No Tahiti Sweetie...Indeedy! Part Three!

Warning-It's Long...but so worth it!!

Moorea - pronounced Mo-Oh-Rea- was a lush, jungle like island.  The mountains and trees were beautiful.  We arrived at our hotel so excited to relax, lay by the pool and just be together. 

Pic of Moorea!

Remember we planned six days at a beach front room and four days in the overwater bungalow. 

We had to wait a while for our room.  They took our bags and we went to the bar to grab some lunch.  Remember how I said the drinks were 12 dollars each on Tahiti.  Well on Moorea...THEY WERE 15!  15 dollars for ONE DRINK!  Of course they trick you because they are using a different currency...but they couldn't fool me.  I'm quick with math when it comes to purchasing items! 

Our room was finally ready.  We walked the beautiful grounds to our hut.  The room at first glance was perfect.  Heart shaped rose petals on the bed with welcome gifts. 

Aww how sweet...this was the best part of that hotel!

Truly beautiful...I was so excited to run and see our beach. I ran to the curtains and opened them to find.....

4 feet of sand...4 feet of water and then overwater bungalows.  WHAT?!?  We were starring at bungalows...not the ocean.  And to make matters worse...right in front of our hut were the locals (who my husband referred to as clone troopers) IN THEIR CLOTHES..PLAYING IN MY WATER that I am spending a FORTUNE on!  I looked at the lady in disgust.  "This is the beach rooms you boast about??"  This hotel was one of the highest rated on the island! Her response "Yes these are our beach rooms...the deluxe beach rooms are on the other side. Your travel agent booked you in only a beach room."  Yep our family friend travel agent. 

My husband reminded me why we were there.  I took a deep breath and said ok, went into the bathroom ...WHERE THERE WERE NO SCREENS on the windows.....remember that fear of mosquitos I have.... I FREAKED OUT!  I kept picturing that commercial where the couple wakes up with the bugs all over the bed canopy.  I made my new husband tape a towel over the windows with band-aids. Yes you read that right....band-aids! I said a prayer and thanked god that I brought 6 bottles of bug repellent!!

I come out of the bathroom and look up and saw the sky.  There was a hole in our thatched roof about the side of a dinner plate.  I brought it to Franks attention but after feeling so bad about making a big deal about everything else I let it go...and secretly prayed it wouldn't rain!

We then realized THERE WAS NO CLOCK in the room...we had NO idea what time it was.  Thank god my husband brought his laptop (which I fought with him not to!).  We were tired and decided to relax with some TV.  ALL FRENCH....ALL FRENCH!!! Oh but there was ONE channel in English CNN-international.  Do you know they play stories on loops?!?!

Anyway...determined to make this a good trip...we went to sleep with plans to hang out by the pool the next day.  We woke up the next morning...I have no idea the time!  It was like prehistoric times before the clock where people lived by the sunlight!  I open my eyes in bed and what do I see...A BIRD TRYING TO GET INTO THE DINNER PLATE SIZED HOLE IN THE ROOF.  I screamed and cried and cried and screamed...told my husband to pack up...we were NOT staying in this room!  (after seeing the bird...he didn't fight me!).  That was room #1

I marched up to the front desk and had it out with the lady.  After repeatedly pointing out we didn't pay for the better room (which if you know me or my husband wouldn't have been an issue).  I wasn't backing down.  Finally she said the deluxe beach room was opening the day after and they could put us in there then but we would have to go to a pool room now.  Fine by me as long as the roof is in tact!

Pool room was nice...we had a private pool.  We should have stayed there!  That night we decided to do the Polynesean dinner and show they had going. Prior to this, we haven't been eating well...the food wasn't good.  The beef tasted REALLY weird.  We paid a hundred dollars each for this show!  We got to the buffet and as I started to open the covers all I saw were bugs...bugs on this....bugs on that....I ate white rice and drank water for $100!  RIP-OFF! 

The Polynesean Dance Show....It's there in the back....The back part where it's all black...You can't see anything?!?!?.....$200 dollars on dinner and a show..and this is how our pictures turned out!

The thing about this resort was when the sun went down...EVERYTHING closed! 

We wake up the next morning and decide to go to the pool for the day.  We got there probably at 8 in the morning...we were going to bed very early from boredom!  THERE WERE NO CHAIRS LEFT.  There were about 25 chairs for the whole place and everyone of them was occupied!  SIGH! 

