When One Door Closes.......


The year of the roller coaster....the year of the ups, downs and gut wrenching moments. 

I spent the first half of the year trying to get pregnant and the next half the year praying I stayed pregnant.

I finished my masters degree!

We went on our first cruise!

I turned thirty and realized that God laughs at you when you make plans (which is so evident from my pregnancy the month AFTER I turned 30 and cried about not having the family I always wanted).

We had the happiest day of our life on July 23....finding out after four years of trying that we were finally going to have a baby....

We also had the most terrifying morning of our lives a few weeks later when we thought we were losing Sweet Pea. 

I've met some new amazing people.....people who have surprised me with their kindness...people who have become dear friends who I know will be around for a lifetime. 

We moved.

I have managed after 12 years together,  to fall deeper in love with my husband.  To fully comprehend that I would be empty and lost without him in my life.  To be grateful for his love and support EVERY day.... There is something to be said about the harmony we have found in each other. 

I close this year feeling blessed.   Understanding that each moment is precious....every dream is worth fighting for....and hope is how you get from the lows to the highs. 

I shut the door on 2010 and take a deep breath. 


A year full of excitement

A year full of my dreams

The year of my dear Sweet Pea.

The year I will finally become a mother.


What. A. Day!

What an exhausting 24 hours......

It all started last night when I just HAD to go to sleep early....however...It was one of those sleeps where you really aren't in a deep sleep.  I was tossing and turning...over...and over....and over....

I had gotten up to use the bathroom and checked my phone and had an email from a dear blog follower just checking to make sure I was ok because I hadn't posted in awhile.  Over the last few weeks, I was feeling more comfortable in my pregnancy, especially because I am able to feel little Sweet Pea's movements.  I wrote back with confidence that everything was great and that I was busy. 

Insert the heartburn from hell......I couldn't lay down without it feeling that my chest was on fire.  So I sat up....it was about 2:15 this time and I started to play on my computer.  I remembered about the eclipse and started to watch it from our sky lights.  It was amazing.  I read somewhere that it only happens once every 2000 years.  I laughed to myself because I feel the same way with pregnancy and me! 

I finally feel asleep about 3:30ish. 

I awoke this morning as my husband was getting ready to take his shower...I told him I had to pee first.  I ran into the bathroom...did my business and wiped as usual.  Now awhile ago I had written a blog post how I was a TPI agent (toilet paper inspector...click HERE to read) during our fertility treatments.  However, after the scare in August my TPI agent status remained on full alert.  I examine the paper closely EACH time I pee....yes you might think its gross and yes it is exhausting but I need it for my piece of mind!  So I examined this morning just like every other and noticed some red dots.  I took a deep breath and wiped again...this time a larger red dot.  I catapulted (that's the best word to describe it) out of the bathroom and told my husband.  I didn't reach full hysteric mode until I wiped again and saw a fair amount of pink.......

This wasn't happening....AGAIN!

I immediately grabbed the phone and called my OB.  In between sobs, I described what I saw.  She ordered me into bed as she paged the Dr (who was in the middle of delivering a C section).  I received a call back shortly after that said "The Dr would like you to head to labor and delivery at the hospital to be monitored". 

Holy waterfall of tears. 

I felt Sweet Pea moving which was an amazing blanket of sanity but I'm not gonna lie...I was scared....shitless! 

As I was getting dressed my mind started to wander and I started to panic about my hairy yeti legs. You might find this very strange....Hell, I do too...but it's what happened!  I hadn't shaved in a bit (don't even ask) and for a VERY brief second I wondered if I had time to do that.  However my vanity took a back seat to my daughter as I figured the worse they could do was point and laugh....it was a bullet I was willing to take (although I continued to be freaked out about it all the way to the hospital).

My focus on my yeti legs kept my breathing more focused and stopped the tears...so I think in a weird way I will be grateful for that.  Here's the thing.  I have always had this fear of something tragic happening and I didn't shave.  I had this conversation with my friend awhile ago who was laughing at me because she thought I was crazy the night I got up to shave at 1 in the morning because my chest felt tight (totally turned into nothing).  Sometimes I get dressed when I don't have enough time to shave the yeti off and pray I don't end up in the hospital.  This even haunts me in my dreams....it's a sick obsession....one I had realized this morning...

Anyway back to this morning....we arrived at the hospital which I had never been too.  I picked it to deliver in after some research.  THE HOSPITAL IS BEAUTIFUL.  We got through the Fort Knox security system to get into labor and delivery (ok maybe that is an overstatement....however, its difficult to get into the labor and delivery area....they were VERY picky with who they were letting in!! AND I loved it!!).  To make a very long story shorter than it already is long....everything is fine. 

The L& D Nurse and On Call Dr....AMAZING!  They put my mind to ease and the nurse even laughed at me when I happened to mention I didn't shave.  She told me "If there was EVER a place where that was ok...it's here!" 

Sweet Pea is doing wonderful....just really keeping us on our toes!!  The Dr felt that this was just a freak thing that happened...that possibly one of the capillaries burst from my cervix (which is thankfully sealed shut!).  He even did a ultrasound of the baby so we could see how well she was doing.  SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS HOSPITAL!!! 

It was today that I decided...I would rather be an over-reactor than an under-reactor.  I spent a huge portion of the beginning of my pregnancy not wanting to call the dr because I didn't want to be "that patient".  However today I realized that I would SO rather be that patient and be on top of every little thing than to have pushed my fears aside and have something go wrong.  I am a worrier...it is who I am....and today I decided it is ok to wear that proudly!  The complete confidence with pregnancy that I have so wished for over the last 25 weeks....I'm ok with not having.  It makes me more diligent...It makes me ask more questions...I'll take some slight confidence with a side of err on the side of caution any day (even thought I aged many years this morning).

I told the staff at the hospital that I do not want to see them before March...

......I hope my darling Sweet Pea was listening!!! 


The One Where I Let It All Out......

I've been driving myself crazy.  I never quite realized what was going on until I watched the Sex and the City movie the other night.  It hit me like an epiphany.  The subject is taboo in the infertility world.....a world I have identified with for so many years. 

Pregnancy after infertility

These are my opinions and feelings....I ask you not to judge. 

The getting pregnant part isn't the issue.  Although it does bring about an insane amount of jealousy in those who are still waiting (I know...I have been there many times).  When you are infertile and dealing with all the infertile issues....the mental, emotional, spirtual, social and physical issues.....there is a common knowledge that pregnant people should not complain.  They are the lucky ones.....so many of us would trade our souls to the highest bidder to be able to be in those shoes! I sat for many years and watched others get pregnant and then judged when they complained about anything.  I just KNEW when it finally happened to me I would be ecstatic all the time, walking on cloud 9 and never have anything bad to say....

This is not the case....

Let me make this very clear...I am not talking about complaining about swollen ankles, or back pain, or morning sickness (even though I know personally how awful that can be).  I would gladly take those things any day....

I'm talking about the mental and emotional issues that have derived from finally having something you have wanted so bad for so many years. 


During my years of dealing with infertility I looked for support.  Support that I so desperately needed...support that I have graciously found.  I found people who identified with me....people who were going through the same things.  Each person had their own story....each story was often heart-wrenching and personal.  These stories helped me to bond with these people....create a bridge between two completely separate lives.  These bonds I built with these people, whether in person or through the computer helped me survive some of the lowest points in my life.  To say I will be forever grateful is an understatement. 

However, along with each story I heard, my mind subconsciously began to build a rolodex of heartache.  I didn't ask my mind to do this....TRUST ME ....I would have preferred it didn't.  I remember almost every detail of each sad story I heard because they affected me to the core. This rolodex stayed shut and locked up.....until I heard I was pregnant. 

