A Decade of Changes

I am just finishing up living my THIRD full decade (that's right...I am turning THIRTY.....ugh.....I'm not ALLOWED to turn thirty! That's only for grown-ups)....and as I look back over the past ten years ...I realize the early 2000's (what do we call them?!?!? the 00's?!?!?) was about change....
It's weird to sit back and try to remember all the stuff that you have done over the last ten years...I started to think about it after I read Complicated Mama's blog about her past ten years...I got to thinking! What the hell did I do over the last ten years.....So here is my attempt at remembering my life.....

2000- I was on the path to my first degree....got accepted into the teaching program at Arizona State University and started my internships at schools. Hubby and I were dating for 2 years at this point (long distance).....I was working at Hollywood Video and I believe Charlotte's Room (yep...two jobs and school! Thank you credit card debt....seriously...18 year olds should not be allowed to get credit cards because they have no idea the consequences...like turning 20 and having to work two jobs and go to school!!)

2001- I turned of legal drinking age!! Hubby and I were dating for three years (still long distance)....2001 was the year of failed dreams and major life changes..Sept 11th and my diagnosis of PCOS. This also started my panic to have children upon hearing "The younger you are the easier it will be". From this year forward, every birthday has been a dark cloud looming over my head....

2002- I GRADUATED COLLEGE!!!! Early Childhood Degree and got my teaching certificate. I also completed my student teaching and realized how much I loved teaching Kindergarten......Hubby and I were dating for four years at this point (yup..you guessed it....long distance).....

2003- was a year of heartbreak..... I lost my beloved Uncle Craig unexpectedly in March and Hubby broke up with me TWICE this year (yep ..I said twice).....The tears that I cried that year seemed unending....The funeral still feels surreal and I still today get moments that I can't believe he is gone. As for hubby's and my relationship....this was probably our lowest point....it was rough for about a year after....but once that hurdle was over and we both grew up....our relationship started to mold into what it is today.....On a positive note...I got my first teaching job this year...in Kindergarten of course

2004- Hubby and I were dating for SIX YEARS (everyone say it with me ....long distance). My kindergarten position was eliminated so I moved to second grade in a new district, where I met one of my best friends! I don't really remember too much from this year.....probably a good thing =)

2005- This was a HUGE year....I found out my sister was pregnant....she had my nephew....and I got engaged!!!! AFTER SEVEN years of dating (L-O-N-G....D-I-S-T-A-N-C-E) hubby relocated to San Diego (which was a six hour drive instead of a five hour flight) and we decided to get MARRIED! In grand tradition of me...I started to plan the wedding BEFORE the ring....What?!? Don't judge me! We agreed it was time to get married on July 4th while out to dinner in San Diego....He was working on the ring...I was working on the plans.....So what if I had my hall booked and my dresses ordered before the ring....WE HAD BEEN DATING FOR SEVEN YEARS and when you know you want to marry someone after the first two weeks of dating...that's a long long long time =)

2006- MY WEDDING YEAR! Hubby and I got married on July 15, 2006 in HOT Scottsdale, Arizona, where I swear I saw some of our out of state guests MELTING! The temperature was 115 the day of the wedding....HOTTEST of the year!!! But it didn't stop the happiest day of my life...We had the WORST & BEST honeymoon (that's another blog post) and I moved to San Diego so we can FINALLY be together (NOT LONG DISTANCE). We also started trying to conceive this year.....As you can guess...it didn't work....

2007- I had a rough year this year...It was very hard being away from my family....I couldn't get a teaching job in San Diego because they didn't need teachers....I ended up working in a kids clothing store and then a Montessori school....Trying to conceive was rough because we found out we had NO insurance coverage towards it. We attempted to see a doctor and pay cash but he was pushy with treatments and we couldn't afford it! It was a bad year!!

2008-Hubby and I both lost grandparents this year...his grandfather died in May and my grandmother died in September.....We moved back to the east coast (Jersey in the house). I started to pursue my master's degree in reading education. My sister got engaged on New Years Eve!

2009-Hubby and I began to see an RE (Dr. Godfather) again to try to have a baby (this time with coverage!)...STILL no teaching job!!! My sister got married 12-18-09 and my baby brother started COLLEGE!!! I worked hard on my education....and as of today as I write this...I have 9 WEEKS LEFT! I reconnected with old friends and am grateful for them every day! I started to blog full force and it has changed so many things for me!

So what's in store for 2010? MY MASTER'S DEGREE! I TURN THIRTY and hopefully a baby! Besides the turning thirty stuff...I couldn't think of a better year!!!!


Suzy said...

Can't believe it's the end of one decade and the beginning of another! Hope the new decade brings you lots of love and fulfillment of your dreams!

Fertility Chick said...

Irish Boy and I dated long distance for almost
three years and it was HARD! Kudos to
you both! Wishing you all the best in
2010 - I am so glad to have found your
friendship and I hope that this is the year
you get the greatest of gifts. (PS if the formatting
of this comes out wacky, I apologize! I'm
commenting via my iPod!)

Pregnant Yuppy said...

Hubby and I dated long distance too for 2 years before we were married (and that was in the time before e-mails, IM, text, Skype, etc - can you say big long distance bills?).

Don't worry about turning 30. 30 is a good age. You're grown up, but you're still young!

Francie said...

Sounds like an eventful decade! Wishing to you lots of good luck in the new year. I live in NJ too! (South Jersey)

Jen @ After The Alter said...

I turn thirty this coming year too! How wierd and scary! 30 is for old people! lol sounds like the decade was busy for you! It was busy for me too!! Lots of change! If the last decade was about being a grownup lets hope the next is about being mothers!