A Love Letter to My Husband

To the man who holds the key to my heart:

If someone would have told me twelve years ago that I would be here, married to you..I would have laughed. We were friends....best friends at that....I knew even then BEFORE we started dating that I could trust you with my life. It was only through a simple twist of fate, my love, that we fell in love.....had my prom date not cancelled on me....had your mother not told my mother how happy you were to go with me.....had we not had an amazing night and an even more amazing following few weeks...I'm not sure I would be sitting here today...in the same room, sharing my heart as your wife.

Can a girl be any luckier? I did my share of dating. It wasn't until I was in the comfort of your arms that I knew that "god blessed the broken road that led me straight to you". Every tear I had cried and every heart break I had felt brought me to you...prepared me for our relationship...I knew I was leaving for college...and I knew I couldn't let go.

A long distance relationship for eight years? Baby, we broke the odds....Our relationship wasn't all rainbows and butterflies....it took a lot of work...work I never minded doing...work that although may have been tedious was worth every bead of sweat. It was bumpy there for awhile..but I firmly believe we got the rough stuff out of the way and it will be smooth sailing from here!

People often marvel at the fact that our relationship was long distance ....hindsight...I wouldn't have it any other way. We have been together so long that we grew up together and we were able to do it individually....you became the wonderful man I married! How great is it that we share the same high school stories? I love that each day I think I know everything there is to know about you (let's not kid ourselves...I KNOW A LOT!) and each day you surprise me. I love our jokes. I love the silly things you say that make me laugh at all points of the day. I love that I know your jokes before you say them.

I'm proud of us! Infertility can tear many people apart...but us...it brought us closer. We are a team in this. We will conquer this together and there will be no greater joy in my heart than when we bring home our child. I fall in love with you every day as we plan our future together. You are my best friend...always have been ...always will be. I wouldn't trade our life and love for anything in the world.

Ever Thine
Ever Mine
Ever Ours
Love forever with hugs and kisses,
The luckiest girl in the world!


Kaitlin said...

Too stinkin' cute! It's like a fairy tale! :) Ha, must be the reason for your blog title.

I'm a smart one. ;)

Kim said...

Sooo very sweet, thank you for sharing.

Waiting Lisa said...

Both my sister and brother married people they knew since they were kids. They had long distance relationships while they went away to school, etc. And they both beat the odds too. I know from their experiences how hard it is. That's how you know it's true love. I hope you have a great day with your husband! :)

Honey B. said...

Awwwww... :-)

jenicini said...

Too sweet.

Fertility Chick said...

Lovely!! As a fellow long distance love survivor - I really appreciated this. Thank you for sharing!

Holly said...

aww such a touching post! You and your hubby are so lucky to have each other :)

NaVe said...

Beautiful post - thank you for sharing your love with us :D

Jen @ After The Alter said...

awww that was beautiful and such a nice thing to say about your husband. Thank you for sharing. :)