No Tahiti Sweetie...Indeedy! Part Three!

Warning-It's Long...but so worth it!!

Moorea - pronounced Mo-Oh-Rea- was a lush, jungle like island.  The mountains and trees were beautiful.  We arrived at our hotel so excited to relax, lay by the pool and just be together. 

Pic of Moorea!

Remember we planned six days at a beach front room and four days in the overwater bungalow. 

We had to wait a while for our room.  They took our bags and we went to the bar to grab some lunch.  Remember how I said the drinks were 12 dollars each on Tahiti.  Well on Moorea...THEY WERE 15!  15 dollars for ONE DRINK!  Of course they trick you because they are using a different currency...but they couldn't fool me.  I'm quick with math when it comes to purchasing items! 

Our room was finally ready.  We walked the beautiful grounds to our hut.  The room at first glance was perfect.  Heart shaped rose petals on the bed with welcome gifts. 

Aww how sweet...this was the best part of that hotel!

Truly beautiful...I was so excited to run and see our beach. I ran to the curtains and opened them to find.....

4 feet of sand...4 feet of water and then overwater bungalows.  WHAT?!?  We were starring at bungalows...not the ocean.  And to make matters worse...right in front of our hut were the locals (who my husband referred to as clone troopers) IN THEIR CLOTHES..PLAYING IN MY WATER that I am spending a FORTUNE on!  I looked at the lady in disgust.  "This is the beach rooms you boast about??"  This hotel was one of the highest rated on the island! Her response "Yes these are our beach rooms...the deluxe beach rooms are on the other side. Your travel agent booked you in only a beach room."  Yep our family friend travel agent. 

My husband reminded me why we were there.  I took a deep breath and said ok, went into the bathroom ...WHERE THERE WERE NO SCREENS on the windows.....remember that fear of mosquitos I have.... I FREAKED OUT!  I kept picturing that commercial where the couple wakes up with the bugs all over the bed canopy.  I made my new husband tape a towel over the windows with band-aids. Yes you read that right....band-aids! I said a prayer and thanked god that I brought 6 bottles of bug repellent!!

I come out of the bathroom and look up and saw the sky.  There was a hole in our thatched roof about the side of a dinner plate.  I brought it to Franks attention but after feeling so bad about making a big deal about everything else I let it go...and secretly prayed it wouldn't rain!

We then realized THERE WAS NO CLOCK in the room...we had NO idea what time it was.  Thank god my husband brought his laptop (which I fought with him not to!).  We were tired and decided to relax with some TV.  ALL FRENCH....ALL FRENCH!!! Oh but there was ONE channel in English CNN-international.  Do you know they play stories on loops?!?!

Anyway...determined to make this a good trip...we went to sleep with plans to hang out by the pool the next day.  We woke up the next morning...I have no idea the time!  It was like prehistoric times before the clock where people lived by the sunlight!  I open my eyes in bed and what do I see...A BIRD TRYING TO GET INTO THE DINNER PLATE SIZED HOLE IN THE ROOF.  I screamed and cried and cried and screamed...told my husband to pack up...we were NOT staying in this room!  (after seeing the bird...he didn't fight me!).  That was room #1

I marched up to the front desk and had it out with the lady.  After repeatedly pointing out we didn't pay for the better room (which if you know me or my husband wouldn't have been an issue).  I wasn't backing down.  Finally she said the deluxe beach room was opening the day after and they could put us in there then but we would have to go to a pool room now.  Fine by me as long as the roof is in tact!

Pool room was nice...we had a private pool.  We should have stayed there!  That night we decided to do the Polynesean dinner and show they had going. Prior to this, we haven't been eating well...the food wasn't good.  The beef tasted REALLY weird.  We paid a hundred dollars each for this show!  We got to the buffet and as I started to open the covers all I saw were bugs...bugs on this....bugs on that....I ate white rice and drank water for $100!  RIP-OFF! 

The Polynesean Dance Show....It's there in the back....The back part where it's all black...You can't see anything?!?!?.....$200 dollars on dinner and a show..and this is how our pictures turned out!

The thing about this resort was when the sun went down...EVERYTHING closed! 

We wake up the next morning and decide to go to the pool for the day.  We got there probably at 8 in the morning...we were going to bed very early from boredom!  THERE WERE NO CHAIRS LEFT.  There were about 25 chairs for the whole place and everyone of them was occupied!  SIGH! 

