Antigua, Bermuda, New York, Oh My!

Quick recap....Puerto Rico is Spanish for holy hell it's hot and humid and St Thomas is the land of sunburn and overpriced jewelry
Caught up?  Good ..Moving on!

On Tuesday, we pulled up to Antigua.  From reading message boards, I wasn't expecting much from this island.  Many people had said that this was their least favorite island.  However, it was our favorite!

Pulling up to Antigua

We were orginally supposed to do a pirate boat adventure but I was WAY to burned to go into the water for 4 hours!  So we changed to the Land Rover Off Roading.  WHAT A PERFECT WAY to see Antigua!  We saw:


Beautiful beaches
Antigua has 365 beaches!

We stopped at the beach for about an hour to go swimming.  It was just enough time to be in the sun...HEAVILY sprayed of course.  I found it VERY hard to stand in the water in Antigua.  The water was rough and the sand was very uneven....actaully there was a huge sand shelf when you first got in!  You had to see me try to get out.  I had to climb out on my knees....quite comical...but very beautiful.

After we finished the tour, we headed into the port town because I WAS ON A MISSION to find ALOE!  Can I just tell you how much I LOVED shopping around the port area of Antigua?!?!  It was a perfect day!

Back to the ship

We came back to this:

Along with a note saying that the Captain would like to celebrate my graduation in the main dining room!!!!  How cool is that?!?!? 

We got ready for dinner and sat on our balcony to watch the ship leave Antigua. 

Look at how beautiful I am.. that water is~!!!

                                                                                              Sailing away.....perfection!

Now it was time to celebrate!

The next few days were at sea while we were on our way to Bermuda.  We spent A LOT of time on our balcony! 

We saw a lot of this:

And I did a lot of this:

On Friday we pulled up to Bermuda....We booked a glass bottom boat tour with beach time.  I have always heard of the pink sand beaches...I wanted to see one!  We started with the glass boat tour.

Ok lets discuss those pretty houses we see in the distance....that is the BERMUDA GHETTO.  Yes you read that right.  Gettin all tough ass in the ghetto in your pink house...that costs just under $500,000!!!!

Next we saw a ship wreck of the ship the Vixen

We had to listen to the lecture of how important their coral reef is and how taking anything from the reef is a HUGE fine...

We also got lectured about the jellyfish and sharks in their waters.....

The top left of the picture are JELLYFISH! 

The lady sitting in front of us shared her story of being stung by 15 jellyfish at the same time.  She scared the CRAP out of me!  I was unsure about getting in the water....I just wanted the pink sand!

Glass bottom boat time

The "world renowned" Coral Reef!

Now it was time for the beach and I couldn't have been more excited to see that pink sand.....only I didn't see pink sand...I saw this:

um...EW!  That's pretty much what our beach looked like in Tahiti!  This sealed the deal..I was NOT getting in that water.  YUCK! 

By the way...the SAME lady that was lecturing us on how wonderful and special their coral reef is was flicking her ASHES from her cigarette into the water....I'm sure that does wonders for them....and also for the SNORKELERS in the water!  GROSS!

So we took pictures instead:

The next day was a sea day again...more of this:

Let me just tell you how rough the waters were coming into NY!  The ship was making all sorts of crazy noises which freaked me out...because I saw Titanic...Those noises didn't end well for them!  There were a few times during the night when I swear I almost got catapulted out of bed.  Seatbelts in bed any one?!!? 

Regretfully Sunday morning we pulled into the New York Harbor.  We went UNDER the Verrazano!!  So cool!

Notice how the water no longer is pretty and blue...but instead resembles a garbage bag being opened. 

Home Sweet Home!


Katie said...

I am SO glad you loved Antigua. We loved it to, though we felt the same way about the rough water. We went on a snorkeling excursion when we were there, and I honestly thought I was going to drown. That's how rough the waters were.

Hope you are recovering from your awesome vacation!

Jen @ After The Alter said...

awww love the pictures! your trip sounsd great!!! I really need to get away. I too am always sad to see NY water after seeing the beautiful carribean!

WannabeMom said...

Glad you had a great time. Your pictures made me want to go on a cruise! Welcome back!

Ashley said...

Glad you had a good time in Antigua! I love reading about your trip!

Erica said...

Your pictures were great and the trip looks like it was a great time!

Honey B. said...

It looks like an AMAZING trip!! I am so jealous...I finally just admitted that all I want this year is a vacation that doesn't include my husband's family...yikes!