We switched rooms to our "DELUXE" beach room.  Which YOU COULD SEE THE OCEAN if you looked all the way to the right.  Still staring at overwater bungalows...deciding just to survive until we get ours!  This was room #3

The next couple of days were good. We knew that as soon as the sun came up we had to get outside to get a chair!  I think there was one morning we were out there with our stuff at 6:30 am!  We decided to rent a car to explore the island...which wasn't big by any means...so we drove around a whole bunch of times!  We found a supermarket...PRAISE the lord...I was starving!  I was so tired of eating crappy beef burgers at the hotel.  So what did we do....stocked up on CUP OF NOODLES!  Yes you read that right!  Cup O Noodles!  That's what I survived on the rest of our trip!  I lost A LOT of weight though! 

One of the days we took a full island tour of Moorea by boat....where we went swimming with sharks and stingrays.  This was pre-Steve Irwin vs. the Stingray.  I was so scared to get in the water with the sharks.  They are tiger sharks and they kept them at a distance with food.  The water was deep.  I got in and FREAKED out.  The thought of having my legs in with the sharks was TOO much.  I got back on the boat and admired my husbands bravery!

That's scary!!!  My husband was BRAVE!

Next were the stingrays...which after the sharks I didn't want to try.  But everyone was in the shallow water having a blast so I decided to go for it...whether I wanted to go in the water or not..I did...because I slipped right off the boat...so here I was in the water with these stingrays where we were told to cover our bubbies because they will attach themselves.  That was enough for me...I got back on the boat. 

Up close and personal with a sting ray!

We then had a beautiful lunch on a deserted beach where we got to swim with fish.  The day was really amazing.  We decided to try swimming with the dolphins in the next few days (I'm sad we didn't get to!)

Frank and I noticed while we were sitting by the pool that one of the overwater bungalows didn't face the ocean...it faced the pool and was barely over any water.  We joked the whole time about how that was going to be ours.  AND it was!  ROOM #4!  What I have waited for the whole time...I had ENOUGH.  The icing on the cake was going into the room and seeing the electrical sockets LEAKING WATER.  I mean seriously..how long would you last in a hut made of wood if it went on fire?!?!

This is the view from room #4...as you can see all of the other bungalows look into the ocean...ours looked at theirs!  I had ENOUGH!

I tried to make the best of everything...I really did....But I am high maintenance and I have a breaking point.  I called the company in the US that booked our trip, crying.  I wanted to come home.  The guy on the phone felt so bad for me....he didn't charge us to change our flights.  We were taking the red eye out that night.  We were both RELIEVED.  At first the hotel was refusing to give us any money back.  But the lady and I went at it again and I once again won...full refund on the unused nights!

We had to head back to Tahiti to catch the plane to LAX where we would rent a car and drive back to San Diego.  The flight from Moorea to Tahiti left early...but there was a seven hour layover at the Tahiti airport (which wasn't opened when we got there...so we sat outside in the heat...but I was going home!).  We boarded the plane...I was emotionally drained and starving!  We didn't sleep on the plane.  When we landed we had been up for 24 hours.  We got the rental car and decided we didn't want that to be the end of the honeymoon so we decided to hit up VEGAS!!! 

As we drove from LA to San Diego we booked our trip.  We would take the rental car to Las Vegas and drop it off there and then fly back to Phoenix (I had to move my stuff to San Diego) on the day we should have been flying back from Tahiti! I booked a suite at the Mirage...I think we deserved it!  We got tickets to see Danny Gans (wonderful performer..died way too young) and the Beatles LOVE!

Here's the kicker...as if part one of the honeymoon wasn't bad enough...we went home to my husbands car broken into...ALL of his work stuff (which equaled the price of a very expensive car) stolen in OUR GATED GARAGE!  In the apartment building...we JUST moved into.  We had to call the cops...which said "That's what you get living in southern California, so close to Mexico".  We chose  La Jolla for a reason!!!! It was just shitty. 

But we sucked it up and headed to Vegas...We were up almost 42 hours by the time we finally got to sleep in the GORGEOUS room of Mirage!  We ordered room service that night...I think I ordered one of everything....ate a few bites of it all and was content and happy!

                                                            Pics of our Sweet Suite!!!

We had an AMAZING time in Vegas.....I think we both wished we would have been there the whole time!!!

A Pic from Vegas!

Tahiti= not so sweetie!


No Tahiti Sweetie...Indeedy! Part two!

A Pic from our Wedding

We decided to leave VERY early the next day after our wedding....like first flight out early.  I obviously wasn't thinking clearly.  It took us just 45 minutes to get all of the bobby pins out of my hair.

Anyway..... was sporting my adorable just married tank top that my brides-slave...I mean bridesmaid Jen spent the week making!  Everyone was making cute comments at the airport.  I was on cloud nine!  We flew from Phoenix (the wedding was in Scottsdale, AZ...and yes it was in July and yes it was 117 the day of the wedding...that's another story!) to LAX!  Because we came in domestic from phoenix we had to go retrieve our bags and then get to the international terminal.  I scheduled a REALLY long layover just in case we were delayed. 