We switched rooms to our "DELUXE" beach room.  Which YOU COULD SEE THE OCEAN if you looked all the way to the right.  Still staring at overwater bungalows...deciding just to survive until we get ours!  This was room #3

The next couple of days were good. We knew that as soon as the sun came up we had to get outside to get a chair!  I think there was one morning we were out there with our stuff at 6:30 am!  We decided to rent a car to explore the island...which wasn't big by any means...so we drove around a whole bunch of times!  We found a supermarket...PRAISE the lord...I was starving!  I was so tired of eating crappy beef burgers at the hotel.  So what did we do....stocked up on CUP OF NOODLES!  Yes you read that right!  Cup O Noodles!  That's what I survived on the rest of our trip!  I lost A LOT of weight though! 

One of the days we took a full island tour of Moorea by boat....where we went swimming with sharks and stingrays.  This was pre-Steve Irwin vs. the Stingray.  I was so scared to get in the water with the sharks.  They are tiger sharks and they kept them at a distance with food.  The water was deep.  I got in and FREAKED out.  The thought of having my legs in with the sharks was TOO much.  I got back on the boat and admired my husbands bravery!

That's scary!!!  My husband was BRAVE!

Next were the stingrays...which after the sharks I didn't want to try.  But everyone was in the shallow water having a blast so I decided to go for it...whether I wanted to go in the water or not..I did...because I slipped right off the boat...so here I was in the water with these stingrays where we were told to cover our bubbies because they will attach themselves.  That was enough for me...I got back on the boat. 

Up close and personal with a sting ray!

We then had a beautiful lunch on a deserted beach where we got to swim with fish.  The day was really amazing.  We decided to try swimming with the dolphins in the next few days (I'm sad we didn't get to!)

Frank and I noticed while we were sitting by the pool that one of the overwater bungalows didn't face the ocean...it faced the pool and was barely over any water.  We joked the whole time about how that was going to be ours.  AND it was!  ROOM #4!  What I have waited for the whole time...I had ENOUGH.  The icing on the cake was going into the room and seeing the electrical sockets LEAKING WATER.  I mean seriously..how long would you last in a hut made of wood if it went on fire?!?!

This is the view from room #4...as you can see all of the other bungalows look into the ocean...ours looked at theirs!  I had ENOUGH!

I tried to make the best of everything...I really did....But I am high maintenance and I have a breaking point.  I called the company in the US that booked our trip, crying.  I wanted to come home.  The guy on the phone felt so bad for me....he didn't charge us to change our flights.  We were taking the red eye out that night.  We were both RELIEVED.  At first the hotel was refusing to give us any money back.  But the lady and I went at it again and I once again won...full refund on the unused nights!

We had to head back to Tahiti to catch the plane to LAX where we would rent a car and drive back to San Diego.  The flight from Moorea to Tahiti left early...but there was a seven hour layover at the Tahiti airport (which wasn't opened when we got there...so we sat outside in the heat...but I was going home!).  We boarded the plane...I was emotionally drained and starving!  We didn't sleep on the plane.  When we landed we had been up for 24 hours.  We got the rental car and decided we didn't want that to be the end of the honeymoon so we decided to hit up VEGAS!!! 

As we drove from LA to San Diego we booked our trip.  We would take the rental car to Las Vegas and drop it off there and then fly back to Phoenix (I had to move my stuff to San Diego) on the day we should have been flying back from Tahiti! I booked a suite at the Mirage...I think we deserved it!  We got tickets to see Danny Gans (wonderful performer..died way too young) and the Beatles LOVE!

Here's the kicker...as if part one of the honeymoon wasn't bad enough...we went home to my husbands car broken into...ALL of his work stuff (which equaled the price of a very expensive car) stolen in OUR GATED GARAGE!  In the apartment building...we JUST moved into.  We had to call the cops...which said "That's what you get living in southern California, so close to Mexico".  We chose  La Jolla for a reason!!!! It was just shitty. 

But we sucked it up and headed to Vegas...We were up almost 42 hours by the time we finally got to sleep in the GORGEOUS room of Mirage!  We ordered room service that night...I think I ordered one of everything....ate a few bites of it all and was content and happy!

                                                            Pics of our Sweet Suite!!!

We had an AMAZING time in Vegas.....I think we both wished we would have been there the whole time!!!

A Pic from Vegas!

Tahiti= not so sweetie!


Ashley said...

Wow! I am so sorry! That sounds like a nightmare! But at least you have a funny story from it now? I hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise free from holes in the ceiling and no bugs! :) Oh and lots of yummy food!

Heather said...

oh my gosh.

Here's hoping you're lounging on a beach enjoying it this time! xoxo