I Got Sing Star Quality Baby!

This is American Idol!

Wait...what?  It's not?!?! 

Every since I was little I have adored singing.  It started when I was very young, and my mom used to sing songs with us while giving us our baths.  It escaladed from there.  I have been known to belt out any tune at any time. 

It would be all fine and dandy...if I had a good voice....which I do not!

My poor husband has had to deal with my sing star quality since we started dating.  Once we were driving back to San Diego from Arizona and about 4 hours into the trip (4 hours of my singing), he angrily shut the radio off.  "I can't do it!!" he exclaimed "I can't listen to you sing for one more second".  With fear of being left in the desert, I quickly quieted down (how awesome is he to have listened to it for 4 HOURS!!). 

He should have known.  You should have seen me at Broadway's Beauty and the Beast (which is my FAVORITE Disney movie of all time).  I knew every word and he often had to shush me because I was singing too loud and annoying the people around us. Um hello its a musical people!! He still tells the story...."Be our guest...be our guest...."

Then just last week as we are watching American Idol....I did it again.  One of the contestants started to sing a song I love.  I COULDN'T help myself.  My husband first gave me a look like "you have GOT to be kidding me" and then proceeded to tell me to be quiet. I think his exact words were "I want to hear their version, not yours".  He can't break my spirit...

For someone that will belt out Bette Midler's The Rose at any given time while driving, I will always keep singing! I sing in the shower...while I am doing my hair and makeup....while I am cooking...while I am cleaning...and especially while I am driving (EVEN with the windows down?!?!). 

So if you ever hear a car in the middle of the day, with someone that sounds like a cat is dying...that's me. 

You can forward all complaints to my husband.

(By the way- I can't tell you how FUNNY it was on Family Guy when they all started to sing The Rose and called it their driving song!  It's my driving song too! I wonder how many others belt that out while driving down the highway at night so no one can see you?!?  Duet anyone?!)


Jen @ After The Alter said...

My DH makes fun of my singing all the time..lol..but that just makes me want to sing more! I even make up some pretty good songs! ;)

liberalgranolagirl said...

OMG!!!! I had the record single (ya know, the small record...I can't remember what they call them) of The Rose and I sang it over and over in the mirror with a brush as a mic!!

Kellie said...

This made me laugh! I'm the exact same way.. but no one has to be bothered by my singing. And I LOVE The Rose. Awesome song.

Jenny said...

I just laughed through this whole post. I sing all the time! Usually I do it in a funny voice though just to purposely irritate my husband. :)

Laura said...

It's hard for me to not start singing when a good song comes on the radio. (Bette Midler is my favorite singer/actress.)

Happy Sharefest!

Beautiful Mess said...

LOL, I'll sing a duet with you! I love to sing, but I really shouldn't. It's a BAD idea, but like you, I do it anyway! Who cares if I sound like dying cat in heat, I'm having fun! Sing it sister!