Puerto Rico is Spanish for Holy Hell It's Hot and Humid!

We had such a fabulous time...I have so much to share!  I apologize in advance for multiple posts on our trip but I want to make sure I fill you guys in on everything!

So it's no surprise that I HATE flying....H-A-T-E!  I thought long and hard about what to have for dinner the night before we left...I didn't want anything to make my already queasy stomach worse.  I had about three stuffed shells.  I felt sick all night, writing it off to nerves, and just before our cab got here Friday morning..I got sick....yep it was the stuffed shells...I felt instantly better! Next time I'll just try bread =)

We flew JetBlue to Orlando and then Orlando to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  When booking my flights, I booked one of us in the window seat and one in the aisle hoping that if the flight wasn't full the middle would be empty.  We had no such luck.  An older lady was sitting in the middle seat when we boarded the plane.  I offered her the window and that I would take the middle to sit next to my husband.  SHE DIDN'T WANT TO!  I was baffled by this....Everyone knows that the middle is the most uncomfortable seat and I OFFERED to take it!  After a brief discussion, in which she tried to BARGAIN for the aisle (um lady...you are bringing a middle seat to the deal ...not gold!)...she finally gave in and moved over the the window of course under the pretenses that we would LET her use the bathroom whenever she wanted (I went more than her!).  

Speaking of which...I don't know what it is but I always have to pee A LOT on an airplane...even if I drink nothing! 

So on the next flight we had someone in the middle again....I barely offered him the window and he was already in the window seat and buckled in!  Flight was totally uneventful until I noticed my darling neighbor trying to TEXT while we were in the air!  I'm sorry but I think they tell you to keep your phones off FOR A REASON!  I was prepared to choke him if we hit turbulance....which we didn't ...lucky guy!

We stayed at the Intercontinental in San Juan!  We got to the hotel and were offered a free upgrade to a suite!  YIPPEEE!  I swear it's because they knew I am fancy and high maintenance!  Not too bad for a Priceline room huh? 

A View from our balcony in San Juan!

We decided to stay in the hotel for dinner and I FINALLY tried Ruth's Chris Steakhouse!!  OMG HEAVEN!  The best part was the bread pudding for dessert!  If we weren't in such a nice place, I would have licked the plate....I really would have! 

The next day we got up and decided to spend the day in Old San Juan!  There is some fabulous shopping there!  My favorite store was this:

If you ever need white clothes...they sell them here =)

We walked around and sweated our asses off (apparently Puerto Rico is spanish for HOLY HELL it's Hot and Humid!) and did some shopping.  We decided to stop for lunch.  We randomly chose a restaurant. 

There's my adorable hubby in front of the restaurant.

My picky eater self wasn't too impressed with the menu.  Everything had something I didn't like in it...so I settled on what happened to be a giant chicken finger with rice.  Not too good!  My husband on the other hand was in heaven.  This however is the place where I started my great love affair of pina coladas and the mosquitos started their love affair of me!  Remember when I told you how much I LOVE mosquitos during my honeymoon post?!?  And how I brought many bottle of sunscreen with bug spray in them?!?!?  Well I didn't bring it here and BOY I will never make that mistake again.  During lunch as I ate my giant chicken finger...the mosquitos ate my legs.  I had 16 (yes 16!) MOSQUITO bites on my left calf and ankle alone. 

Apparantly La Mallorquina means mosquitos in spanish!

A picture of me in Old San Juan!

We went back to the hotel and relaxed before trying an Italian restaurant called Alfredo's in the hotel for dinner.  Out of all the italian food I have ever had...this was the WORST!  I know I know...trying to eat italian in puerto rico?!?!  Sounds crazy...but it was there and we were tired.  We both decided it is best that we don't try Italian food away from home!  Its hard to eat someone's shit sauce when you make an awesome one yourself! 

My hubby and I taking a walk by the beach after dinner!

We then went to the bar where I had a few more pina coladas!  Sleeping that night was easy ...even though I woke up and realized I had a dream about Justin Beiber (not one of THOSE dreams...get your minds out of the gutter people...he's a little kid!).  It was very strange that he was just in my dream....My goddaughter (who is 13!) loved him and he was hanging out with her at our house I think....

Anyway....Pina colada is spanish for weird Justin Beiber dreams! 

The morning we were to leave for the cruise it was raining...then it stopped....you can imagine the humidity!  We got the cruise ship early .....waited in line for a little bit and then we were on....ready to go!  SO EXCITED!  Our room was awesome!  We had an amazing balcony (which I'll show you pics of later). 

We relaxed for the day...until our mustard drill.  Yes I now know its called a MUSTER drill....but honestly EVERY time someone said it ..I heard mustard....so from now on I will call it a mustard drill...where they prepare you in case your ship goes all Titanic! 

After that we headed to dinner...had a fabulous dinner and got ready for the ships sailaway party..aka the kickoff of them trying to push booze on you....of course we obliged.  Here is hubby and I at the bar the night of the sailaway party:

Next post...I'll talk about the islands we visited...our experience on the ship and my weird sunburn (of yes...I burned again...but this is unlike any burn I have ever had before...and NO ..I will not show you pictures!)

Adios mi amigos!


Busted Kate said...

Welcome home! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time, and I'm super jealous... the cruise must have been amazing. You look gorgeous and relaxed in your pictures. I can't wait to hear more!

Candidly_Andrea said...

Welcome Back! I'm so happy you had a great vacation!

BTW - "Anyway....Pina colada is spanish for weird Justin Beiber dreams!" -- This literally had me laughing out loud!

Ashley said...

Welcome back!! I'm glad you had a great time on your trip!