IUI 6.1

This morning I decided to get pregnant!  That's right biology...BRING IT!

I did it folks....I FINISHED my injections!  you take that needles!

Today was the first of our sixth round of our IUI's.  Tomorrow is the second.

The best part...I don't have to wake up early at all this weekend for an appt!

Dr. Meteorologist was the one who did the IUI this morning.  He was so cute.  He loves to talk....but I couldn't understand much of what he was saying.  This is what I did hear:

"Let's make this heat wave a memorable one"
"I'm ready to send the soldiers in"
"Stay hydrated"

Totally funny.  I was trying so hard not to laugh.  I really love so many of those doctors...Oh there are two new ones I need to tell you about: Dr. Martha Stewart and Dr. Noob!

Dr. Martha Stewart did two of my ultrasounds..during the holiday weekend.  She is very very thorough!

Dr. Noob...oh boy....He did our ultrasound yesterday.  He is the new doctor to the practice and HAS to be straight out of med school!  He has NO idea what he was doing (there was another doctor in there with him to help him)!!!  I'll spare you all the details...it was uncomfortable and awkward.  Noob!

So this morning I noticed a couple walk in.  They looked like they were floating on air.  In their faces you saw excitement.  She had her paperwork with her.  I was SURE this was their consult appointment.  They looked all like this:

Confident, Happy, Hopeful.....(and not in a crazy psychotic way like these two above).  I marveled at this couple.  My husband and I were this couple....one year ago.

A year changes a lot when you are doing treatments for infertility....No longer are we that confident, happy, hopeful couple that first walked into that office.  As a matter of fact....I think we look more like this now:

Disheveled, Tired, Worn Out (but not drunk and certainly not arrested....and I would LOVE to promise you that my hair doesn't look like that sometimes....but seriously...it might!!  I CAN promise you that I WOULD NEVER let my husband wear that shirt....ever).

So here we go...entering the two week wait.  Neuroticism in the house!


Adam and Julia said...

i just laughed so hard at that!! Thanks so much. Good luck with the soldiers!

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness, I so love you girl and the way you can make humor out of all of this. I admire that about you and also your strength to keep pushing through.

As I tell you, my fingers, toes, EVERYTHING are crossed for you.


Sara said...

Thank you for such a light-hearted post! The pictures cracked me up! :)

It is so true about couples just starting out have a certain sparkle in their eyes and are just so hopeful...and then us Iffers are just beaten down. I am so glad to hear how optimistic you are about this cycle! I love how your doctor told you he was ready for the soldiers to enter! It is nice when the doctors can help make you feel not so uncomfortable.

I am also in my 2 week wait...here's to hoping we have a couple of BFP's soon! :)

Radiant Readhead said...

lots and lots of baby dust your way!!!!

mrskts216 said...

So funny!! As someone just starting IVF (literally, meds are on the bathroom counter) I can't imagine how much of a toll this is going to take...I am glad to see you still have your humor! Good luck, 2 weeks is going to feel like FOREVER! AHHHHHH! LOL...hang in!

The Quest For Baby Hang said...

I'm praying that in 2 weeks you get your BFP!!! :)

Janessa said...

You're hilarious!! Good luck, I hope you have a sticky bean! Or more, like the couple in the first picture...

lindsey said...

HAHAHA!!!! I can't even pick a favorite part of that :) Keep eerything crossed but your legs! xoxo

Katie said...

HAHA, that is SO true. Good luck with both of your IUIs. I hope one of those swimmers makes it to its target!

subfertilefrugalista said...

That was hilarious.

Best of luck with 6.2!!!

Just Me...C said...

I just love your blog! You are freakin comical! Wishing you the best this cycle. Get the soldiers ready!

Josey said...

I love the optimism in this post!! Fingers crossed this is your cycle!

Jes G said...

lots of luck in the 2ww!!! stay away from dr. google!! he might make you crazy...he makes me INSANE!
Great photo.... that's how i feel everyday lately.