This is so hard for me to say, but for the past six months I have been living in fear of something going wrong.  In the beginning I wrote it off to first trimester jitters....It's normal to be paranoid in the first trimester right?  I so waited for that day when I hit the second trimester because I would be able to breathe a lot more easily.  Here I am at 23 weeks still waiting for that day.  Don't get me wrong, I have calmed down a little (a very little).....and I do feel relief whenever I feel her kick or move.....but the constant fear is always there....ALWAYS

In watching the Sex and the City movie, Charlotte expresses how terrified she is that something will go wrong in her pregnancy because "No one gets to have it all".  Watching this moment was like getting punched in the stomach.  It made sense.  I have been driving myself crazy with this in my head for months and I couldn't explain it.....I now have the words. 

I am dealing with Infertile Survivors Guilt

This rolodex in my mind along with the many years of having a broken heart and soul have me partially convinced that I don't deserve to be happy. 

I know deep down in my heart I do....

...However this emotional wall has come and built itself up....

This has become a DAILY struggle.

I find myself CONSTANTLY telling myself that I do deserve to be this happy.  Many Many people go on to have happy and healthy babies after infertility and just when I start to feel ok...my rolodex opens and because I can't explain why those bad things have happened to those good people...I can't logically believe that I will not be one of them. 

I can honestly say that I count my blessings for sweet pea EVERY morning I wake up and EVERY night when I lay my head down to sleep.  I truly know that deep down in my heart this can be taken from me at any minute. 

This fear has become my survival. 

I turn white with every little unknown pain. 

This is no way to live....I am fully aware of that.  If you have any ideas how to make it stop..please feel free to share.....I have been trying to change it for many months. 

For my sanity....I have had to stop almost all blog reading (for now) and I have had to take a step back from twitter.  My heart can not handle these stories because my emotional being believes I am one bad moment away from becoming one of them. 

A modern day pregnant hypochondriac ...in a sense. 

I need to work on getting this wall down.  I knew those years of struggling for sweet pea would cause some emotional damage.....

.......I just had no idea how much.  

P.S.......As I have stated before, these are my feelings...my thoughts...my issues.....I ask you to respect that.  I started a few years ago blogging as a form of therapy....with the good and the bad.  This has been something that has been weighing heavily on my heart and I needed to get it out...free of judgment or the label of someone trying to fix me. 


Where Are You Christmas?

For the past thirty years of my life ...I have been a lover of all things Christmas.  Yes I am the one that starts listening to Christmas music WAY before I should.  Yea I am the one who has NO problem waking up at an ungodly hour to go shopping on Black Friday.  I am even that person that can drive around for HOURS looking at Christmas lights and listening to the same Christmas songs I have been listening to since I was little (oooo and add some hot chocolate in the mix and I am set).  I'm the first one to be ready to decorate and it normally looks like Santa puked in my house. 

To be clear...I'm a little crazy. 

However, I am JUST NOT FEELING IT this year.  The music isn't as exciting.  The movies I adore aren't as enticing (I even SHUT OFF the Santa Clause people!!) and decorating has been like pulling teeth....seriously.....JUST NOT FEELING IT. 

I thought after years of dreading the holidays due to my infertility, I would be insanely excited this year.  I'm not and to be honest it depresses me.  Maybe it's this insane cold I have that makes me not want to do anything.  Maybe its my impending root canal that is putting a damper on this joyous holiday season.  Maybe it's because we won't see any immediate family this year....The first time in my thirty years of life I don't get to spend Christmas with my family. 

Maybe I just want my daughter to be healthy and perfect and nothing else matters to me right now.  She has a slight issue (one I will not be discussing in detail on here)....and yet no matter how minute the issue may turn out to be or how small everyone wants me to believe it is.....the concern is there....the worry is there....

Maybe that's what it is......Maybe it's all of it. 

All I know is that each time I turn on my tree....my hearts not in it. The singing of my favorite Christmas carols seems mundane. Each time someone asks me what I want....the answer is not material....it can not be bought. 

I guess you can say, in a way, I've grown up. 

Mark the occasion- Dec 2010 - the end of my innocence

But what really matters.....

2011- The beginning of Sweet Pea's. 


Sweet Pea....The Baby Genius!

Over the last couple of weeks, something wonderful has been happening.  It's hard to describe and the thought of it brings me to laughter and tears. 

I can finally feel Sweet Pea kicking. 

My little girl has been becoming more active by the day. 

This morning, I was sitting and watching some TV when my little one woke up.  I felt a few kicks...and marveled at how weird and wonderful it is!

I was laughing when I realized it!

My baby is a genius already.

She's using Morse code to communicate with us. 

Of course, she was saying good morning to me this morning and thanking me for her yummy breakfast of orange juice and Corn Chex cereal (YUM!!!!). 

Here is Sweet Pea's guide to Morse code....ENJOY!

  • There has been a random kick almost each time I get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.  This is Sweet Pea's way of saying " Hey Mom...Is it time to get up yet?  No?  Oh you are getting back into bed?  Ok back to sleep!" 
  • We went to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular over the weekend.  I did not feel her kick once until the curtains raised during the nativity scene and showed the manger on stage with baby Jesus.  She started kicking like crazy. (In a hormonal moment of insanity, I burst into tears.  Listening to Hark the Herald Angels song and seeing the true meaning of Christmas with feeling her kick was too much for this emotional sap) That was her way of saying " I love your beliefs mom and dad.  Always remember I am god's gift to you".  
  • After the show, she was kicking up a storm on the way home.  This was her way of telling us " I can dance as good as those Rockettes!!! See?" 
  • While listening to Christmas music, she was moving and grooving up a storm.....until Feliz Navidad came on....She didn't kick once during that song.  That was her way of letting me know "I don't like this song".  We have since began to mute it when it plays =)
  • On Thanksgiving day, I didn't feel her at all while at my husband's cousin's house.  As soon as I got home she was moving like crazy.  Sweet Pea translation "I do NOT like loud noisy places!  Who were ALL those people!?!? I know you are loud Mommy but that was TOO much!" 
So that's Sweet Pea's Morse code system up to date.  Isn't she brilliant?!?!

And YES....I think I will be ONE of those parents...


To Start Off This Holiday Season......

I have so much to be thankful for this year.  So many blessings to count in my life.  What a difference a year makes.....seriously!

While I continue to recover, from all the shopping, eating and Christmas singing I did this past weekend...reminisce and take a look at my good old infertile holiday songs from last year. 

Oldies but goodies.....I'll have to develop some new ones .......

Rocking Around the Ovary   Sung to the tune of Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

This is Hell  Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells

Do You Fear What I Fear  Sung to the tune of Do You Hear What I Hear

The Twelve Presents of This Cycle  Sung to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas

It's the Most Dreadful Time of the Year  Sung to the tune of It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Do They Know It's Baby Time?  Sung to the tune of Do They Know It's Christmas Time?



My very fabulous blog contest with Chic Mama ended last night.  Thank you to all the wonderful people who entered. 

The comments were read and all valid entries were tallied in order. 

The winner was chosen by Random.org.

Vi!!!!!!!!!  Vi3tl3abe
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Thank you to all who entered!!!  


Looks Like It's Online Retail Therapy For Me This Year

OH HEY!  There you are!  Did you enter my giveaway with Chic Mama for a fabulous diaper cake?!?!?  You have til Thursday night....GO NOW! Click here.......  I'll wait.......

So it seems that my body is having some pelvic separation issues.  There's a lot of fancy explanations for what happened using some big words that I can't pronounce but all that's really really important to know is that it doesn't affect Sweet Pea and it is CRAZY PAINFUL! 

This new development puts a serious damper on my Black Friday shopping plans.  When you are a serial shopper such as myself, Black Friday is like all the great holidays rolled into one.  Besides the great sales, its the one day where it is acceptable to push someone who is in your way while shopping (not that I would EVER do that). 