We made it with HOURS to spare.  I told my husband that we would grab something to eat when we went through security.  Got through security and THERE WAS NOTHING....I mean a small room with a billion chairs and ONE CLOSED cart was ALL!  This is LAX for craps sake. 

We were flying Air Tahiti, which was really a wonderful airline.  Of course I didn't realize this until AFTER we were put on the wrong plane....going to France...Thank god they realized it...because we didn't know! 

Ok so on the right plane and heading for our 8 hour flight to Tahiti.  We were both so wired and on the newly married high!  The flight felt like forever!  But we made it...we finally got there.  Got through customs and went to our first hotel on Tahiti.  The place was amazing.  A beautiful infinitity pool...just gorgeous!  Our room was ok...but the view was PHENOMENAL! 

Our Room on the Island of Tahiti

The View from our First Overwater Bungalow.  That island in the back is Moorea!

We went for a drink at the bar.   A 12 DOLLAR drink at the bar.  Tahiti is NOT a cheap place to go. 

The next day we decided to take a tour of Tahiti.  It would bring us around the island, take us into the city for shopping and then end with a nice lunch at one of their restaurants.  The beginning of the tour was everything I dreamed....We went to a waterfall and a cove.

                                                                 On the beach in Tahiti

 Saw a black sand beach.....then we went into the city!  I don't know what I was expecting.  But there was a lot of this:

and this:

And those aren't cute little owned dogs...They were mangy hungry stray dogs EVERYWHERE! Thank god we were on a bus.

We finally got to the shopping.  I was a heaven...I can shop ANYWHERE! 

The next day we were to fly out to Moorea.  Let me just tell you I HATE FLYING.  HATE IT..HATE IT.  This was NO KIDDING a fifteen minute flight so I wasn't expecting an airliner.  But I also wasnt expecting to be sitting almost right next to the pilot and watching him do all his fancy pilot stuff!  I realized although I love to watch out of the side windows of the airplane...the FRONT WINDOWS ...not so much!  We landed safely on beautiful Moorea.....

for ten beautiful days of relaxing and each other....or so we thought....

Part Three tomorrow- (and it's really long...and appalling....Sorry to everyone to make you wait but I am leaving in the morning and I think you reading the last part right as we leave for a new adventure is funny....I promise its worth the wait!)   


No Tahiti Sweetie..... Indeedy! Part 1

I figured before I go away on this vacation (The first one by ourselves since our honeymoon aka the horrormoon),  and my guest bloggers start to post their funny vacation stories, I would share with you all the story of our first days together as husband and wife. You'll laugh...you'll cry....you'll want to choke our travel agent as much as I did.  This is a LONG story.  It probably takes me 15-20 minutes to tell....so I'll save you the novel and split it into three parts...Here's part 1! 

These are the days of my life.......of my honeymoon life that is!

Deciding where my husband and I wanted to go on a honeymoon was crazy.  I think it was probably the most debated thing!  My dream had been a two week cruise on the Mediterranean, visiting all the different countries along there.  H-E-A-V-E-N!  However heaven comes at a STEEP price!  YIKES!  Moving on.....

Next up I pictured spending two weeks in Italy.  Layed it out.  I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Italy.  Prices weren't so unreasonable. 

My husband and I went back and forth...he wanted to relax by the beach.  I wanted to sightsee.  Back and forth...back and forth...until we finally decided on the perfect place.....


We have all seen those pictures.  Beautiful waters and beaches...clean and carefree.  So we went through a family friend travel agent (this will become relevant in the future) and booked our 12 days in Tahiti!

The plan was: two nights on the main island of Tahiti and then 10 nights on the island of Moorea.  I looked into Bora Bora...The prices were INSANE for that island at all the nice hotels (let's face it...I'm high maintenance)....like $1000 a night insane!  We decided on Tahiti we would get the over the water bungalow.  Then when we went to Moorea we would do 6 nights beach front and 4 nights overwater (we DID just spend a fortune on a wedding!!).  Far away...just my husband and I ....who had survived a 8 year long distance relationship..together on the beach in paradise for 12 days.....PERFECTION right?


I love my husband dearly but did I trust him to pack himself...no!  Plus this was our honeymoon...didn't we both deserve new clothes.  I spent about a month finding the perfect clothes for our honeymoon.  Found myself the cutest linen capri's with a black linen fancy tank top....Found my hubby the cutest hawaiian type T-shirts.  Water shoes ..check...bathing suits ...check...

Bug spray....check.....wait what??!?

