Ugh- New Jersey Drivers!


I have lived in four different states, New York, Arizona, California and New Jersey. I took drivers ed in NY and remember someone telling me "If you could drive in NY, you could drive anywhere".  It's insanely crowded and unless it's late at night....you are NOT going very fast on the highways. 

The difference between driving in Arizona and New York is HUGE.  For starters the speed limit is 65 on the highways out there!! 65!!  (I've seen 75 on some).  Arizona is very fast highway driving. However, it never feels like you're going that fast.....probably because everything is so flat!

California is crazy...there are so many lanes.  Everyone's going super fast and changing in and out of lanes.  As crazy as it sounds, I have never been more fearful for my life than when I was driving in New Jersey yesterday.

I live off this crazy busy road.   I have to take this said road to my job.  This road is two lanes and full of shopping, restaurants etc.  VERY VERY BUSY! 

Yesterday was a nice spring day...Im driving to work with my windows partially down (don't want to mess the hair up) and radio up (yes I was singing).  I was driving the 55 mph speed limit...which trust me...is PLENTY fast for this road. 

However..I was not going fast enough for some people. 

One guy was swerving in and out of traffic going probably about "75"...he was basically driving in the middle of the two lanes.  After I encountered "Crazy Driving in both lanes guy"..I had Mr "Im gonna drive up your ass until you are doing 70 like me!"  It felt like this jackass was in my backseat.  BACK THAT THING UP..I'M MARRIED!

I really think some men think they are in Nascar....or living out their fantasies of Grand Theft Auto! 

I was scared.....If I get in an accident and die...at least my tombstone will still say 29!  (morbid huh?). 

It wasn't just those two wonderful, charming, respectable men...there were plenty of them out there....Look, if I'm not going fast enough for you...go around me...at a safe distance....please!  I'm not going to put myself in danger of driving at a speed in which I am not comfortable with on a CRAZY busy street full of people just pulling out of parking lots so you can get to the bank five minutes faster.  If you needed to be somewhere earlier..you should have left earlier! Sorry!  I need to refill my prescriptions of invincibility pills before I start driving like your brand of crazy!

BTW-This by no way defines me as a "Granny Driver" .....just as a person who values their life too much!  



lindsey said...

I hate driving, I wish someone would drive me around all day. When I moved to OK from CA they would just freaking stop on the highway, getting on, getting off, needing to get over. Their dangerous in a whole other way! Don't forget your helmet and roll cage tomorrow!

Jessica said...

Gotta love Jersey drivers!!! My favorite thing to do if they are too close behind me is to clean my windshield. The spray flies back and hits their car, making them have to now clean theirs! It's pretty funny :)

Courtney said...

I HATE when people tailgate and drive like jerks. Sometimes I'll just start going slower to really piss them off. :-)

Beautiful Mess said...

lol @ granny driver! You tell em sweetie! Crazy guys! SCARY!!!

Holly said...

I hate scary, crazy drivers! For me Florida, especially South Florida, has THE WORST DRIVERS EVER! It's like the worst of the worst from NJ, NY and every other crazy driving state go down there and try to kill everyone on the road. Add to that the huge retired population, driving exactly the opposite on the same roads and it is a scary situation.

Glad you made it through the madness unscathed! <3

Francie said...

I can totally relate!! I live in NJ and deal with it on a regular basis. I grew up in DE (where ppl drive dreadfully slow) and have also lived in PA - but NJ drivers are the worst! Two things I also hate: when people are turning on a left turn green arrow - after the light turns red, 3 or 4 cars try to "sneak by". Also, people who turn left in front of you (going straight) as soon as the light turns green. Ugh!

Waiting Lisa said...

Two days ago somebody came into my lane...where I already was. I had to slam on my breaks and they just missed me. Minutes later they threw garbage out their window!! I wanted to follow them home and yell at them!

Glad you made it home safe!! :)

Busted Kate said...

Back up, I'm married! LMAO

I HATE it when people do that... as long as you're not in the far left lane, people need to back the F off! Go around dude, that's why they invented the fast lane. I'm not blocking you.

Glad you survived, I need a fellow 30!!!

Honey B. said...

I hate driving!! Too much time in trauma...when I drive I become a paranoid neurotic, although I drive too fast...lots of obscenities, and I'm pretty sure I'd burst a blood vessel if I drove anywhere other than the Great Midwest! lol

Future Mama said...

hahaha!! I'm kinda a fast driver but I don't ever fly past people... It's like that in Atlanta too! Not here in Austin though people are SLOOOW. Sometimes you'll get the occasional big pickup truck dude who flys by but not that often.

Jen @ After The Alter said...

That's funny! I've only lived in PA and NY but have definitely driven in NJ...I will always prefer the kind and slow PA drivers...it's a place that at a 4 way stop everyone waves everyone else on! lol I'd take that any day!