The TPI Agency!

After being unemployed for OVER year (Thank you crappy economy and thank you overpopulation of teachers in NJ), I finally have a job! It's a temporary job...will probably only last a couple more days (if even that)...I am a TOILET PAPER INSPECTOR..better known on the force as a TPI! (Wait..what?!?! That's NOT a real job!?!? I'm still considered unemployed?!?!? SIGH!)

You have officially become a toilet paper inspector (TPI Agent) when you are at the end of your two week wait and every time you go to the bathroom, you find yourself examining the toilet paper for any signs that she is on her way and that all you did that month means crap! There are different degrees of TPI Agents....You could be a quick TPI agent ...where you look quickly....or you could be one of those TPI agents where you examine the toilet paper under every light in the house (those TPI agents probably even have a flashlight next to the toilet...if they tell you its just in case of a blackout...they are lying)....Me, I'm in between those agents....I inspect a little longer than normal and hold it up to the light ..but that's it. My TPI'ing stays behind closed doors!

This one time..I thought I really caught the culprit. I was totally sure I spotted her...but it ended up being my skin through the paper....That looked bad for this TPI agent....I won't make that mistake again!

Just in case you are wondering....The agency is still hiring....You get to pick your own hours (due to the amount of liquid you drink).....No health benefits I'm afraid....and the pay is pretty crappy...as a matter of fact..I have to PAY to work there (services paid to my RE)! This job is not for the weak-minded...as the constant stress and pressure on the job can drive anyone insane! So that's it folks...That's my new "job"....and I proudly wear my TPI badge (under my clothes of course because I don't want people to think I'm weird or anything)!


Kaitlin said...

Hi! I just wanted to let you know. I gave you an award on my blog.

Ashley said...

Haha. This is definitely not a "job" I enjoy having and I hope we both can retire soon!:)

Kate said...

You just got a blog award on Busted Plumbing! Come check it out :-) http://www.bustedplumbing.com/