When I tell you I am so paranoid of mosquitos..I am not kidding.  I kept reading online how mosquitos can be a problem in the French Polynesian Islands (yes I said French...you would think that registered with me a little bit more BEFOREHAND).  So I did what any normal high maintenance girl would do....I packed 6 containers of sunscreen that had bug repellant on it!  YES 6!  One can never be too sure ya know!

Here's a little known fact about that wonderful sunscreen/bug repellent....it does not work well with acrylic nails.  I repeat..IT DOES NOT WORK well with acrylic nails.   My beautiful french manicure...GONE!  And that is just the beginning my friends....just the beginning....

Tune in tomorrow for part two!


Project IF: What IF I am Never Myself Again?

 A few weeks back I posted a great article from Resolve.org about how to deal with a couple who is dealing with infertility.  Resolve.org partnered with the very fabulous Stirrup Queen and started a project where people could leave their thoughts on their what IF's about infertility (IF=infertility..get it?).  Many of us posted our fears....our worries....the things we deal with on a daily basis.  The results were heartbreaking....so different but at the same time so similar. 

I posted more than a handful (of course that is part of the "talker" in me and part of the worry-wart).  For part two of the project, we are to write here...on our own blogs...about one of our "what IF's". 

Here I go...

What if I am never myself again?

Sounds silly huh?  Yet I worry about it so much.  The definition of an infertile is " a year of trying with no luck".  Oh we got that covered...four times over! 

My dreams as a child were: to be a singer, to be a wife and most importantly a mom.  We all know for what it's worth...I can't sing.  I have painfully come to accept that.  I myself have admitted how lucky I am to have met my husband at such a young age (we met at 14!).  I am finally a wife....I pictured my perfect wedding and I made it come true (seriously..I did...Bridezilla anyone?!?).  If only things were that easy for becoming a mom.....

I was sure at the age of 20 I had life figured out.  I had figured out who I was.  I was "grown-up".  All that changed a year or so later when I was diagnosed with PCOS.  You know those moments where you feel everything crumble around you.  That was one of those moments.  I was so angry and bitter with the cards I was dealt.  The doctor informed me of my inevitable struggles that I would be facing to make my dream of becoming a mom come true.  I walked out of that office a different person than walking in.....

I fell into a depression.  My school suffered...my social life suffered.  It was like I knew at that age what I would be facing today.  I just never thought I would be sitting at the cusp of 30...childless and confused. 

I realized a few years later...I didn't have things figured out yet.  After getting engaged and planning my much anticipated wedding...I felt like I started to see glimmers of myself again.  I was incredibly stressed at all the stuff going on..but I was happy.  I was finally getting to marry the man who stole my heart 8 years before at age of 18. 

My doctor told me she would give me two months of Femara for after the honeymoon and if those didn't work, we would need to see an RE. 

My god, was I so sure those were going to work.  They didn't...which began the slippery slope of infertility for us....which was almost FOUR years ago. 

I have become bitter again....and angry.  I don't understand why I can't get pregnant.  I don't understand what we are doing wrong.  I have become filled with overwhelming sadness and fear.  I have learned to become almost emotionless when hearing about someone else's pregnancy (I have shed so many tears over that). 

Each negative pregnancy test is a failed dream.  Each failed dream becomes an emotional scar....each scar painfully chips away at my soul. 

Is it possible to not recognize the person you are anymore?  I say things and feel things that shock me...that scare me.  I have pushed away people who care because they couldn't understand me or what I am going through.  I've become numb to hearing "you're next" and "it will definitely happen".  Apathetic and numb. 

Hey but whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?

There are definitely things that I have learned during this experience....valuable life lessons I would have never been taught otherwise.  I know who my true family and friends are, I know what an amazing and adorable husband I have, I have connected with people who understand...who give unending support and love and that is priceless. 

But most importantly...I know I am a warrior. 

Insert cheesy 80's song lyrics - "Shooting at the walls of heartache..bang ..bang ...I am the warrior"

Despite all the changes that have gone on in me emotionally, I am not giving up.  I got my armor on and I am ready to fight...to knock infertility on it's ass and to finally complete my dream of being a mom....

So I wonder...............................
What IF the best me is yet to be? 

For information about infertility..please visit www.resolve.org/infertility101.


Let's Share......Vacation Stories!

 I can't even begin to tell you HOW excited I am about my upcoming vacation next week!  I've been going back and forth as to what to do with my blog while I am gone.  I decided to have some guest bloggers!

Here's the deal:

I'm looking for up to ten guest bloggers to share their funny, humiliating, or appalling vacation story!  A contest will run while I am away.  Details are still to be worked out (depending on how many people I get to participate).  Winner of the contest will win a fabulous souvenir from my trip!  Entries will need to be emailed to me no later than noon on Thursday 4/29! 

