No Tahiti Sweetie...Indeedy! Part two!

A Pic from our Wedding

We decided to leave VERY early the next day after our wedding....like first flight out early.  I obviously wasn't thinking clearly.  It took us just 45 minutes to get all of the bobby pins out of my hair.

Anyway..... was sporting my adorable just married tank top that my brides-slave...I mean bridesmaid Jen spent the week making!  Everyone was making cute comments at the airport.  I was on cloud nine!  We flew from Phoenix (the wedding was in Scottsdale, AZ...and yes it was in July and yes it was 117 the day of the wedding...that's another story!) to LAX!  Because we came in domestic from phoenix we had to go retrieve our bags and then get to the international terminal.  I scheduled a REALLY long layover just in case we were delayed. 

We made it with HOURS to spare.  I told my husband that we would grab something to eat when we went through security.  Got through security and THERE WAS NOTHING....I mean a small room with a billion chairs and ONE CLOSED cart was ALL!  This is LAX for craps sake. 

We were flying Air Tahiti, which was really a wonderful airline.  Of course I didn't realize this until AFTER we were put on the wrong plane....going to France...Thank god they realized it...because we didn't know! 

Ok so on the right plane and heading for our 8 hour flight to Tahiti.  We were both so wired and on the newly married high!  The flight felt like forever!  But we made it...we finally got there.  Got through customs and went to our first hotel on Tahiti.  The place was amazing.  A beautiful infinitity pool...just gorgeous!  Our room was ok...but the view was PHENOMENAL! 

Our Room on the Island of Tahiti

The View from our First Overwater Bungalow.  That island in the back is Moorea!

We went for a drink at the bar.   A 12 DOLLAR drink at the bar.  Tahiti is NOT a cheap place to go. 

The next day we decided to take a tour of Tahiti.  It would bring us around the island, take us into the city for shopping and then end with a nice lunch at one of their restaurants.  The beginning of the tour was everything I dreamed....We went to a waterfall and a cove.

                                                                 On the beach in Tahiti

 Saw a black sand beach.....then we went into the city!  I don't know what I was expecting.  But there was a lot of this:

and this:

And those aren't cute little owned dogs...They were mangy hungry stray dogs EVERYWHERE! Thank god we were on a bus.

We finally got to the shopping.  I was a heaven...I can shop ANYWHERE! 

The next day we were to fly out to Moorea.  Let me just tell you I HATE FLYING.  HATE IT..HATE IT.  This was NO KIDDING a fifteen minute flight so I wasn't expecting an airliner.  But I also wasnt expecting to be sitting almost right next to the pilot and watching him do all his fancy pilot stuff!  I realized although I love to watch out of the side windows of the airplane...the FRONT WINDOWS ...not so much!  We landed safely on beautiful Moorea.....

for ten beautiful days of relaxing and each other....or so we thought....

Part Three tomorrow- (and it's really long...and appalling....Sorry to everyone to make you wait but I am leaving in the morning and I think you reading the last part right as we leave for a new adventure is funny....I promise its worth the wait!)   


Candidly_Andrea said...

I'm anticipating a really 'good' story now :)

I can't believe they let you on the wrong flight. I also think that's weird that at LAX that there wouldn not be a restaurant on the other side of security in an International terminal where most flights would probably be pretty lengthy so people would be hungry.

The inner part of many island cities in Carribean or the South Pacific are like that (dogs, etc.) - I just come to expect it now that I know it's pretty common.

lindsey said...

Oh girl! TI don't even know what to say...

Ashley said...

Um eww for sick stray dogs. That makes me sad. :( But the view from your room looks beautiful!

Heather said...

So, what your saying is...

don't go to Tahiti? ;)


Busted Kate said...

Tahiti is my DREAM spot, I'm so glad you guys got to go there! I'm hoping for pictures of those underwater glass viewing areas in your bungalow!

Courtney said...

I think everyone wishes they could just once, visit Tahiti ... I'm one of them lol. Love the pictures!

Patrish said...

This is now the trend of all airports....= ( always eat before you head towards the gate is what we learned after making this mistake too many times.