Vacation Tale #9- Mom Spells Wow Upside Down

I'd first like to start by saying Happy Mother's day to all the moms out there and a VERY Happy Un-Mother's Day to me (that very was sarcastic.  I do not handle this holiday well).  We will be getting home from our trip today so I am hoping that will take some of the distraction away of this holiday that loves to make a mockery out of me!    Last year we spent the day shopping..while my husband tried to keep my mind of everything.  I still woke up crying and had my moments during the day!  If you ask me this was a perfect time to get out of town for a week....I won't have to see I Love Mom stuff EVERYWHERE!

But anyway......

Today's blogger is ME! SURPRISE!  I thought in honor of Mother's Day (the mother's day that honors my mom...not the one that reminds me I'm not one) I would tell my vacation story that has to do with my mom saving my life!  Here goes.....

When I was sixteen, admist a very bad breakup with my first love, I decided to go spend a few weeks with my cousin in North Carolina. At the end of the vacation,  my cousin decided to take me to Myrtle Beach for a few days and I would fly home from there.  All I wanted to do was TAN!  All I remember is laying on the beach, by the pool, and tanning....using oil instead of sunscreen (this was WAY before I knew anything about what skin cancer was or that it would soon affect someone I love dearly in my family).  So I tanned, and tanned, and tanned....

Every smart girl knows you need a base tan prior to becoming a tanning fiend like I was! I did not have one...You can see where this is going.....I BURNED....BAD!!

So I got home from the airport and I was starving.  My skin was killing me...I felt so hot.  My mom had ordered Chinese food that night and saved me my favorite...wonton soup!!  She went into the bathroom to find the aloe vera and came out saying something funny, just as I was eating a wonton.  The wonton (the FULL wonton) got lodged in my throat!  I COULD NOT BREATHE.  My mom started to PANIC with a capital P.  Instead of doing the heimlich, she freaked out and repeatedly kept slapping me in the back...ON MY SUNBURN. 

Just as my life flashed before my eyes and I thought how my obituary would read Death by a Wonton, each slap on the back brought an excruitating amount of pain, which forced the wonton to fly across the room so I could SCREAM out in pain.  I started to sob ...not because I almost just died...but because my back felt like someone had a hot iron on it! 

My sweet mom felt AWFUL afterwards....she hadn't registered that she was slapping my sunburn!  Trust me..I am glad she did! 

See why Mom spells Wow upside down!  Not only did she give birth to me...she refused to let me die from Chinese Food!  My mom is the best!

P.S.  I hope you all have enjoyed reading these guest posts as much as I have. Starting tomorrow, I will run a contest of your favorite guest blogger vacation story.  Details to come tomorrow.  Winner will win a VERY cool souvenir from my trip!  xoxoxoxo 


Michelle said...

Holy cow! I loved reading these stories. Hope your vacation was great and I can't wait to vote.

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Holy scary! I bet that did hurt on your sunburn, but than God for mom smacking you!