure sounds encouraging!

So that's what's been going on in this kingdom!  Please forgive my absence from blogging.  I promise this month will be better!

I hope you all have a boat load of fun this weekend! 


jensays said...

congrats on the successful shots!! i am on injections too, we can be injection twins. I have two appts this holiday weekend, so much for leisurely laying around in the mornings. all my IVF appts have to be between 8-10am.


Radiant Readhead said...

Oh good luck! i am sending a "boat load" of baby dust your way!

Courtney said...

Oh those damn injections. I hope they continue to get better.

I cannot say enough how awesome this community is on twitter. I hope to meet everyone some day.

Sending you big *hugs* my dear friend. You are such a trooper!

subfertilefrugalista said...

Wahoo!! So exciting! Here's hoping that this is *the* cycle!! Maybe injectables are the perfect thing for your body. And seriously, if so, I'm thinking naming rights, tributes, lots of things owed to J & K! :) Amazing.

Can't wait to see how the boat load of follies progress.

Pregnant Yuppy said...

I always felt that the RE's office should provide coffee and donuts to those of us who were in for those early morning dates with Wandy. Really - it's the least they could do considering their fees.

PCOSChick said...

First of all, you had be smiling this whole post because you can just write in a way that makes something no so fun-well, as fun as possible :)

Anywho...You are doing awesome!!! Such a trooper :) Cant wait to hear more about the butt loads & how they are doing!!

Erica said...

Good luck with your injectables cycle! I had the same issues with bruising...I must have hit a vessel or something.

Holly said...

omg you had rolling talking about the doctor being in your "candyland" so early! never heard that one, love it! LMAO.

SO very excited about the boatload of follies and I'm constantly sending them growing vibes!

lindsey said...

WOO and HOO!!! I'm glad the score is finally becoming even :) you are fabulous and soon their will be a fabulous baby for me, i mean you, to spoil! xoxo

Sara said...

Nice job being brave with the injections! They are not always easy (you are right, the bruises prove it) but hopefully they will get you the results you are hoping to see!

I recently found your blog. I am looking forward to following your journey. If you want to follow mine, I am at Time Well Wasted - www.twwasted.blogspot.com

~Sara :)

Jessica said...

Praying so hard for you two!! Luv ya :)

Ashley said...

Glad the shots are going better! And all my monitoring appointments were at 6:30 am. Most mornings I would get home from the appointment and not even remembering driving there or back I was so tired! :)