Wanna play?  Leave me a comment with your email address or email me at missangelbabyj@aol.com

First ten people to respond are in!

Can't wait to read the stories!

Guest Bloggers:
1. @karmapearl from Hope Springs Eternal
2. @butifulmess from Life Induces Thoughts, Mostly Random
3. Daneen @Pcoschick from His and Her Infertility
4. Nicole @nicoleella10
5. Melissa
6. Beth
7. @InfertileNaomi from 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility
8. Carrie @Caretta74
9. This could be you!


No Bees Please!

It's really no secret that I hate bugs.....despise....loathe....skeeve!  Bugs are one of the reasons I got married...so I would permenantly have a "bug killer" (well that and my husband is kinda really cute!).  I don't discriminate against any bug.  I am an equal opportunity hater of bugs.  The tinest spider can send me into a full fledged scream!  There are two insects which are cute to look at...the ladybug and the butterfly...with that being said if either touched me...... I WOULD DIE!

I would like to point out now that I have a tatoo of a butterfly on my back...which is kinda ironic...


The worst bug of all for me HAS to be BEES!  They are wretched little creatures who sole purpose in life is to sting you.  What's that you say?  They are good for spreading pollen and making honey?  Personally I would rather never have flowers or honey then to ever deal with bees.  Remember my fear of needles....BEES have needles ATTACHED to their BODY!  Doesn't that freak you out!?!?! 

I have only been stung once....which was the most traumatic experience of my life.  I was in fourth grade.  I was wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt and we were at recess lining up quietly and the damn evil flying needle decided to have some fun and landed on my hand.  It wouldn't leave.  I panicked.  I couldn't scream so I tried to squish it.  BIG MISTAKE.  The damn evil flying needle got mad at me and stung me (that bastard).  I cried like the little girl I was....

Ever since then......

I run and scream and flip out if I see a bee!  Just today there was a HUGE bumblebee on the sidewalk on my way to the post office...so what did this brave scared shitless woman do?

 I walked around THE LONG way just to not be around the bee.

I love everything about the summer...the long daylight...the great weather....  except the bugs (I'll save my loathing for mosquitos for another entry).  With a world of bugs....I will take the winter ANYTIME!


First Giveaway Winner!

Thank you all so much for entering my first giveaway!  We have a winner......

# 22 is KAITLIN (ahmymarried life)!!

Congratulations Kaitlin!  Please go Funcky Love Designs Etsy store and pick out which pendant and earring you want!  DM your choices (including color choice for pendent satin cord that you want!) along with your address!  Have fun shopping!

And a sincere thank you to everyone who took the time to enter!  Next giveaway...150 followers!  Until then...enjoy my rantings =)  love you all!


Dirty Thirty Update #2

Today marks the Two month warning until my 30th birthday!

Who am I kidding....where is the brown paper bag?!!?

                                    by the way...I hate cats....but anyway......

If you missed my post on my Dirty Thirty list....click here.

Remember I designated the first fifteen things to complete BEFORE I am thirty (which gives me 2 months to finish) and the last fifteen DURING my 30's. Let's check out my progress.

 Before I am Thirty-

1. Get Pregnant- I'm on a mission...however it seems to be mission: impossible

2. Obtain my Master's Degree -done!!!

3. Visit Puerto Rico -Going in May

4. Go on my first cruise- Going in May

5. Find a better job-  I am on this now more than ever. 

6. Learn Italian...Hello Rosetta Stone! -I'm working on it. I am currently working through the first part of it ...doing it over and over to remember it. L'automobile e Giallo.

7. Get 100 blog followers- done

8. See a Broadway Show

9. Lose weight (This will not count if I get pregnant)- I had lost nine lbs...then stress kicked in and my emo-foodaholic ways took over for a few days...I'm scared to see the damage.  Would someone please tell everyone to not stress me out while I am dieting?  Thanks!

10. Successfully give up candy and soda for lent- I did it!!!!!!

11. Finish the Sookie Stackhouse books - currently on book 8...I think there is only one more!

12. Make a donation to St. Jude's Children's Hospital

13. Try to eat five new foods (I tend to be a creature of habit)- DONE!
  • Guacamole
  • Mushrooms
  • Squid Ink Pasta - I do not recommend this to anyone EVER!
  • Avacado Rolls...Look at me...I eat sushi now!
  • Key lime shrimp- tasted like cereal...then fish...then cereal...then fish...I only ate one!

14. Try 25 new recipes (see above!) - 19 to go!
  • Rice Pudding
  • Warm Chicken Salad with Bows...yummy
  • French Toast- This was a collosal disaster....
  • Lasagna...YUMMY!
  • Lemon dill chicken.....bleh
  • provolone and olive stuffed chicken....Yum!
15. Buy a new purse- Why hello there my gorgeous new red Kate Spade purse. Mommy missed you!

