My Sister's Wedding

My sister's wedding ...in pictures.....with portions of my speech (that I didn't give ..LOL)!!!

The rehearsal dinner!

I was very protective of Melissa even at an early age. I hear that I used to finish her sentences all the time and once when she was hungry, I made her a meal of Smurf cereal and gravy. Appetizing huh?
We loved dolls, we loved to play and we loved each other.
And all too quickly the childhood years of playing with our Barbie’s turned into the teenage years of fighting over makeup and privacy. Luckily we walked out of our teen years, with all of our teeth and just a few bruises and have developed the wonderful relationship we have now. My sister means the world to me and is truly my best friend.

Getting Ready =)

Putting on her shoes =)

Hubby and I

On our way to the church

I remember when Melissa came home and first told me about Tom….she asked my advice on talking to him. Of course being her older smarter sister, I gave her advice... it obviously worked …oh and by the way guys I’ll take my thank you in large bills only….

My nephew...had his head down the whole time....really concentrating on those rings on his pillow!

Here comes the bride!

Mr. and Mrs.

The newlyweds!

Melissa, I am truly delighted to watch you marry the man of your dreams today. I want nothing less for you than a lifetime of happiness and health with your new husband. After all, you do make gorgeous babies! I love how our family is growing. Tom, you make a perfect fit for our family.

I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness!!!

I just want to finish tonight with a few pieces of advice:
Always remember to say those three important little words..."You're right dear."
If you're clever, you'll always have the last word. However, if you are very clever, you won't use it.
Whenever you are wrong, admit it. Whenever you are right, be quiet.
And, Tom, always remember...a happy wife… happy life!
I love you both!

(That last part was totally stolen from a speech website...but the advice is perfect.....oh like you could have come up with something better?!?? Stop judging me!)

12 years and still going strong <3

My Grandparents


Busted Kate said...

Beautiful!! Your sister looks gorgeous, LOVE LOVE LOVE her dress. You look beautiful, love your dress too! How nice, a great bridesmaid dress for a change!

Kaitlin said...

Your sister looked absolutely beautiful all dolled up. And I loved your speach. VERY sweet.

I actually have a sign that says "Happy Wife, Happy Life" :)

A said...

Looks like a great time! And I want to steal "if you are clever you'll have the last word but you wont use it" for whenever my sister gets married!!

Kim said...

Hello! I just started following you. Just wanted to say your sister looks like a Prinvess, gorgeous bride and handsome groom - what a lovely couple. You sound like a great sister, and I loved your speech. Short and sweet and to the point. Great advise. P.S. I would have done the same regarding the speech - love google!