IUI round 2

So today was our day 15 doctor's appt to check on my follicles due to the fact that I haven't gotten a positive on the OPK's yet this cycle. Last cycle, we weren't ready til CD 23! So I was definitely going this morning fully prepared for the crazy cycle roller coaster that was about to begin with the monitoring.

I doctor prepped yesterday (If you are a female ..you know all about this)....When I woke up this morning...I put my warmest clothes on picturing just rolling back into bed in about an hour. I didn't think about my socks...I didn't think about my hair...we just went... I debated NOT bringing my shot with me...but decided to at the last minute. Glad I did!

We got to the doctors office, I was glad to see the business is doing well, because the people they hire to make the waiting room seem full were in full effect!! Further proof that they are hired actors, I was called back in 10 minutes (and no one batted an eye)..Now I'm just saying if some lady just walked in and got called right back I would be PISSED! No one cared...those robots!

New doctor today! Doctor Whispers ...you barely understood anything this guy was saying. But I totally love him!! He is really adorable (not in that HOT McDreamy way but in that "Aw I want you to be my Grandpa" way)! Right ovary had an 18/19 and left was ready to go!!!! I was shocked! I took the OPK last night and it was not positive....but I figured this was my 11 mm rocket science follicle from the other day! Way to go follicle! I was on CLOUD 9 ....A NORMAL CYCLE....SHOUT IT OUT WITH ME PEOPLE!!!!!

I should have known today was going to be the day....because I wanted to go to this little place called Peddler's Village. Peddler's Village is this cute little town with all these cute little shops and I love cute little things so its my kind of place! We attempted to go for the first time on Mother's Day...it was crowded so we only went in a few stores and left.....We then attempted to go back again a few weeks ago but it was their apple festival and when I tell you Times Square had nothing on this traffic ...I am not even kidding. A normal hour drive...took us WAY over two and there was NO MOVING OR PARKING so we drove all the way home. So when Hubby said to me that he had work to do around there...I was sooo excited...It's a Wednesday so it can't be busy and there will be parking....I worked my ass off yesterday to finish most of my paper to go today .....

....so of course after the initial excitement of the IUI wore off ...I said "UGH I MISS PEDDLER'S VILLAGE AGAIN"....Of course the IUI is more important and even though I want to be a mother so bad....right now I'm a shopper so I will admit I was a little sad.....See God ..now I have to be pregnant...I missed SHOPPING for this =)

The sadness wore off and I was sooo excited again! What a relief to ovulate at a "normal" time!!! I feel REALLY great about this cycle!!! We head back tomorrow for IUI # 2 and then we enter into my beloved two week wait!

Let's discuss the OPK's quickly people! So Hubby and I decided it was economically better to get the STORE brand ...7 tests for $20 instead of the NAME BRAND 2 tests for $20! I used them last cycle and I used them this cycle. I have always wondered about their validity! Here's the thing people, I'm from the "school of you get what you pay for"....Quality is important on some things....toilet paper....deodorant.....mozzarella cheese...you know the basics! I was on the fence with the store brand OPK's ....but we did it anyway!! So I decided to test them tonight ...I KNOW because I got the shot that it will be positive ...so I peed on a stick and was actually a little excited to FINALLY SEE the TWO LINES the SAME color! But here's the thing folks...IT WAS NEGATIVE......THE FRIGGEN THINGS DON'T WORK!!!!! I will now we adding OPK'S to the list of important quality items!

Ok BTW....my malfunctionable BBT is the SAME BRAND as the defective OPK'S! Interesting huh?


Pregnant Yuppy said...

Yay! For the IUI. Boo for missing shopping!

I never, ever got a positive on a non-digital OPK - any brand! I definitely agree with you on buying the good toilet paper.

Fertility Chick said...


Fingers crossed for you!!

The OPK's are the devil I tell ya! I'm using super cheapy ones from my ND just to see 'what's goin' on' since we're on a break - and I have yet to get any definitive answer on the damn things.

Sending lots of good thoughts your way - missing shopping definitely counts for something in my books!

Ashley said...

Yay for a normal cycle!! Hope this is your month!

Keep It Classy, Jen said...

Oh girl I can't wait to find out with you...glad I found your blog!

Dea.nna said...

So, so, so excited for you and your normal cycle!!! Fingers crossed!!! Good luck on your 2WW...they're torture!

I've always had pretty good luck with the cheapy OPK's. I got 20 for about $10. They were just strips though. I finally broke down earlier this year and bought the fertility monitor. Now it does all the deciphering for me. Much easier if you're will to shell out the big bucks.