Vacation Tale #7- I got lost in Thailand and all I got was this lousy Tuk Tuk

Today's Guest Blogger is Naomi (@infertilenaomi) from 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility

I got lost in Thailand and all I got was this lousy Tuk Tuk

In a time before infertility treatments ruled my life and I didn't know what a transvaginal wand appointment was, I took a trip to Thailand.

At the time, life was easy and good as I had yet to start my infertility journey and thought we would start trying following this exploration trip. It was just hubby and me exploring Thailand and enjoying a well-needed vacation. The plan was to spend two glorious weeks in Thailand and he would go to Hong Kong for business while I would take off to Australia to visit a friend. We spent our two weeks together exploring the culture of Thailand from eating loads of delicious Pad Thai to taking scary rides aboard the Bangkok mode of transportation, a Tuk Tuk. The Tuk Tuk would have been a relaxing way to travel if not for the increased speed of the non-English speaking driver ignoring our screams to "slow down or we're going to die!"

We finished our trip together and my husband dropped me at the airport as he was leaving for Hong Kong the following day. I was excited to embark on my next flight to down under, Australia. It was exciting for me to be travelling alone but I was a little nervous considering that I typically get lost in my own city. "Where is my street again? Oh, yes, I should make a left here." I got to the ticket counter and proudly gave her my ticket and passport. "Can I see your visa?" The ticket lady asked. I stopped. Visa? You need a visa to get to Australia? When researching my trip, my husband and I had both inquired about whether I needed a visa for Australia and we had been told no. As it turned out, it had been a new initiative and just my luck, I would definitely need one. I spent the next hour running back and forward from ticket counter to Internet trying to get my online visa. It was minus 30 minutes to flight time and I had a online visa in hand. The ticket lady explained that my online visa was not yet validated and would be within 24 hours.

Defeated and tired, the logical thing would have been to call up my husband who was still in Thailand and he would rescue me from the airport. But the logical thing didn't happen because (a) he did not have a phone and (b) I did not have the address or phone number of the apartment we were staying at. Based on my bad directions, I was thinking of hoping into a cab and telling the Thai driver to drop me off at the apartment next to the restaurant with the blue sign that sold noodles. With no way to get ahold of my husband, I started to panic and began thinking that I might have to live at the airport for the rest of my life or fly home instead of going on my trip. So I did what any logical Internet savvy girl who is lost at the airport would do, I emailed my husband repeatedly begging him to send me the apartment address. For the next three hours, I checked my email from the airport Internet cafe every 20 minutes. The girl behind the desk knew me by name. At hour three, a sweet response came into my inbox. "You needed a visa to get to Australia? Who knew!" Relief flooded over me. My husband would save me from living in the airport and I quickly headed over back to our Thailand apartment.

The lesson learned while traveling is to always double check if a country requires a visa, keep the address of your hotel handy and make sure to bring a lot of food with you in case you do need to live in the airport for the rest of your life.

Next time, I think I'll bring a knowledgeable travel companion with me instead.


Fox said...

I had a tuk tuk driver last Fall who didn't know where my hotel was. He was lost. Having the address isn't always failsafe. ;)