Mascara Masquerade!

 People! We have a crier!

That's right, I cry....a lot!  I cry at all the expected things, the movies Steel Magnolias and Beaches, sad TV shows, and even love songs.  But it doesn't stop there my friend, I tear up at so much more.  You know those cotton commercials...I cried!  Hallmark commercials reduce me to a blubbering fool.  Even the commercial with the coffee, where the daughter is telling her dad she got engaged!  (I know...I can't help it!).  Songs that remind me how much I love my husband make me cry....songs that remind me of my grandparents do the same.  I cry pretty often, without reason, and almost NEVER because of my husband! 

This has proved to be a huge issue with makeup, mascara particularly.  I have never wanted to wear mascara because I don't ever want to look like this.......
Cause I would......every day!

Lately, I have come to the realization that the age is showing on my face...I need concealer.  It's ok...no need to cry.....I found an AWESOME one!  I decided to try mascara also.  So I purchased it on Saturday and carefully applied it on Sunday.  Spent the whole day with no issues.  I didn't cry the whole time....until we watched UP!  We didn't like the movie (all I kept thinking about was how that old man kidnapped that little boy!) However, one scene in particular brought down those tears.  After I stopped sobbing, I panicked about my mascara and ran to a mirror. NO SMUDGING PEOPLE....NOT EVEN A LITTLE!!

Bare Escentuals.....WE HAVE A WINNER!


lindsey said...

That is awesome! Mary Kay has a water resistant mascara that I love! I will be try your since I too am a crier, huge shocker :)

Holly said...

yay! that is awesome. I too am a crier and hate the mascara smudges

Honey B. said...

Good to know! I'm always on the hunt for the best mascara...I'll check this one out!!

April said...

Glad to know you found a mascara you like!

I always cry during Up and any other sad movie as well.

Waiting Lisa said...

I don't wear make-up, but if I did, I would have to try that kind b'c I am definitely a crier too :)