St. Thomas....The Land of the Sunburn and Overpriced Jewerly!

sorry this took so long!  have a lot going on!

Ok so I last left you off at the sailaway party!  We didn't stay too long.  We had a early port call in St. Thomas. 

Let me start by telling you all the wonderful things I have heard about St. Thomas:  so beautiful and FABULOUS shopping.  That was news to my ears.  I LOVE to shop and look at beautiful things!  I was sooo excited.  I even made my poor husband sit through a shopping on St. Thomas lecture because I wanted to make sure I WENT EVERYWHERE.  All I kept hearing were "great deals...great deals...great deals".

St. Thomas

So Monday morning we (Me and my Visa ...oh and my husband) disembarked on the beautiful island of St. Thomas

We were all set for the fabulous tour we set up.  It was a day full of sightseeing, the beach and of course shopping.  We were all loaded into an open air bus.  Hubby and I were pretty much first in line so we got an AWESOME seat.  We started to sightsee. We got a point where the driver told us to get out of the bus and take pictures.  We had ten minutes. 

Really Beautiful

We were done admiring the gorgeous view and we went back to the bus.  I got very confused because someone was in MY BEAUTIFUL seat.  I said to my hubby "is this our bus?"  Almost everyone else was on the bus.  I know this might not be a big deal to some but I have something called Bus Etiquette.  Just like in school when you went on a field trip...you always took the same seat you started the trip in. It helps the drivers account for the amount of people and everything.  I was just plain confused and AM NOT A PUSHOVER so I said "Excuse me..you are in our seats."  I believe at first we were ignored.  So I got louder "If you want to take my seats you are going to have to tell me where YOU were sitting so that I know where to go because I WON'T take anyone else's seat".  At which point Romeo states "I didn't know there were assigned seats".  OMG YOU PRICK.  Now my husband is mad and pretty much MAKES them move!  They (Romeo and Juliet) started cursing us in  another language I am sure but screw that...You were late to the bus ..you get the shitty seats.  After we were seated, we received a "Good for you" from other passengers (who were furthered freaked out to ever get off the bus for pictures because of that seat stealing  thief Romeo!). 

Anyway....moving on.....so we went to Magen's (pronounced Megan's) Bay.  I have heard wonderful things about this place...but seriously OMG!  I can easily see why this is one of the top ten beaches in the world.  The sand was beautiful....the water PERFECT.  So we sprayed on our sport waterproof sunscreen and headed into the water.  It was amazing.  I wanted to stay there forever...until the crab came.  People all around us kept complaining about something snipping at their feet.  I freaked out and ran to get my water shoes.  I have been snipped by a crab before on the bottom of my foot...it does not feel nice...especially in SALT WATER.  so back to the water I went.  After awhile I decided that I wanted to lay out.  What does the crab do....follow me to land....so now I am freaking out watching the damn thing....he would hide in a pocket of sand and snip the people as they go by!  I was done with the beach at that point! 

Anyway back to sightseeing....we went to Blackbeard's Castle

Here is good old Blackbeard      He reminds me a lot of my dad...if he was a pirate. 

Blackbeard's castle was the last stop on the sightseeing tour.  From the castle we were to walk down a SHITLOAD of stairs to the shopping!  As long as it took me to post those pictures is as long as we stayed in the castle.  I was too excited for the shopping....

It was hot.  My shoulders starting bothering me.  They were insanely red.  My beach bag was digging in on it....so I made my hubby carry it for a bit and I took it back (this will be important later). 

The thing about these steps you have to climb down is that they bring you through a few stores.  We went in through the Amber museum...where they had an amber waterfall and the amber wishstone....

I'm sure you can guess what we wished for.......

Finally we were at the shopping.  Ok so here is the thing about St. Thomas's shopping.  IT IS ALL OVER PRICED.  The prices we were getting for the pieces we were looking at were the same you would get in any jewerly store in any mall in America.  It was overpriced jewerly store after overpriced jewerly store.   I was not happy!  I do love my jewerly....but I am NOT spending 2500 dollars on white gold pink sapphire earrings!  NO THANK YOU!

Not even to mention...the people were just plain rude. They stood outside each store trying to get you to go in.  One man said to me "Necessito dinero" to which I responded "I need money too!"  Another chick said " You and your visa card come in here."  Ugh ...it was disgusting.  I had enough.  We stopped and picked up a few small souvenirs...including a HALF a coffee cup that says "St. Thomas was so expensive ...I could only afford half of the mug".  SO TRUE! 

Back to the boat we go! 

We made reservations for the steakhouse on the boat that night to celebrate my graduation. 

Ok lets talk sunburn. I BURNED....BAD!  Not just bad....but insanely UNEVEN.  I had the marks from my halter tankini top around my neck...and the straps from the tank top I wore over it on my shoulders...plus on ONE of my shoulders...I had the marks from the beach bag I was carrying.  If you looked at my back...it was awful!  Burned in some sections...NOT TANNED AT ALL in others.  I seriously look like I had that Michael Jackson skin disease!  I would like to tell you that it's gotten better since...but it hasn't ....Thankfully my tan is sort of fading now.....Thank god it hasn't been too hot here! 

Dinner was awesome that night!  We LOVED the steakhouse!  There are two restaurants on the boat that you have to pay for.  The steakhouse is one and this italian place called Sabatini's is the other.  You pay a low flat rate (like $25) per person and you get EVERYTHING you want...soup to nuts.  We loved the idea so we decided to go make a reservation at Sabatini's.  What a mistake.  Sa-blah-tini's I should say.  Monday (the night we went to the steakhouse) was the boats Formal night.  There was to be another one on Friday (to my understanding).  We decided against the formal nights because we only had ONE suitcase each and it would have been too much to pack fancy dresses and suits and stuff!  We both dressed up nicely for the steakhouse...as we would anytime we went to a fancy restaurant here at home.  There were people in the steakhouse in jeans that night.  I thought we looked great

So we get to Sa-Blah-tini's and wait for the guy to come help us.  He gets to us and looks us both UP AND DOWN and says "what can I do for you?"  I stated that we would like to make a reservation for Friday.  He says "Friday is a formal night...as is tonight...Did you just come from dinner?"  I say "Yes" and he says " We have a dress code in here that night.  Jackets and ties".  I was FLOORED.  I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman where the snobby Rodeo Drive lady says "We have nothing for you in here".  My husband got pissed and stormed away and I followed.  That interaction bothered me the rest of the night.  We weren't dressed like paupers so I don't appreciate being treated like one!  I complained....and I complained good...ESPECIALLY when I found out the formal night was THURSDAY instead of Friday!!!  There WAS NO DRESS CODE on Friday!  Ugh come to think of it....I don't think I complained enough....I'm writing a letter! 

I'm gonna stop here for now. It's kind of long!  Ill pick up tomorrow with Antigua and Bermuda! 


Katie said...

Beautiful photos! I can't wait to hear about what you did in Antigua. (That's where hubby and I honeymooned.)

Kim said...

My husband and I were married in St Thomas on Magens beach! I loved it there, it really is beautiful, but as you said over priced as well! Now I want to go back! Glad you enjoyed it!