Let's be grateful for online shopping or I might have been that crazy old aunt who wraps things up in her house to give as Christmas gifts. Half used bottle of Tums anyone?


THE ANNOUNCEMENT (......and the amazing giveaway!)

I have waited SO long for this.  

There aren't enough words......

The feeling was incredible.  

It became real......I'm growing someone in there!  Sweet Pea now has a name.  Sweet Pea now has a nursery set picked out.  Sweet Pea also now has a ridiculous amount of stuff from my shopping spree this weekend.  

If you ask me now, each tear was worth it!  Each fear I felt...each time I felt like I hit rock bottom.  There was no greater high than hearing those words "It's A_______"!

I was approached a few weeks ago to do a review and giveaway with Chic Mama's Diaper Cakes!  After looking at her site, I WANTED one of those diaper cakes to do this announcement.  

So here it is:


 A GIRL!!!!!!!

We can't believe it!  STILL in shock!  I really thought it was a boy!! There goes that mom's intuition old wives tale!!!  


So how cute is that diaper cake?!?!?  The ribbon has little ballet shoes on it!  I am in LOVE AND they even used Pampers Swaddlers, which is the diapers I plan on using with my baby girl....EEEEEKKKK! I JUST LOVE SAYING THAT!  The diaper cake is GORGEOUS!!  It will make a beautiful addition to her room just as soon as I am done having it as the centerpiece on my dining room table!!! 

Here is the AMAZING part.....Chic Mama is giving away one of her fabulous diaper cakes (VALUE $49!!!) to one of my readers!!!!!! 

It's ok...I'll wait a minute til you get back from dancing in celebration!  


Tired now?  Let's keep going.  Of course you WANT to know how to get this.....READ CAREFULLY!

To enter:  you MUST be a follower of my blog AND go on over to Chic Mama's website and leave me a comment telling me which diaper cake you would want, who it's for and what you plan to do with it! (please leave an email address or twitter id so I can notify the winner!)

For extra entries: (Leave a separate comment for each thing you do BUT make sure you do the first MANDATORY thing first or these won't count!)

*Like Chic Mama on Facebook (1 extra entry)
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Contest will run from 11/17-midnight on 11/25.  The winner will be chosen at random from all eligible comments on 11/26...Black Friday...because is there ANY better thing to get on that day then a free diaper cake!!!  

I received a Diaper Cake from Chic Mama in order to conduct 
this review. These are my own opinions about the product.

The Christmas Card

I adore Christmas cards!  I love sending them...I love getting them...I even love sitting down to get them ready to send out while listening to Christmas music and watching the lights twinkling on my tree!  Christmas cards and me are seriously BEST FRIENDS! 

Ever since I got engaged, it's been all about the perfect Christmas card!  I used a picture of us from our engagement party.  Don't picture cards make the idea of Christmas cards so much easier?!?!  You would think I would have learned from that...but I didn't.

The years after that I went shopping for the perfect Christmas card.  I found one with Santa on the beach for the year we moved to San Diego.  Last year, I found an adorable green and pink polka dot Christmas card that was all glittery (so totally me!  Yes I put my husband's name on the card too...but I HAD to WRITE THEM!). 

This year, Christmas cards took on a whole new meaning.  After four years, I am pregnant (I know I might sound like a broken record with that sentence...but seriously...FOUR YEARS!).  Oh the possibilities of the Christmas cards!  There has to be some places that sell pregnancy Christmas cards right?  Well that's what you would think.  I found one.  SO EXPENSIVE.  This is when my mind ran to the ease of our engagement picture Christmas card. 

What if I did something like that?  And then suddenly...I NEEDED TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!

I've browsed the other sites...but Shutterfly has the most options....and the best cards.  I made my mom a photo book on their website a few years ago so I knew the ease of the website. 

And I set my mind to it!

Trying to find the perfect card to incorporate Sweet Pea into our Christmas cards is no easy task! 
I looked through their Christmas cards and their Holiday card selections.  I'm still trying to narrow it down.  I *might* even have to ask for my husband's opinion! 

Whatever design and picture we choose will be perfect......I just know it!

Why-Yes!  I am receiving Christmas cards from Shutterfly for writing this post!  With a baby coming on the way, it's all about saving the $$$ and spending it in other places (like on my darling little Sweet Pea!).  Don't get jealous...Just join in! Bloggers can get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly http://bit.ly/sfly2010 


So You Have Read About What Those Old Wives Believe....But What Do I Think?

I can't believe it is finally here....today is the day!  I will know today if I am having a son or a daughter.

Excited doesn't even come close to describing this feeling.  Unreal feels more like it!  I still can't believe it worked after four years of trial and error...I still can't believe I'm pregnant.

The famous question lately has been...What do I think I'm having?

Since I was little, I always wanted a daughter.  I don't think it's any surprise how much of a girly girl I am!  Plus isn't girls things more fun to shop for?!?!  There always seems to be an abundance of cute things to buy for girls and not so much for boys.

However, once my nephew was born, my heart started to change.  I saw how adorable little baby boys are and how much they LOVE their mama's.  I had always pictured having a little princess...but having a little prince has been slowly creeping into my mind.

After FOUR years of trials and tribulations, of the ups and downs, the tears, the hope...I can honestly say that I don't care what they tell me.  The ultrasound tech can tell me I'm having a frog and I would be completely ecstatic.  It would be OUR frog....a frog my husband and I both worked so hard to create.  Gender truly means nothing to me....my heart will be FULL of love either way.

With all that being said....from the second I found out I was pregnant, I thought it was a boy.  Whenever I picture the baby's nursery it's blue...ALWAYS!  I was talking to be baby the other day and by accident called it a "baby boy".  It just slipped out.  I of course felt awful afterwards....what if it's a girl...OOPS!  So I guess deep down in my heart of hearts...I'm thinking boy.  My husband feels the same. 

Speaking of my husband....I can't describe the feeling of joy when I think about our family.  We dreamed of this for so long.  That moment we are going to share today is going to be one I will remember for the rest of my life.  He has been my best friend for so long and truly knows the ins and outs of my soul.  There is NO ONE I would rather be sharing this life with then him!

I heard this song the other day...and I cried.  It's us...it fits perfectly.  As I listened to the lyrics, I thought about how fitting they are.....how after all the struggles of our infertility we are at the beginning of a new chapter of our lives.

This is dedicated to my husband....may we always be at the beginning with each other!! I love you babe!


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 25- Headaches

I hate headaches....DESPISE them!  Although I am not sure anyone actually enjoys them!!  To me, it's like there is a tiny person banging on a drum in there...or using a jackhammer.  AWFUL!

I have spoken to plenty of people that have gotten awful headaches during pregnancy and to be honest, it wasn't something I was looking forward to. 

The old wives believe if you have lots of headaches during pregnancy, it means you are having a boy. 

I am currently five months pregnant today and I am happy to report that I have had ONE bad headache that I can remember.  One in five months?!?  I can deal with that. 

I guess that means I have to make this one.......a girl!

Girl- 63%
Boy- 37% 


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 24- Dad's Weight Gain

Gaining weight and having a baby go hand in hand for the pregnant soon to be mom....

but....what does it mean if the soon to be dad gains weight too? 

A lot of people write this off to sympathy weight gain.  Our hubbies just feel AWFUL for us that we get to eat extra and give into cravings we might not normally give in to.  They feel so bad for us..that they themselves often join in and eat too! 

The old wives believe that if your hubby is gaining weight during your pregnancy, you are having a girl (probably from all those extra sweets you are eating!)

So has my prince charming gained weight?  NOPE!  I actually think he's losing.  How crazy is that??!? Many a time he has had to finish his food and my food because Sweet Pea doesn't want it. 

