Hey Soul Cyst-a

It's a cyst.

A functional cyst.

I am so glad at least one of us is "functioning" with the news (Showoff!)

We were sidelined....out of the game. It's been a rough break. It sucks!

The doctor prescribed the trigger shot Ovidril to shrink the cyst. I was to take it on Friday. Nurse Christmas said the Queen of Broken Hearts will re-appear in two weeks (twice in one month....lucky lucky me). On my CD 3- I will go in to see if this monster that is growing on my left ovary is gone. I think he should go back to where the wild things are!

So I got my shot on Friday and my husband had to give it to me. This was our first AT HOME injection people. I take a trigger shot with EVERY IUI cycle but the nurse always gives it to me...it never hurts so I figured it can't be so bad....right?........W R O N G!

My husband (god bless his heart) was so nervous. He kept calling my mother in law (a nurse) to
make sure he was going to do it right. I showed him the area the nurse always does it. I know that area all too well because the nurse who gives the shot like to point out my "spider" veins on my leg before she does it. What a gem she is huh?!?! So we were all ready to go and suddenly it happened....It happens EVERY time I am nervous....I can't help it ...It's a natural body reaction....

I started to laugh (you didn't think I passed gas did you?!?!). I couldn't stop. I was laughing so hard I was shaking....shaking enough for him to not be able to put the needle in my leg. So there I am laughing...he's getting anxious and yelling....it really was quite a sight!

I calmed down and he went for it.

OH MY GOD ...it hurt. I jumped...He PULLED the needle out. Injection Attempt #1 FAIL!

I sat down this time...laughing fits return (along with the crying I was doing from the last attempt). I hid my face in a towel and he stabbed me.

It hurt and I cried!

My poor husband felt sooooo bad afterwards, he kept hugging me and kissing me on the head. After I got over being mad at him for hurting me, I realized how nervous he was and I could see in his eyes how bad he felt. But we did it ....we both survived!

I'm not gonna lie....I'm scarred. Traumatized people. NEEDLES ARE A LEGITIMATE FEAR! (Doesn't it seem kinda cruel that someone so afraid of needles has to have endless blood work taken and have bad veins...and now will be doing injections next month...)

So that's it. There is nothing left for us to do this month but drink lots of sangria and pray it worked.



Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

Ok first i have to say thank you for entering my giveaway and for the book inspirations I am really interested in the laci peterson book. Okay on to some thoughts about your post. I feel so much for you when it comes to this. I tried for a little over a year I know you have gone a lot longer but if you are like me it seems like EVERYONe is prego around you I would get so frustrated. but miracles do happen and my son is now five and it was all worth it:)

Mimi said...

Love the term "Queen of broken hearts"

I'm stopping by to welcome you the the SITS family!

Kaitlin said...

Yikes! I'm sorry about the injection and having the Queen of Broken Hearts twice in one month.

I'm hoping this works for ya!

Holly said...

you poor thing! Injections are definitely my least favorite part of the day and I am not afraid of needles, I can't imagine how much harder the whole ordeal must be for you! I am hoping and praying that the Ovidril does it's job and shrink that dumb cyst so you can get back in the game quickly! *hugs*

K said...

Oh my! I hope you are "with child" in no time. Sending postive thoughts your way.

Welcome to SITS!

Joy said...

I do hope things work out for you. I don't like giving (or receiving) injections either. Stopping by to say welcome to the SITS community!

braving-ivf said...

I've been doing injections with cycles since last July, and in October transitioned to doing them myself. I loathe needles, pass out if I'm not lying down when I have blood drawn, but you know... it's amazing what you can do when it's really important to you.

Hang in there -- you can get through this!