This is post 99!

You all will be happy to know that I am continuing my rebel streak....I didn't go to my day three appointment...That's right Damn the Man ...Save the Empire (Wait...what?!?). I would like to thank Mother Nature for her help in getting me out of it! Have I told you lately how much I LOVE snow?!!?

So back on Clomid again we go! I started last night. This is our fifth straight month taking Clomid (and hopefully our last). Of course the Clomid did not help my insomnia last night. I swear it felt like I woke up every two hours.....ugh so frustrating!!!

On another note, the good catholic girl that I am has decided what I am giving up for lent this year. The purpose is three-fold really....I shouldn't love these things as much as I do, it will definitely help with with the whole weight thing (as long as I don't replace them when something else that's equally bad) and I am kinda hoping that god will take notice of my willingness to abandon something I love so dearly and then he will finally decide it is time for me to get pregnant! .... so I'm giving up candy and soda! There I said it...I'll let that settle in for a moment with you......I can see you are all shocked!!! I know it will be a struggle but I CAN DO THIS!!!

So off to the store I go ...to buy food for a game I don't care about! Its pretty ironic. I spend all year watching TV through my DVR so that I don't have to watch commercials and during the Superbowl ...I would LOVE to fast forward the game and just watch the commercials! Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone!


Pregnant Yuppy said...

Good luck giving up candy and soda. The first week will be the hardest. By Easter you'll wonder why you ever ate it in the first place!

Courtney said...

Good luck, girl! Giving up caffeine is a really great thing for TTC. I noticed such a difference in the way I felt after I gave up sodas. I hope you do too!!

Honey B. said...

Ohh, giving up the soda, I'm so impressed! Good luck!!

TwoDogMama said...

I have been "trying" to give up soda for years (I love Diet Coke) and sweets. Good for you for doing it for Lent. Maybe that should be my Lent goal? I'll have to give that a couple days to mull over. :) Good luck!

Busted Kate said...

Empire Records!! Love that movie. It was on HBO or something last week and I watched it twice!

Good luck with your soda & candy.

Hopeful Mama Hack said...

I have been meaning to give up candy, sweets and soda for a while now and I finally will. Replace all of that stuff with veggies and fruits. I wish you all the luck with giving them up, it'll be rough, but worth it. Also, good luck with this round of Clomid, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.