Out of the Mouth of Babes!

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Working in the education field with the little guys has brought a huge sense of frustration at times...but at other times...it is just so funny. 

I have three favorite stories about funny things that kids have said:

Story 1- I was preparing to take my kids to Wild Oats for a field trip on healthy eating.  Fantastic field trip and it was FREE!  It was my first year teaching kindergarten and I was prepping the kids with what they would expect.  We started to have a long conversation.  Little S was sitting right in front.  As I continued to talk about the trip, he looked more and more confused.  Kids were asking questions and this just further confused Little S.   After I finished our 15 minute discussion about our trip to WILD OATS, Little S raises his hand and says "So are we gonna feed the goats or what?"  The poor little child thought we were going to see Wild Goats!!!

Story 2- I was working in a preschool setting.  One of my favorite little guys, G, was sitting next to me and talking.  He asked me who was picking him up that day.  I said "I think your mom is".  He said " No, Mommy only picks me up on friesday!"

Then today...I had this one.....

Story 3- Where I work, I work with a little guy named E.  E came in with his baseball hat on today.  He just started playing baseball and was very excited about his team.  I noticed the bird on the hat.  A few minutes later E took his hat off and put it under the table.  Here is the conversation that ensued:

E: " Guess what baseball team I am on?"

Me: "Um....the Yankees?"

E: "No the Yankees are professional...guess again"

Me: " Um...I don't know...give me a hint"

E: "It starts with O and its something I ate today"

Me: "Oreos?"

E: "Yea I play on the Oreos" as he took his hat from under the table and put it back on his head. 

Me: really laughing hard at this point "Honey, you play for the ORIOLES not the Oreos.  I know they sound a lot alike but the bird on your hat is an Oriole"

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried! 


Jenny said...

I didn't know you taught Kinder. I'm a first grade teacher. :P

Those stories are hilarious! Kids say the funniest stuff most of the time.

Ashley said...

Haha awww too cute. :)