I'm making progress!!  Two months to go....*breathe in*  *breathe out* *in* *out*


Out of the Mouth of Babes!

Hey You....Did you enter my giveaway yet?!?!  It ends FRIDAY at midnight!  Click Here!

Working in the education field with the little guys has brought a huge sense of frustration at times...but at other times...it is just so funny. 

I have three favorite stories about funny things that kids have said:

Story 1- I was preparing to take my kids to Wild Oats for a field trip on healthy eating.  Fantastic field trip and it was FREE!  It was my first year teaching kindergarten and I was prepping the kids with what they would expect.  We started to have a long conversation.  Little S was sitting right in front.  As I continued to talk about the trip, he looked more and more confused.  Kids were asking questions and this just further confused Little S.   After I finished our 15 minute discussion about our trip to WILD OATS, Little S raises his hand and says "So are we gonna feed the goats or what?"  The poor little child thought we were going to see Wild Goats!!!

Story 2- I was working in a preschool setting.  One of my favorite little guys, G, was sitting next to me and talking.  He asked me who was picking him up that day.  I said "I think your mom is".  He said " No, Mommy only picks me up on friesday!"

Then today...I had this one.....

Story 3- Where I work, I work with a little guy named E.  E came in with his baseball hat on today.  He just started playing baseball and was very excited about his team.  I noticed the bird on the hat.  A few minutes later E took his hat off and put it under the table.  Here is the conversation that ensued:

E: " Guess what baseball team I am on?"

Me: "Um....the Yankees?"

E: "No the Yankees are professional...guess again"

Me: " Um...I don't know...give me a hint"

E: "It starts with O and its something I ate today"

Me: "Oreos?"

E: "Yea I play on the Oreos" as he took his hat from under the table and put it back on his head. 

Me: really laughing hard at this point "Honey, you play for the ORIOLES not the Oreos.  I know they sound a lot alike but the bird on your hat is an Oriole"

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried! 


Packing the Personals!

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My much anticipated graduation vacation is right around the corner.  My husband and I have not been on a vacation alone (just for us) since our honeymoon (yea...four years ago...you would think we had kids or something!).  We have gone on vacation....but it has been to see family...or for work.  Needless to say I am SUPER excited about our trip to Puerto Rico and our cruise of the Caribbean.

If you know me, which I am sure most of you do by now, packing is always a process.  Its not that big of a deal when going to visit family.  I normally do it the night before....and throw EVERYTHING in the suitcase.  I have been known to pack 8 pairs of shoes for a quick weekend trip.  There was never any problem until the damn airlines started charging for the bags.  Now I am limited to one bag UNDER 50 lbs!  HUGE PROBLEM. 

                                         I prefer to pack like this:

                                   I now however have to pack like this:

                                                                          NOT FUN!

So I started to plan out our stuff for the cruise.  My guest bedroom has turned into an oasis of stuff I HAVE to pack.  New magazine in the mailbox? straight on the bed.  Found an extra deodorant under the sink? straight to the room.  It's kind of a type A person's dream (or nightmare).  I placed my husbands clothes from our honeymoon in Tahiti on the bed (his hawaiian type shirts that are kept in the guest room closet because he can't wear them normally without being made fun of...TRUE STORY). 

Just fifteen minutes ago, as I was putting away laundry, I decided to pull the essentials, ya know the undies.  Now I fully respect anyone that has the balls to go commando but for me....I prefer to cover my assets.

Packing underwear for guys and girls is very different.....let's take a look at what just transpired:

HIM: I counted the days we would be gone...and added 2 for just in case (there is nothing worse than needing an extra pair of underwear and not having it!).  There he is done.  Pulled them out of his drawer and moved on....

Me:  I counted the days we would be gone.  Then I counted the amount of times I think I would wear a thong.  I decided its hard to really know when you will wear a thong without knowing what outfit you are planning for each day.  I can't think that far ahead.  So to be clear..I'll just bring all thongs....OH but wait....I don't really like to sleep in thongs....so I need to bring some boyshorts/briefs (not granny panties)!  Maybe I will bring half thongs and half boyshorts/briefs.  No but what if I need one more than the other?  I'll just bring enough of both. 

I won't even embarrass myself by letting you know how much undies I packed.....let's just say its more than my husband has packed (times two!). 

Thank god, they don't take up too much room! 

Now on to shoes.......



OMG!  How excited are you all?  I reached my dirty thirty goal of 100 wonderful blog followers.

                          How could I possibly thank you?

