I'm Making A Change!

As you all know, yesterday was my 30th birthday.  I was surrounded by TONS of messages from people telling me happy birthday.  Messages on Twitter...messages on Facebook....text messages...there were A LOT!

However, I realized there were very few ACTUAL PHONE CALLS! 

Is media ruining the way we communicate?  Is media affecting our relationships?

Wasn't our relationships stronger when texting, Myspace, Facebook and Twitter weren't on option?

Recall back to the days of being a teen and thinking about how many hours you spent on the phone with so many different people.  Yes, we had tons of time on our hands then....and Yes, our lives are so much busier now.......but aren't those relationships still worth the effort? 

I'm not saying everyone should spend HOURS on the phone every day!  I'm not...because it's not possible whether you have a child or not, whether you are married or not, whether you work or not! Everyone is busy...plain and simple!

However, I do think that SOME occasions deserve a little more effort then a happy birthday message on Facebook with a thousand exclamation points. 

For me, there is a hierachy of media.  The lowest would be twitter, the conversations are limited and are going on with tons of people at once.  Next would be facebook, more intimate than twitter, but less intimate then texting!  Texting would be the next level of media communication....then of course email...before you actually make the phone call. 

I will be the first to admit I am guilty of this.  It is easier to send a quick message or text than to have a conversation with someone on the phone.  Seriously though, what is that saying?  "I'm thinking about you but I just don't have the time to put in the effort".  A phone call doesn't have to be a thousand hours long....if you have them regularly with people then, they won't be. 

I'm not talking about your ex-boyfriend from high school or your seventh cousin twice removed.  For relationships like that...yes it is great to have facebook to keep in touch and see what is going on with each other's lives. 

However, close family and friends are different...Facebook and text messaging should all be a bonus to your relationship....it shouldn't become the basis of it! 

I hearby vow to be different....to change....to stop letting me hide behind easier ways of communication!!! My close family and friends mean the world to me and I never want them to be just a text message....or a facebook message....or a twitter message....especially on special occasions.

If someone is a priority in your life...make them a priority with communication too!

Will you put in the effort?  Will you join me? 


Katie said...

This is so true. On my birthday, I recieved no phone calls. None. All of my happy birthday messages were texts and e-mails, or Facebook messages and wall posts. I do my best to make an effort of staying in close contact with friends and family via phone and sometimes letter. Things are just more personal that way!

S said...

I am nine years older than you, so maybe this is a generational thing. I have a fair number of friends who aren't even on Facebook or Twitter.

I am one who not only calls a close friend on her birthday, I also mail (yes, via the US Postal Service) a birthday card to her house. I sing her The Birthday Song and chat for a few minutes. I do this because I love my friends, and my birthday is very special to me, so I assume they feel the same about theirs.

But over the past few years, I have learned from my friends that I am in the minority. Which is really sad.

PCOSChick said...

As we talked about this morning, Im the same & Im vowing to make the change with you!!

Heather said...

I'll do it too. Only, you cannot make me make the pledge regarding my mother in law, OK ?

Gail said...

I think it all depends on your level of acquaintance with the person that you are communicating with. I don't really know you, but I enjoy reading your blog, so I just posted a birthday wish on your blog. (Plus, I didn't know your phone number!) For a lot of my former high school friends that are on Facebook, if I haven't seen them in 15 years and we only converse on FB, then I'll post a happy birthday wish for them there. For closer friends, I'll send them a personal email message wishing them a happy birthday. I only call people and send cards to people that are really close (family, BFFs, etc.)
So, I applaud your efforts to use the phone more often, but I think I'll just keep doing what I'm doing because, otherwise, I'd be on the phone 24/7 to try and keep up with everything going on. :)

caretotry said...

Happy Birthday!! Here's to a fruitful year.

PS forgive the blog comment I don't have your phone number xD

Jen @ After The Alter said...

I agree with you on this one. I just had my 30th, and most Happy Birthdays came over FAcebook, Twitter or TExt! Really no calls. I was kind of bummed that this is how it is. I used to look forward to phone calls from friends I haven't heard from...
On the other hand, I got happy birthday wishes from so many people in my past!