So how could he be losing weight?  Oh he had to do so much more around the house than he has EVER had to!  Burning off all those extra calories...that's for sure! 

Due to this extra exercise, I will have to rule this one......a boy!

Girl- 61%
Boy- 39% 


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 23- Feet

To say I have a sock fetish is an understatement!  I have a HUGE drawer FULL of socks (seriously full...you have to push down the top to close!).  Even though my sock collecting started LONG ago, they really came in handy for those early morning RE appts...where the only thing you could leave on your bottom half was your socks! It's all about the statement you make right?  A favorite pair of mine is a sushi roll next to wasabi that says "WASSUP B?"  All of my socks are adorable (as if I would EVER wear plain white socks?!?).

I also have a large collection of soft fuzzy socks....these have become a staple for me in the last few weeks.  My feet seem to always be FREEZING!  I have even adorned my very cute leopard slippers (with socks...OH the TRAVESTY!!!!!) on occasion!

According to those old wives...if my feet are freezing...I'm having a boy!  If they stay the same, I'm having a girl. 

So for the third day in a row...I have to rule this one.....a boy!

Girl- 64%


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 22- Necklace Over Head

Today's tale is similar to one I did in the past.....the string test, in which you tied a ring to a string and held it over your stomach to see which way it swung.  My gender prediction for that test was girl. 

In this one, you take a necklace and have someone hold it over your head and watch which way it swings. 

My husband reported it swung back and forth....which means boy.  If it swung in circles, it would mean girl. 

So I have to rule this one.....a boy!

Girl 67%
Boy 33% 


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 21- Hands

We are less than ONE week from finding out what we are having!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it.  It seriously takes all I have to not walk up to strangers and start shaking them in excitement....or to start jumping on a couch.....

My husband and I both decided EVERYONE we want to tell needs to know before I put the BIG REVEAL on here.  So unfortunately for you guys...that means you will have to wait a few days later.  No need to start smashing your china....I promise I will get it on here as soon as I can (with a REALLY cool giveaway).

Ok so back to those old wives and their tales.  Today's tale is about showing your hands....do you show them palm side up or palm side down?

Me...I *believe* I would show palm side down (I can't actually test this because I know the answers in my head and do not want to be biased).  It feels natural to me...plus it's all about showing off the bling right?  Thanks to my hubby...I got some bling!

According to the wives...showing you palm up means you are having a girl and showing them down means you are having a boy.  So I am ruling this one .....a boy!

Girl- 70%
Boy - 30% 


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 20- Bread


Every "Fluffy" girl's worst nightmare....

So wrong....but tastes so right!

So here is the old wives tale today: If you prefer to eat the ends of the bread...you are having a boy.
If you prefer to eat the middle, you are having a girl.

(Ok so apparently one of those old wives is a baker.....)

I HATE HATE HATE the ends of the bread...I'm all about the middle! (which adds to my middle unfortunately)

So this one is a girl

Girl: 74%
Boy: 26%


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 19- Moodiness

Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 19- Moodiness

This one will be short and sweet...

I have a Preggo Super Bitch Cape......I love it...I embrace it!  It is who I am and I wear it proud!

The old wives believe if you are moody, you are having a girl (ALWAYS blaming the bitchiness on female hormones huh!?!?)

Happy...you are having a boy....

I think my husband will agree when I say I am moody!

In this case....Sweet Pea is a girl!

Totals to date:
Girl- 72%
Boy- 28%

Easy enough huh?


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 18- Skin Under Left Eye

Ok so this is a strange one today!

The old wives say if you pull down the skin below your left eye and see a "v" or "branches", it's a girl.

So yes, I went into the bathroom....turned all the lights on and tugged on my skin under my left eye.

What did I see....Luggage!  Bags....heavy bags!
Definitely NO V shape...

I thought this was so weird.  I really saw nothing.  Just my proof of being tired.  I thought for a second...maybe the "V" and "branches" were packed into the bag...This didn't make sense..

So I did what ANY sensible person would...consulted Dr. Google.  He corrected the error of my ways.

You have to look into the EYEBALL....the white part....so I run back to the mirror and low and behold..there is a V...I HAVE A V people!

So this obviously and logically means I am having a girl....DUH!!

Totals to date:
Girl- 71%
Boy- 29%


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 17- Cravings

Let's talk cravings....It's no surprise for me to say I have a sweet tooth.  The travesty of the first trimester was that the idea of anything sweet made me sick......remember I said I lost the battle with a Snickers Almond?  A SNICKERS people!

I am happy to report that my morning sickness and sickness of sweets has passed....well not so happy to report that I love sweets again!  I did think that maybe I would be able to survive the pregnancy without them....no such luck. 

It is back...and with a vengeance! Willy Wonka will be delighted! 

Everything in moderation right?

However....these are not my cravings.....

My huge craving in the first trimester was fruit.  I couldn't eat enough nectarines or peaches!!!  STILL LOVE fruit....always have...always will....

The theme for the two trimesters so far seems to be cheese....I have wanted so much mozzarella (btw if you pronounce that mozz-a-rella...we really can't be friends!) cheese!  I have been all about the tomato and mozzarella sandwiches!  HOLY SWEETNESS...I want one now!

I also have a HUGE affection for :

Hot chocolate- Dunkin Donuts- YES PLEASE
Cole Slaw- I can't figure this one out...
French Toast
Caramel Apples

 Ok so here is the dilemma....The old wives believe that if you want salty foods, it's a boy....Sweet foods it's a girl. 

My food loves seem to be in both categories.  However, I have MORE in the sweet category than I do the salty category! 

So I'm making it official...I'm calling this one ....a girl!

Totals to date:
Girl- 69%


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 16- Mom's Beauty

It has been long said by many old wives that if you are having a girl, the girl steals the mom's beauty and if you are having a boy, you glow. 

We have already established in a prior post that my "glow" is masked. 

So I should rule this one girl.....


Last night, my husband looks at me out of the blue and says "We are having a boy".  I ask why he believes that and he says " I hear a daughter steals the mother's beauty but you are looking more beautiful every day...so it's a boy".

(insert blushing and hearts over my eyes and head)

OK so bring on my son.....I'm ruling this one a boy!!!

The totals are:
67% Girl
33% Boy

+ 100% adorable and lovable husband!  I'm insanely lucky <3


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 15- Preferred Side of Sleep

Is there anything better in the world than a really good night's sleep?  I keep hearing that my days of zzzzz's are numbered so I am trying to soak up all that I can! 

Luckily I have still for the most part been able to sleep comfortably without Sweet Pea telling me to move. 

I know it is all Pregnancy PC to sleep on your left side.  It's what's best for the baby....I get that.  However...I just prefer to sleep on my right.  I fall asleep faster that way and it's just more comfortable for me.

So according to the old ladies....because my preferred side of sleep is on my right.....Sweet Pea is ........

a girl!

If I preferred to sleep on my left..those old wives believe that Sweet Pea would be a boy. 

I don't get it......

But anyway that brings our total to:
71% Girl
29% Boy

Less than two weeks to go!


It's A Great Infertile Halloween Charlie Brown!

A favorite tradition of mine from my childhood is watching the holiday shows that came on TV....especially during Halloween and Christmas. 

I adored watching It's A Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown followed by Garfield's Halloween each year. 

As a matter of fact...I adore saying Charlie Brown's famous saying from It's A Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown...."I got a rock".  I use it often in my every day life....LOVE!!!

I was talking to my husband this past weekend about how this one line fit perfectly with infertility.

I got a rock.....

My four year infertility journey went something like this....

Fertile Friend #1-I got two lines...

Fertile Friend #2- I got twins.....

Me:  I got a rock. 

I got a rock.....I got a negative....I got another month of trying....I got a cyst.....I got bills coming out of my behind.....I got injections....I got a nervous breakdown...

