Happy Fourth of July!!

Fireworks and America and Yummy Food OH MY!
Happy Fourth of July everyone!  

Here's hoping you get your fill of fireworks...whether you watch them or create them (nudge nudge wink wink)

P.S.  I am a mess on trying to stay on top of blog reading.  My Google reader always seems to be over a 1000.  What I need to do is unfollow those useless people I am following and start following you guys, who are WAY more interesting anyway!  I have started to make my way to some of your sites.  If I am not following you and you think I should be, please leave me a link to your blog as a comment!  I'll get on top of this one day....there is just so much more pressing issues...like making sure I watch EVERY Real Housewife show =) Who else is totally loving Bethenny's new show?!? I feel like I am watching myself on TV!  Adore her!


Radiant Readhead said...

I hate to admit it with every fiber of my being, but I love Bethany's new show to the chagrin of my husband! LOL....she is brash, loud and more annoying than not, but I cannot stop watching it! she gives pregnant women a bad name for blaming everything on the hormones, b/c I don't remember being like that!! plus, have you seen how damn skinny she is!?!?!? lol....well, I hope you enjoyed your 4th weekend, and don't worry, you already follow my blog:)

Waiting Lisa said...

Happy 4th to you :)

I am so sorry the injections are not producing the response you were hoping for. It has to be heartbreaking considering I am sure you were expecting amazing things this cycle. Plus you have endured all the shots and appointments. I still have my fingers crossed that this month will be it. *hugs*