Vacation Tale #3- the one. the only. flying tampon!

Today's guest blogger is Daneen (@pcoschick) from His and Her Infertility

The lovely Jenn asked me if I would do a guest post while she is off enjoying the warmth of the Caribbean. When she asked that it be a funny story, I knew exactly what I would write about. After all my travels & every country that I have been to, I still have one story that always sticks out!
I was 16 & ever so coooooool :) (please note the sarcasm) Vacation with your family when you are 16 is already boring & embarrassing enough. You are at that stage where you think you are old enough to do things on your own, everyone in your family annoys you & you would rather die than be seen with them!

Well this was me, the 16 year old who wanted to go home & be with her boyfriend; the girl that HATED that my family had drug me on this 14 day Caribbean cruise, I mean really, how dare they subject me to such torture?!
As always on our yearly vacations, I was MADE to go on tours with my family. This year particular vacation was not as bad due to the fact that I actually had 2 friends come on this cruise with me, so it made it a tad more tolerable. This one day we all decide our tour was just going to be a relaxed day at the beach with tubing, snorkeling & relaxation.
I do not remember the exact port we were in, but we had to tender in to the island. As I am sure some of you know, when you are 16 & dealing with your monthly cycle & have screwed up inners you always come prepared. Every purse, bag, whatever, has some sort of feminine product. Everything from super tampons to pads; you just never know when you will need it!
The bag I had on this particular day had my towel, sun block & of course tampons galore! As we were on the tender over to the island, I proceed to reach down in my bag for something (sadly, I don't remember what) & as I pulled it out a tampon stuck to it, as I whipped it out, the tampon went flying across the tender & landed in a hot guys lap. Of course it would be a hot guy, why wouldn't it be?! Remember this is a small tender full or people from our ship! This is when I want to jump overboard & just swim back to the ship, never coming out of my cabin for the rest of the cruise. But wait..it gets better! Instead of being discreet & nice about it & just handing it back or even ignoring it, this guy decides to embarrass me more! He picks up the tampon, looks at it, laughs & yells "gee, I think you lost something, you really shouldn't be throwing these things around!" Yep, I died right there.
Now looking back on it, it could have been worse-it really wasn't that bad. But when you are 16, I thought my life was ending. I still remember that day & seeing that tampon flying in slow motion...me wanting to try to reach out & grab it. I can only imagine how red I was too!
Ok, so really..looking back on it now, it was pretty funny & I can chuckle about it now. I do know if something like this happened now, I would have some clever come backs! All the tampons, infertility, etc does that to you :)


Beautiful Mess said...

Awww you poor thing! Being 16 and having your tampon fly into a hot guy's lap is mortifying! HA! If only it were to happy now.