Four years of getting infertile rocks in my trick or treat bag.

Four years of being the Charlie Brown of the group..

Trick or Treat...

Isn't that what we go through each month?  Trick or Treat? Each time at the end of those two weeks...we pray for the treat and feel angst about the trick!

Trick or Treat...an infertile understatement!!!

And then it happened....I held out my bag and said "Trick or Treat" ...I got the candy....I got the lollipop...I got the gumballs...I got pregnant. 

Maybe sometimes the pumpkin is great after all....

Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 14- Hair On Legs

I know it's been a few days since I posted one of these.  I got the flu shot for the first time ever and have been in flu shot hell.  This is not a pleasant place to be.  I'm hoping to return to normal very soon...I'm not enjoying my stay here. 

But anyway...I figured that for today's tale I would put it all out there.....

I know I have casually mentioned my pregnancy Yeti leg hair in another post.  I've always heard all those great things about pregnancy.....of how fast your nails and hair grows.  Well I kinda just thought it would be the hair on my head growing fast....I was wrong. 

It seems that along with growing another human being inside of me...I have also acquired Yeti legs. 

Unsure what I mean.......Think....

.......Abominable Snowman....or...... 

...Harry from Harry and the Hendersons!
Catch my drift? 

Can I tell you how eternally grateful I am to be getting very pregnant during the winter where I can where pants....or at the very least pass my yeti legs off as a new fashionable pair of Uggs?!!?!?

So what does this mean besides having stock in Schick Razors and Skintimate Shave Gel? According to those Old Wives....this means Sweet Pea is ..........a boy!

This brings our total of tales to.....

69% girl
31% boy

Don't be surprised if you see razors and shaving cream on my baby registry =)


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 13- Toddler Boys

Yesterday I took on the tale by those old wives that states to ask a five year old what you are having.

So I did....my nephew said boy!

Today's tale has to do with toddlers.  According to the tale, if a toddler boy acts interested in you as a pregnant woman, you are having a girl.  If the boy shows no interest, it's a boy.

Of course, I have a story.

We were in church the other week and just behind us was this mom and her adorable son, dressed in their football attire for the day!  As we sat down, my husband and I marveled over how adorable the little boy was.  He would NOT stop staring at me.  I smiled at him and waved and he smiled back....and just kept staring.  His mom then said to me "It's crazy...it's like he knows you...".

So there you have it....of course almost all kids love me...so did this little toddler boy!

Based on the tale...Sweet Pea is.......a girl

Our tale total is now:
Girl - 75%
Boy 25%


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 12- Ask A Five Year Old

I'm not sure where I read this one but I found it interesting. 

As someone who has spent lots of time with kindergarteners ..I can attest to how perceptive they are! This old wives tale believes if you want to know what you are having....ask a five year old.

Lucky me....my nephew is five. 

Just prior to finding this interesting old wives tale...I had a conversation with my adorable nephew. 

It went like this:

Him: " Aunt Jenn, I saw the pictures of the baby in your belly. Mommy showed me!"

Me: "You did?  That is your little cousin."

Him: "I get presents?"

Me: "No silly...that's your cousin".

Him: "Oh.  It's a boy."

Me: "You think so?  If it's a boy, his name will be "

Him: "And if it's a girl?"

Me: "Then we will call her "

Him: "WHY?!?!"

Me: "Because Uncle Frank and I like that name."

Him: "It's going to be a boy anyway"

My nephew proceeded to tell his father later that night that he found out we were having a boy.  My brother in law asked my sister how we found out so fast.  She told him we didn't...it's just what my nephew thinks. 

So there it is folks.  My five year old nephew thinks its a boy....so I'm ruling this one.....a boy!

This brings our total to:
Girl- 73%
Boy- 27% 

Don't kids just say the darndest things?!?!?

P.S.  Our names will be withheld for awhile...possibly until birth.  I have had issues with name stealers!!! 


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 11- Intelligender

Ok so maybe...just maybe..there isn't any old wives behind this tale....

I suppose science has something to do with this one....

However since I have seen the first picture of this test completed by a preggo...I knew I NEEDED to do it when I could!!

And here it is...I FINALLY can!

As you all know because you are such avid readers of my blog..I went to a few stores last weekend looking for this!  I found it yesterday and bought it in a fit of excitement. 

I couldn't wait.  Of course this is like all other old wives tales....there is a 50/50% chance it is right or wrong.  But still...I think of it as a fun rite of passage. 

We get the package home and I heard the worst possible thing come out of my husbands mouth when he looked at the box

Not recommended for women with PCOS.  

CRAP! I swear those four letters ruin so many things....It's like being branded with a HUGE scarlet letter.  Why not just stamp PCOS across my forehead.

So I did some research....apparently all PCOS women get a boy reading. Well...a boy reading is still a reading...as still has a chance of being right.  I mean it's not like I am going to get a reading that says "Birl" or "Goy".  So I figured what the hell...

I'm doing it!!

So there I was this morning at first morning urine reading the directions and peeing in yet again ANOTHER cup! 

Here are the results:

Nice and dark green....so obviously a boy reading and being that I have a 50/50% chance of having a boy...I'm keeping the ruling. 

I'm officially calling this tale ............a boy!

That brings our totals to:
80% girl
20% boy


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 10- Clumsy VS Graceful

Today's tale results should be no surprise to those who know me.....

Clumsy vs. Graceful?

I am not ashamed to admit it....I am clumsy as a baby learning to walk.  I often wonder to myself how I do not fall down more.  I am famous for tripping up the stairs (which is a sign of intelligence I hear).  I often twist my foot if I am walking in a pair of uncomfortable high heels.  I drop things....a lot! And you know those times when you are trying to act cool....I trip or stumble...ALL THE TIME!

I would love to tell you all that this has gone away since I got pregnant....I would love to say I am as graceful as a ballerina.  But it has gotten worse...think more bull in a china cabinet.

Those old wives believe that if you are graceful, you are having a girl and if you are clumsy you are having a boy....



I know...you can pick your jaw up off the floor now!

This brings the total of tales to

89% Girl
11% Boy

We find out in three weeks...I just know you are all "TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP".  Enjoy my favorite little kid in my favorite commercial ever! 


Lullabies of Love..

I interrupt your regular scheduled blog post release for this important message..................

I love singing!

What is that you say?  You ALREADY knew that?!!?  You feel like I have told you a bazillion times before?!?!?  Oh that's right...I told you here.

I credit my parents for my love of music.  My mom used to sing with us all the time....random songs.  How many kids know the theme song to "Beverly Hillbillies".....Let me tell you a story of a man named Jed.......

My dad loved to dance with us.  I have fond memories of listening to records (YES I AM OLD) and dancing with my dad.  My father....also famous for substituting his own words into the songs!  The most comical... Heart's song "Alone"...He sang "How do I get you alone" and then proceeded to say "You go to the bank".....get it?  Alone....a loan.....Yes that's my dad =)

It's really important for me to pass this love onto Sweet Pea. 

I decided to start now....I read recently that Sweet Pea can start to hear my voice.  There was even a suggestion to start singing.....It has been proven that babies will recognize certain songs that their heard in their womb....

* CUE MUSICWHERE is my microphone!?!?

I have always related Michael Buble's Just Haven't Met You Yet to my journey for Sweet Pea. That song has surrounded my life...It's even the ringtone on my phone!  The song will always be dear to my heart....

But I need new songs....

As much as I LOVED Ross and Rachel's rendition of Baby Got Back on Friends. I figured I needed some new tunes.  Ideally Rumpshaker or Rehab aren't the BEST choice of lullabies.  So I set out on a mission. Find songs for Sweet Pea to listen to in the womb and that I could sing when they are born. 

