IUI 2.2

So today was iui # 2 in iui cycle 2! We always get appointments the second day and our appointment was (drum roll please) 6:30 AM! We are normally there at 6:00 so this was "sleeping in"! We were both so tired this morning....could barely keep my eyes open......however they were open long enough to see the INSANE amount of people in the waiting room! OMG ...like seriously what is going on with woman's reproductive issues?!?!?

My wonderful step-mother in law made a comment not too long ago about how something had to be going on 20 years ago to make all these issues apparent today! Maybe it was an immunization we got.....maybe it's the crappy processed foods that we have been eating...but there are some SERIOUS issues going on here. There were easily 40 PEOPLE (yes 40 PEOPLE) in the waiting room this morning.....absolutely absurd!!!

There was another new doctor today....a female doctor....I was actually relieved to see her walk in....but BOY was that relief gone soon...let's just say this woman is "DR. OUCH".....She seriously shoved that speculum in...UM HELLO LADY ..I THINK YOU KNOW HOW THAT FEELS! It was fast and painful...and with a generic good luck she was out the door......She said to lay for five minutes....all the other doctors have said 10+ and I have read that 15 minutes is very beneficial so imagine my surprise when the nurse KNOCKED ON THE DOOR after FIVE MINUTES pretty much telling us to get out!

I was LIVID! It felt like we overstayed on a hotel room...a $2000 dollar hotel room.....all I wanted was to lay 15 minutes...but somehow I feel that the waiting room FULL of people dictated the swiftness of our exit. I felt cheated and am still mad as hell! If you can't control the amount of people that come in ....STOP TAKING NEW PATIENTS!

End of discussion...have a nice day =)


liberalgranolagirl said...

I completely agree that something has happened in the environment to increase infertility in the population. Actually, I think that there are many "somethings" that have done it, but that's a blog for another day.

I would have been livid too! How dare they kick y'all outta there. Y'all have paid good money AND gone through enough shit and should be able to lay there for 10 minutes. Here's hoping that you get your BFP and don't have to worry about it any more.

Mrs Bee said...

I blame the hormones they pump chickens with. Has to explain something. Also, the amount of young girls developing earlier.
Something along the line has gone wrong.

I'd be calling the clinic and telling them how you felt. You are paying them an awful lot of money, they should be doing right by you!!

Hope you get your BFP!!


Francie said...

Good luck! I go for my IUI tomorrow morning. Luckily my doc doesn't open till 7:30am! I agree about the high rate of infertility - I am constantly wondering what I have eaten, taken, etc. which could have caused it.