Daneen from over at His and Her Infertility gave me the great idea to do a giveaway! 

I did some soul searching because I want this to be FAB..after all it is my first giveaway (and of course it's me!). 

I found the perfect store on Etsy...with the perfect stuff!

Pop Art Jewerly by Funcky Love Designs

She makes really cool necklaces and earrings out of scrabble tiles...the front is the design and the back is the scrabble letter!! ....I JUST COMPLETELY LOVE IT!

Here are some of my favs:

Is that not some VERY cool stuff?!?!?

Ok here's the great part:  I am giving away YOUR CHOICE of pendant necklace AND earrings!  That's right....I'm letting you pick what you want!  Giveaway will run until Midnight Friday April 16.  Winner will be chosen by random and announced on my blog...so make sure you check back to see if you won on April 17th!

How to win (required):

           *Make sure you are following me through Google Connect and leave me a comment!! 

For Extra Entries:

           * Follow me on twitter -Amaprincess.  Leave me a comment with your twitter name. - 1 entry
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Make sure to leave a separate comment for each thing you do! 

                                    GOOD LUCK!!!!!

P.S.- ** Nothing was donated for this giveaway.  I will be buying you the items and shipping them to you**

Introducing Doctor Jackass!

Ok so my day 13 appt was today (for my new followers, I get pulled on on Day 13 because my RE's office missed ovulation in January).  Honestly...with all the bad news I have heard lately...I wasn't expecting much from my visit today.  Call it being cautious...call it being skeptical...call it whatever you want...but I was gearing up for the water works. 

The office was NOT crowded today...I repeat the office was NOT crowded today! 

My favorite girl was there to draw my blood (the only one who doesn't bruise me to the point where I look like I was beat up).  Only one stick ....done correctly!

And a new doctor!

Now the place where we go the doctors rotate morning monitoring days.  I think there are maybe nine doctors total.  Until today, I haven't met one I didn't like....


Dr. Jackass came in and did my ultrasound.  There was a 29mm follicle on the right.  Now I am thinking...29 MM....HOLY CRAP!  I normally have in the low 20's when we trigger. 

He says "Trigger today...IUI tomorrow and Sunday" to which I reply "Wait..what?!" 

My doctors office has always triggered right before the first IUI and then I was brought back the second day for the next IUI (but of course, that has never worked before either...because I am not pregnant).

I asked the doctor why we were triggering without the IUI.  You would have think I asked him what color his underwear was...or what he ate for dinner last wednesday with the way he looked at me.  HOW DARE I ask him a question?!?!  Dr. Jackass simply stated "Go talk to the morning nurse, she'll explain it".

Oh ok doctor...I am so sorry...I was under the impression that I was PAYING YOU for your services.  hundreds of dollars for an office visit and I can't even get two minutes for an answer.

I would LOVE to point out that he had two minutes to RUN to the nurse and explain the situation.  Apparently....my follicle needs to TURN?

So Nurse "You have spider veins" (which she needed to state twice...just in case my husband who was sitting right there didn't hear her the first time) gave me the trigger shot and we are set up for 6 am tomorrow and Sunday. 

While we are talking about time...6:20 was the LATEST appointment I could get on a weekend...when they are open til 10!  Something sound wrong here to anyone else?

P.S.  I hit my dirty thirty blog follower goal!!  YAY!  I'm gonna be doing a FAB giveaway soon...keep your eyes open for it!


The Do's and Don'ts of Support

I read this article on the blog Baby On Mind and I knew I HAD to post it! 

Here is an article from RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association on the Do's and Don'ts of supporting couples with infertility

How Can I Help? The Dos And The Don'ts Of Support

By Diane Clapp, BSN, RN and Merle Bombardieri, LICSW

Coping with Infertility can be extremely difficult for the family and friends of the couple going through infertility. As with any crisis it is difficult to know what to say. Because infertility is such a sensitive topic it is important to understand what you can and cannot say.

Let's start with what doesn't help, because the more you continue to say the wrong thing inadvertently, the deeper the rift will be between you and the couple. There is a universal list of No-No's that most infertile couples agree on. The following do's and don'ts should help you support the individual or couple who is struggling with infertility.

Don't Try to minimize the problem by saying, "Don't worry. At least you have each other and don't have cancer."

Do Listen to what the couple has to say about their experience and express empathy for their difficulties.

Don't Tell a couple who has had a miscarriage that it wasn't meant to be or that you know that they will be pregnant again soon and it will work the next time.

Do Realize that the couple has just lost a specific potential child who will never come again, no matter how wonderful the next pregnancy may be. Acknowledge how sad they must feel. Use the words "loss and sorrow"; don't be afraid to use the words that probably describe how the couple must feel.