It was difficult finding good songs....so I of course asked Dr. Google.  The first one that came up....I downloaded......

.....Baby Mine!  Tears rolled down my cheeks as I listened to the words and pictured swaying my sweet baby to sleep singing those words.  I'm not sure how long it will take for me to be able to sing that without crying....It might sound like a squeaking sound at first.  I better start practicing now. 

I also asked on Twitter.  Someone suggested A New Day Has Come by Celine Dion.  I have heard this song a billion times before...I did not know that it was about her overcoming infertility.  So for the first time today I LISTENED to it.  *INSERT SOBBING*  Full body sobbing...all started with the lyric....

And the world thought I had it all  But I was waiting for you

(by the way...I'm crying again now!)

It's perfect!  I have received some great suggestions...

What are your favorite songs about a baby or about having a baby?  Don't worry I can handle it...I got the tissues ready!


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 9- History of Parent's Kids

Today's old wives tale comes from His Boys Can Swim again.  I read the craziest tales on there.  If any of these sound crazy..they probably came off there! 

Ok so today's tale is based on the history of the parent's kids.  This only works if there are three kids in the family.  Surprise Surprise...that's exactly what my parents had.  So theory is you can tell the gender of the child by looking at the other children.

The first child - will have the same gender as the middle child
The middle child-will have the same gender as the last child
The last child- will have the same gender as the first child.

Ok so I am the oldest child...my sister is the middle child and my brother is the youngest child....which means...I will have a girl...my sister will have a boy and my brother will have a girl.

My sister was the first to have a child and she DID have a boy! So according to this tale..the old wives say I am having..........a girl!!!!

This brings our eight tale total to:
100% girl
0% boy

Of course my grandparents also had three kids....My mom the oldest...my aunt the middle and my uncle the youngest.  My mom had a girl first...My uncle had a girl first (which according to the tale is correct)...however my aunt had a girl...which should have been a boy....hmmmm? 

Are there three kids in your family?  Is the tale correct?


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 8-The Fail of the Drano Test

So I slacked yesterday. Well I didn't mean to slack...it just kind of happened.  I figured all of the greatest writers (like Poe, Shakespeare, Hemingway and me) need days off every now and again right?

You will forgive me...won't you?

Of course you will...moving on.

So my husband and I went apple and pumpkin picking yesterday....well we meant to go apple and pumpkin picking.  We drove an insanely long way to the orchard that we normally go to only to find out that the apple picking was at the OTHER location.  Ok so we will just go pumpkin picking...We walk up to the long line and find out they are charging per person JUST to walk into the patch.  You still need to pay for the pumpkin afterwards.  Because we were only getting one pumpkin, this was silly for us.  We decided to pick our pumpkin from their pre picked pumpkins and go on our way....

Two and a half hour drive round trip and we were there for 15 minutes TOPS. Fun stuff people...fun stuff.....

However the day wasn't a total waste.....we did end up going to the place where I want my crib from and seeing it...and falling in love =)  Crib and changing table is picked out!

Ok so now that you guys feel like you spent the day with me yesterday..let me tell you my drano story.  I have heard mixing drano with urine is an old wives tale on gender.  I figured I would venture out and pick up drano and intelligender (another urine type gender test).  I planned to do the drano test yesterday and the intelligender test today.  We went to store one...got drano...no intelligender. 

We go to store two ....out of intelligender.....so I just figured I would find the intelligender during the week and just do the drano this weekend. 

Got home...all ready to pee in a cup and start to read about the drano test......


Wait...what?!??!  What is crystal drano?  There is more than one kind of drano?  On top of that below EVERY explanation of the test was the warning of lethal fumes because of the reaction.  Screw that people.  No Drano test for me! 

So this weekend I am prepared for a clogged pipe and old wives tale less-  We will resume our gender old wives tale counting tomorrow =)

P.S.  Can I just tell you how I truly adore everyone sharing their stories with me about these tests?!?!?  I love that I am doing this and I love that you all love reading it!  I know that none of these really matter for anything.  We aren't picking bedding out based on it.  Each old wives tale has a 50/50 shot of being right or wrong...it's just fun =) 


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 7- Morning Sickness

Oh...that wonderful little symptom of pregnancy called Morning Sickness.  Imagine my surprise...it's not just in the morning...oh no my friends...it's ALL DAY LONG SICKNESS!

I have had BAD morning sickness. From the second I found out I was pregnant, it was non stop nausea.  As if the nausea was not bad enough, you can add in "at any time" puking.  There was no rhyme or reason to it.....if I tried eating something that Sweet Pea did not want...it came up! 

I'll spare you all my wonderful stories from the past 4 months of getting sick....but let's just say...Sweet Pea came in between me and an Almond Snickers.  Sad...so SAD!

I would say in the last couple of weeks things have gotten better...still not 100%!  Certain textures get to me......even the dentist got to me.....

The old wives believe that if you deal with bad morning sickness, you are having a girl.

So that brings our seven day...seven tale total to:
100% girl
0% boy

Ok ....who has had awful morning sickness?


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 6-Acne

Acne....pimples....zits...no matter what they are called, nothing brings back the horrors of being a teenager faster than a big blemish on your face. 

All I kept hearing about before I was pregnant was this pregnancy glow that so many people have. 

However, I have noticed that I have a lot less glow...and a lot more of those unsightly skin irritations. 

It's official...you can call me pizza face

According to those old wives, acne during pregnancy means a girl is on the way. 

So I guess if you played connect the dots on my face it would spell....A GIRL!

This brings the six day six test total to:
100% girl
0% boy

Of course when push comes to shove, I would much rather blame my face "issues" on these old wives than my hormones (because I AM NOT acting irrational....EVERYONE else is!).  So for the next month..I will be content blaming those old wives for these issues. 

Anyone else have crater face while pregnant?  Did you end up having a girl?


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 5- Dreams

I had a dream.....not like Martin Luther King's dream or anything....but a dream about Sweet Pea...a dream about our baby.

It was right after I found out that we were expecting.  The dream was as vivid as anything. It was a boy..we called him by the name we have chosen.  He was an adorable mixture of my husband and I.  That was our baby. 

So I woke up thinking...Ok ...I'm having a boy. 

That was my only dream about Sweet Pea so far in which I clearly know what the gender is.  I took it as a sign...Sweet Pea is probably a boy.  But imagine my surprise when researching old wives tales and I came across a one about dreams and gender from Jane over at His Boys Can Swim (seriously awesome article over there...go read it! I got a lot of my wacky gender old wives tales from there).

According to Jane's list of old wives tales...a dream about a certain gender was OPPOSITE of what you were really having.  So my dream of my sweet little boy actually means I'm having a girl?!?!?

I have nothing to compare this to yet of course.  I have only had one vivid dream so far and that was it.  Of course, if it turns out Sweet Pea is a boy..then it will be easy to explain that my subconscious already knew.  Even though..I'm not sure Sweet Pea even knew at that point in which I had the dream =)

But basing this strictly on the old wives tale, Sweet Pea is........a girl

This brings our Five Day - Five Tale Count to:
100% girl
0% boy

Have you guys ever had dreams about the gender of your baby PRIOR to finding out what you were having?  Were these dreams right or wrong?


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 4-Mayan Gender Prediction

Yesterday, we did the Chinese gender prediction ....today I tackle the Mayan gender prediction. 

According to the Mayan gender prediction, you look at both the mothers age and the conception year. If both are odd or even numbers, it's a girl.  If there is one odd and one even number...it is a boy. 

I am (and was) 30 at the time of conception. I conceived in 2010.

Both even numbers.

So according to the Mayan old wives...Sweet Pea is........


That brings our four day- four test total to:

100% girl
0% boy

We find out for REAL in one month!  What did the Mayan old wives say for you....were they right?


