Dirty Thirty Update #2

Today marks the Two month warning until my 30th birthday!

Who am I kidding....where is the brown paper bag?!!?

                                    by the way...I hate cats....but anyway......

If you missed my post on my Dirty Thirty list....click here.

Remember I designated the first fifteen things to complete BEFORE I am thirty (which gives me 2 months to finish) and the last fifteen DURING my 30's. Let's check out my progress.

 Before I am Thirty-

1. Get Pregnant- I'm on a mission...however it seems to be mission: impossible

2. Obtain my Master's Degree -done!!!

3. Visit Puerto Rico -Going in May

4. Go on my first cruise- Going in May

5. Find a better job-  I am on this now more than ever. 

6. Learn Italian...Hello Rosetta Stone! -I'm working on it. I am currently working through the first part of it ...doing it over and over to remember it. L'automobile e Giallo.

7. Get 100 blog followers- done

8. See a Broadway Show

9. Lose weight (This will not count if I get pregnant)- I had lost nine lbs...then stress kicked in and my emo-foodaholic ways took over for a few days...I'm scared to see the damage.  Would someone please tell everyone to not stress me out while I am dieting?  Thanks!

10. Successfully give up candy and soda for lent- I did it!!!!!!

11. Finish the Sookie Stackhouse books - currently on book 8...I think there is only one more!

12. Make a donation to St. Jude's Children's Hospital

13. Try to eat five new foods (I tend to be a creature of habit)- DONE!
  • Guacamole
  • Mushrooms
  • Squid Ink Pasta - I do not recommend this to anyone EVER!
  • Avacado Rolls...Look at me...I eat sushi now!
  • Key lime shrimp- tasted like cereal...then fish...then cereal...then fish...I only ate one!

14. Try 25 new recipes (see above!) - 19 to go!
  • Rice Pudding
  • Warm Chicken Salad with Bows...yummy
  • French Toast- This was a collosal disaster....
  • Lasagna...YUMMY!
  • Lemon dill chicken.....bleh
  • provolone and olive stuffed chicken....Yum!
15. Buy a new purse- Why hello there my gorgeous new red Kate Spade purse. Mommy missed you!

I'm making progress!!  Two months to go....*breathe in*  *breathe out* *in* *out*


Katie said...

Wow, you are making GREAT progress! And I hope #1 on the list comes along very soon. :)

Holly said...

wooo hooo! You are making awesome progress! Go you! :)

Busted Kate said...

Yay! Looks like you're making some good progress here!

Yes, there's only one more of Sookie Stackhouse regular books. There is a book of short stories too, but I haven't gotten to that yet.

You JUST tried guacamole for the first time???

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Great list and awesome progress! You know, I freaked out SO bad during the last couple of months before I turned 30. I was so stressed out and had so much anxiety. I thought my whole life was over, 30 was the end of everything fun and enjoyable. The day of my birthday, nothing changed! It's been the same since too. I think we make a bigger deal out of it than it really is because 30 just seems so 30! I'm sure we'll feel this way on the road to 40 too rofl. Have a great weekend :)

liberalgranolagirl said...

You are making awesome progress!! I remember freaking out before turning 30 but no that I am almost 34, I realize that I like my 30-something self way more than my 20-something self. I don't know what exactly happened but I suddenly became way more comfortable in my own skin. I have truly loved my 30s so far :)