Vacation Tale #6- It's the Little Things in Life!

Today's guest blogger is my dear friend Beth!  Enjoy!

Last summer I traveled to Japan to meet up with my husband. He is in the military and was already there for a 6 month deployment. The whole trip was an adventure.
I missed my flight from Tokyo to Hiroshima because they had to examine each and every one of us for swine flu as we landed. Nothing says “Welcome to Japan” like having a giant Q-tip shoved up your nose! So after a bus ride, a 1000 meter dash through a Tokyo airport and a quick flight to Hiroshima I made it.
When we got to the “hotel” on base we found out that our room was actually a barracks room (basically, a crappy dorm room). After 22 hours of traveling I was not having this. I instantly began to cry because I didn’t fly all the way around the world to sleep in separate beds. Next thing I knew my wonderful husband had taken the mattresses off the beds and put them together on the floor we could sleep next to each other. Crisis averted. Thank god we were only paying $15 a night for the room!

The funniest part of trip came toward the end of our trip. I can’t remember what city we were in, I just know that we had been walking around all day and I was hot and tired and I had to pee REALLY bad!

We raced down the stairs of the train station because we only had a few minutes until we had to leave and I was not getting on that train until I had used a bathroom! I ran inside and there was a line for the one Western toilet.

What they consider a toilet in Japan is much different than what we in the western world consider a toilet. Their toilets are simply porcelain lined holes in the ground that you have to squat over.

Being in a rush to catch our train, I did what any (desperate) girl would do…I walked in a stall with the hole in the floor. I laughed as I quickly striped my pants off. Now keep in mind that summer in Japan is much like summer on the East Coast…hot, humid, and really sticky, so everything was sticking to me.

I threw my pants over the door so they weren’t sitting on the floor. After I got redressed and walked out of the stall there was a woman standing there smiling at me…she gave me a thumbs up and said something in a language (maybe French or Italian) that I don’t speak. I like to pretend she said “way to go” but I actually have no clue what she said. The smiling was encouraging. :)

Of all the crazy and amazing things we did on that trip the thing I was most proud of is that I figured out how to pee in a hole without peeing on myself! It's the little things in life!