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 3- Chinese Gender Prediction

Hello my friends!

Today's fun old wives tale is the Chinese gender prediction.

I never even heard of this until I became pregnant and people started asking me what my Chinese gender chart said.

So I found this website.  The Chinese gender prediction bases the mother's age at the time of conception and the month of conception.

I was 30 at the time of conception and the baby was conceived in July so according to the chart....These Chinese old wives say that Sweet Pea is ..........................................


Here is the tally for what the old wives think after three tests:
Girl -100%
Boy -0%

Click the link above and tell me if your was right or wrong =)  


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 2- String Test

Ok so today's test of these old wives tales was an experiment.  We did the string test. 

For those unfamiliar with the string test....you tie your wedding ring to the end of a string, hold it over your belly...give it a swing and watch the motion. 

I had my hubby help me with this one.  I knew what the string swings meant and I didn't want to be in any type of manipulative position with the string.  I tied my wedding ring on a shoe lace, laid down and had him hold the string over my belly.  I told him we were looking to see if the string was swinging back and forth or in circles.  I did NOT tell him what each meant. 

He swung the string and there it was..swinging back and forth. 

According to the old wives....swinging in a circle meant boy and back and forth meant girl. 

So today our reading for gender was......A GIRL!

This brings our two day old wives tales total to:

100% girl
0% boy

Did anyone do this?  What were your results?


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 1-Heartbeat

I figured there was no better way to start off these old wives tales then to start with the most famous...the heartbeat. 

Almost everyone I know always comments about the gender based on Sweet Pea's heartbeat.  The saying is if the heartbeat is over 140 it is a girl and if it is under 140 it is a boy. 

Sweet Pea's last two heartbeat readings were in the 160's. 

So based on that...those old wives are saying Sweet Pea is..........


So that leads the tally of those old wives to be:
Girl -100%

What are your experiences with heartbeat and gender? 


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is?

Hello my friends!

It was not even a discussion...when we found out we were expecting...we KNEW we would find out what we were having.  If you know us, you know we couldn't wait.  My husband HATES surprises and I am so not a yellow type person.  Pink or Blue...I love them both!

Of course, we wanted to know as soon as possible...and then my mom and dad wanted to be here and suddenly my priorities changed.  I no longer wanted to find out as early as possible.  I wanted my mom and dad there.  They scheduled a visit around my 20th week....and they will get to be there when we find out.  Nothing in the world is more special to me! 

With this being said...of course, I have to WAIT until I'm 20 WEEKS!  We have a little over a month to go so I figured what a better way to spend this month then doing all those tests people tell you to try to guess the gender. 

Who are these old wives??!?!?  and what are their tales?!?!

I picture the old wives as a group that looks like this...

Sitting around and chatting about their experiences and their children. 

"In my day....."

You would hear lots of this:

"MY Edward......" "Well MY Judith......" 

So in my head...those are the old wives...and I'm honoring them.  Now of course I know this isn't accurate....It's really a fifty fifty shot!  Each tale has a change of being half right or half wrong.  Sweet Pea is already a boy or a girl.  This whole series is meant for fun....

I will have fun doing it and I hope you have fun reading it!

My first tale will be posted tomorrow morning and I will post one a day until our anatomy scan!  I will keep a running total each day about what the chances for each gender is based on that group of old wives and then of course...we can compare when I find out =)

oh and P.S.-Any experience you have with the tales I tell each day...please share! I love reading about others experiences!

So to start...what are some of your favorite gender old wives tales?


Happy October!!!

                                              I love me some Yankee's baseball!

                                                 and I love me some Derek Jeter

                                                      OOPS!  Wrong picture =)


Catching Up!

Hey everyone!  I am so sorry it has been awhile since I last posted!  I kept telling myself I just HAD to get on here and post something.  It wasn't fair to my stalker...visiting my site almost every day and not having anything new to read...Such injustice!  If you are that interested in my life...I should at least provide you with new stuff to read right?

First, I want to announce my giveaway winner!!!  #20 -LINDSEY!!!!!  I have never seen someone more dedicated on a contest! I'll send you a message lady!  ENJOY YOUR NEW MAT!!!  Bake me some yummy stuff =)

In other news, We moved last weekend.  I don't recommend moving during pregnancy...EVER!  I felt helpless that I couldn't do much.  God bless my husband and wonderful mother in law for all the work they had to do because I couldn't.  It's so wonderful to have such a supportive family =) We are still in the process of unpacking...which is why I haven't been blogging much.  I promise to be better...I know you all miss me!

OH and I totally judged Dr.Hawaiian Tropics too quickly.  Had an awesome visit with him last week!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!!



First things first...have you entered my blog giveaway yet?!?!  You still have a week!  It's what all the cool kids are doing! 

For the first time in my pregnancy, this feels real.  I have a baby growing in my belly....and it's ALL sorts of wonderful!  We had the NT scan today.  I am in LOVE!

I was so nervously excited for this scan....So nervous because I hadn't seen Sweet Pea in three weeks.  That's a long time to a infertile. I did LOTS of research about the test and asked so many questions from a friend.  I kept hearing that this was an external scan.  I couldn't believe it!  Only really pregnant people get to do those.  I was still unsure so I shaved my Yeti legs anyway to prepare! 

Once we got to the office and the ultrasound tech got going, my heart seriously soared.  I have never loved something SO much!  Watching Sweet Pea on that screen was something I have dreamed about for MANY years.....something I wasn't sure I would ever get to experience.  Something I will now never forget. 

My darling was perfect!  Heart rate of 167!  Moving around like they were dancing.  Unfortunately, Sweet Pea was being stubborn, just like mom and dad!  The ultrasound tech had to keep shaking Sweet Pea to get them to move.  Of course, all I kept thinking was how she was probably giving my baby brain damage.  Sweet Pea was probably like "What is this? An Earthquake?!" 

She even startled my poor baby who we watched literally JUMP on the screen. That WITCH!

My heart became so full this morning.  I looked at my husband....we created this...and looking at that screen...I thought my heart would burst.  Is there any type of heart better to have then one full of such love?

I unfortunately kept getting yelled at because I was laughing. The mean lady even made me turn on my side away from the screen to try to get a better angle.  What did Sweet Pea do about this?  Turned around and mooned her!  That is my child!!

We finally got the perfect measurement for the NT about 15 minutes later.  I haven't received the risk assessment yet...but she said it is looking normal.

We scheduled our gender scan for eight weeks.  I can't wait to find out what we are having!

I think it finally hit us....we are having a baby!!!!!

P.S.  My husband and I have decided we will NOT be sharing pictures of the baby on here or twitter.  I understand how devastated you are all but we feel strongly about this.  I hope you all can understand and respect our wishes!  xoxoxoxo



Ok Let's talk comfort.......

I'm on the cusp of finishing up my first trimester and let me tell you my friends, I am ALL about comfort these days. I want comfortable pants, comfortable shoes, and my comfortable bed and pillows.

I must admit in my first trimester UTTER fatigue phase...my housework well has...um...what's the best word for it......slacked? all but almost disappeared?   Honestly, if you give me a choice between housework and a nap...I take the nap....EVERY TIME!!!

But seriously, being a housewife there are just SOME things that need to be done sometimes.  Don't get me wrong my wonderful husband has been a HUGE help but he works hard all day and I don't expect him to do everything ALL the time (just most of the time!)

So there are times, when I have to suck it up and get down and dirty.....especially with the dishes!  My biggest pet peeve about washing dishes is the backache.  It's awful!  You end up switching feet to put your weight on, which puts a SERIOUS damper on trying to dance to the music your listening to while washing the dishes.