Don't Give medical advice or doctor referrals without being asked or hearing the couple say they are looking for new information or referrals.

Do Tell the couple know that you'll be happy to listen to any details they want to share with you and that you would like to offer support during any procedures by a phone call or by offering to go with them to a medical appointment.

Don't Assume that new medical breakthroughs you read about in the paper will solve the couple's problems. The breakthrough announced by the news media may be irrelevant and if it is relevant, chances are the couple has seen the article and their medical team is knowledgeable about it.

Do Ask the couple if there are any books or articles that you could read to understand what they are going through medically.

Don't Expect the couple to act happy about attending baby showers, christenings and other family events that feature pregnant women and new babies.

Do Give them plenty of opportunity to decide whether to attend an event or whether to come late or leave early. They will not feel the need to avoid babies forever, but less contact right now may be a necessary part of their healing process.

Don't Start a discussion about infertility without paying attention to timing and to the couple's openness.

Do Choose a time when the couple's privacy is assured and ask the couple if they would like to talk. Couples experiencing infertility often feel out of control. Your letting them choose whether and when to talk about it gives them back some control.

Don't Assume that it is fine if you talk to your son's wife or your daughter's husband about their situation.

Do Respect the privacy needs of each individual and do not assume that they both want to talk about it with you.

Don't Offer unsolicited stories about others who have been successful at treatment or adoption. DO Tell them if they are ever interested you could put them in touch with a couple willing to talk about their infertility experience or adoption process. Let them decide whether they want to pursue that information. As a parent, family member, or friend, you want to make it better for the couple, to take away the pain. But probably the greatest gift you can give your loved one or friend is to be a listener, a sounding board. Instead of erasing the pain, you can diminish it by your caring. One of the hardest questions to ask someone is, "How can I help you?" It is such a difficult question because you should be prepared for their answer and not the answer that you think they will say or should say. To ask that question and to trust the response that you hear is a powerful step in your efforts to help the couple struggling with this kind of crisis.


Hole Hearted

Holidays are the worst.  There is nothing like a holiday (especially one that's big with children) to make the emptiness that I feel in my heart feel bigger.  I feel like every holiday I am telling myself this is the LAST one...this will be the LAST Easter!  I can't tell you how many times I had the Last Christmas or the Last Thanksgiving.  I swore I had them last year....but obviously, someone up there has bigger plans for us.

I woke up this morning so upset.  I thought of waking up on Easter morning and running to check my basket.  I thought of all the fun things that parents got to put into their kids baskets...the easter egg hunts...dressing the kids up in cute clothes...I thought of all of it and it hurt! 

As I laid in bed this morning, fighting tears, this song popped into my head.  It was so weird because I don't think I have heard it in FOREVER! 

There's a hole in my heart that can only be filled by you and this hole in my heart can't be filled with the things I do....hole hearted. 

Blast from the past huh? 

It's so weird...but it fits. ( You can read the lyrics here)

 I swear I listen to all lyrics so intently that they file themselves and pop back into my head at the right time.  Sort of like I have my own personal soundtrack! 

So that's how I'm feeling today...hole hearted.  I anxiously wait for the day to feel whole hearted.

P.S.  I ate candy for breakfast!  Yes I did!  I got it out of my system...back to the Pre-Cruise Diet tomorrow!


The Wedding Song

It's no surprise that yesterday I was singing and dancing around in the bathroom while I was getting ready for work.  I uploaded my absolutely favorite songs to my iphone and I put it on shuffle.  After I finished professing that I would do anything for love but I won't do that with Meatloaf and after I reinacted my very best version of Debbie Gibson's Lost in Your Eyes....My favorite song came on....my wedding song. 

I remember how I always planned that when I got married my wedding song would be The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra.  I pictured it the whole time my husband and I were dating.  Then came the ring...and the change of mind.  Upon really listening to it, we would need to take dance lessons to dance to it.  As adorable as I thought would husband would be foxtrotting or waltzing to our first dance...I knew it wasn't logical. 

So we discussed....and discussed...and discussed.  Went back and forth....we could not agree. 

I remember sitting in my future father in laws living room with my husband next to me, with both our eyes and ears fixated on the laptop.  We sampled song after song.  My husband said "what about this one? This is perfect"!  Me, I was skeptical.  All I kept picturing was the cheesy version from UB40.  This version was different...Andrea Bocelli.  The man does have a beautiful voice and it is a beautiful song ...just when I wasn't completely sure my darling husband mouthed the lyrics "some things are meant to be.  Take my hand.  Take my whole life too.  For I can't help falling in love with you"

There it was...I have never listened to the song the same since! 

God I love that man!

So tell me ...what special song did you choose as your first dance?