I'll admit when my husband's stepmother told me about the Imprint Comfort Mats..I was skeptical.  A mat is a mat right?  Oh but this isn't just a mat.  This my friends is HEAVEN for your weary feet.  Washing dishes no longer proves to be an issue (well expect for the fact that I just don't want to!).

These are how great these mats are... I accidentally stepped on the mat with my high heels.  The mats are spongy and my heel print went right into it.  I automatically freaked out! I thought I ruined the mat!  The next day, when I woke up....YOU COULDN'T TELL!!!  I was shocked and in love.  Is there any better way to feel like a woman then to slip on those Manolo's and wash your husband's dirty dishes?  (Don't roll your eyes at me).

The mats don't need to just be used in the dish washing!  You can put it in front of the stove for those yummy delicious meals you make your family.  Put it in front of the bathroom mirror for comfort while doing your hair and makeup!  And if all else fails my friend, they are GREAT for taking naps (not like I know or anything).

So here's the deal: Sublime Marketing Group contacted me to do a review and giveaway to one of my blog readers of their Imprint Comfort Mats.  I of course jumped at the chance...  I have received the great comfort..and now I want to pass it on to you!

Sublime Marketing Group is offering a standard length (20 x 36") Imprint Comfort Mat Elite Series (Retail $69.99) to one VERY lucky reader!  The company will try to grant the color and pattern wishes of the winner but they might vary, depending on what is in stock. 

The giveaway will run until 9/26!  Winner will be chosen at random and announced on my blog on 9/27!  Mat will be sent directly from the company to the winner's house, where the winner can feel free to gush over the comfort! 

Of course you want to know how to enter...LISTEN UP:

To qualify you MUST:
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Good Luck =)  May the luckiest person win!


A New Two Week Wait!

As an infertile, I lived in this fantasy land.  I often dreamed about the day I would wind up pregnant and how blissful that time would be for me.  There would never be any worrying like I did when I was trying to get pregnant. No stress....just that warm pregnancy glow everyone talks about. 

I have spent plenty of time living two weeks at a time.  Two weeks leading up to that BIG O (I'm talking ovulation...get your head out of the gutter!) and two weeks after it.  The two weeks leading up to it were full of tears from the last failed cycle, medications, opk's, and lots of visits to the RE to see the blood sucking vultures and my best pal Wandy!  The two weeks after the event, were filled with ALL SORTS of emotions.  It was a vicious cycle....one that felt never ending...and then just like that...it did end. 

However, I have found that pregnancy is MORE worrying than trying to conceive.  No longer are my prayers and fears about a possible child.  I now worry about sweet pea.  Years of stories from people about things going wrong are etched into my mind. Dr. Google has gotten the best of me at times. 

I can't help it folks....I'm neurotic. 

I'm eleven full weeks today.  Fourteen days until I am out of the first trimester! Two more weeks! Another two week wait! 

I'm not saying my crazy neurotic ways will instantly be cured at that point...I'm not naive....they might get worse.  But I will at least enter my second trimester with a smile.....and a little ease!

It's been difficult without the security blanket of Dr. Godfather and Nurse Christmas.  After being monitored weekly, I was told by Dr. Hawaiian Tropics "see you in three weeks".

Saying that's a long time is an understatement.

However, I am pushing forward....My NT scan is in ten days (I can count down with my hands people!!!) 

A different kind of two week wait.  Here we go again......


Letting It Go!

I've been such a bad blogger....shame on me!  I know I stopped like right in the middle of that thirty day blog journal thing but I got bored.  So we will just say it was a 24 day journal and move on =)

I totally had an epiphany last night while watching Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion (by the way...ending was totally lame!).  Caroline made a comment about life not being all lollipops and roses.  I've said that a thousand times before, substituting lollipops and roses for rainbows and butterflies. 

Why can't life be all lollipops and rainbows? 

I know...it's not...but can't I at least try to see the best in everything .....Can't I at least try to be happy and let things roll off my back? 

If I'm having a bad day...why can't there be lollipops?  If I'm going through a storm, why shouldn't I look for the rainbow? 

So I promised last night...I'm starting a new life of lollipops and rainbows. 

Here's the thing...It will be a struggle.  I know it will. I am an extremely passionate person.  I put my heart into people and things I care about and I get mad or protective when issues come up. Unfortunately, this leaves me often angry and unable to sleep.  Who is that hurting? Me.  And it's not just me anymore, its affecting Sweet Pea too!

So I'm letting it go....  I'm grabbing my lollipops and I'm looking for that rainbow. 

I know who is worth fighting for....and I know who isn't. 

I know what is worth fighting for ...and I know what isn't.

People are like holidays. Do others see you as Christmas, or more like Tax Day? 

~Terri Guillemets


Introducing My OB!

Today I have reached the ten week mark!  Double digits baby!  10 down- 30 to go!!!!

On Monday, my husband and I had our very first appointment with our OB.  I was clueless how to find one.  So I picked the hospital I want to deliver at and then asked Nurse Christmas for recommendations.  She gave me three names that Dr. Godfather recommended.  Upon doing research, I made my choice. 

Dr. Godfather's office was state of the art.  New ultrasound machines, flat screens, HUGE fish tank with plenty of fish.  This of course didn't surprise me...I mean infertility is a million dollar business, I'm sure. 

I don't know what I was expecting when I pulled up to my OB....but whatever I was expecting, it wasn't a house. To be honest, I was a little creeped out.  I don't know why!  My pediatrician when I was little worked out of a basement apartment in his house in Brooklyn.  I calmed my fears and went inside. 

The waiting room resembled an old ladies living room.  I half expected to see tea and scones or crumpets or something.  We filled out the massive amounts of paperwork required to find a doctor to deliver your baby.  Just as I finished up....in he came. 

Introducing Dr. Hawaiian Tropics!  He is a mix between:

George Hamilton

and Jack's dad from the show LOST! 

NO LIE!  I'll let that sink in for a moment.........


The truth is he totally looks like a man who delivers babies.  I could picture him delivering my baby. 

Next we had our sit down with him.  He was going to ask us questions and then we would ask him.  Here's the thing.  He totally didn't really want me to ask him questions.  The first question (albeit was about financial concerns but I'm NEW to this...I didn't know) was answered with a snarky response.  HEY DOC- DID YOU NOT SEE MY POST ON THE SUPER PREGGO BITCH CAPE?!?!  After that he just seemed annoyed.  He answered everything but you could tell he didn't want to or maybe my first question annoyed him SO much.....either way...wasn't too happy at this moment. 

My super angel doctor that I ten minutes ago pictured happily delivering my baby...was quickly turning into the devil with a pitchfork.

Next was the examination time....He brought me into a room and I NO JOKE almost passed out when I saw his ultrasound machine.  Maybe I was spoiled at Dr Godfather's but SURELY there was a newer cheaper model that wasn't made in the 80'S?!?!?  The ultrasound machine was as old as I was.....very Commodore 64

I'm sorry but is the maternity business not doing well nowadays?!?! 

He then proceeded to find Sweet Pea.  Looked at the heart and decided it was strong enough (without trying to listen to it) and printed me a picture...which you can imagine is pretty much in 8 bit!  If I ever thought Sweet Pea looked like a blob of jelly...now was the time.  The thing that stopped me from freaking out was that Sweet Pea is measuring on schedule.  Official due date March 31!

He then proceeded to give me magazines to read and send us on our merry little way. 

It was an experience......I don't know how to feel.....

Here's the thing....he came HIGHLY recommended from Dr. Godfather whose opinion REALLY means everything to me.  The man has GOT to be a good doctor.  I don't need to have dinner with him..I need him to take care of Sweet Pea. 

I am giving it one more chance.  I scheduled my NT scan through his office at the local hospital in about 2.5 weeks.  I will then return to see him a few days later.  We will see how that goes. 

Maybe he will be nice if I put on coconut lotion?!?