The End Result is You...

My Dearest baby:

So tomorrow mommy and daddy start over with the doctor's appointments with the hope and prayer to be meeting you soon! We had wished with all our hearts that it would have been nine months from right now...but God has other plans! I know that Mommy's heart has been broken and Daddy seems on edge but its because we are so excited to see you and are truly disappointed that we have to wait longer. Mommy's gonna try not to cry today (OK...after this letter).....I promised you three years ago when we started on this journey that I would do everything I could for you ....and I will.....even if that means the 6 am doctors visits and giving up my beloved "sweet tooth". I even promise that I will do my twenty minute walks every day!!! I will do whatever I need to do, my love, because the end result is you!

I love you already more than you will ever know!

Your Mommy
(and yes...yes...I will stop crying now)


r6 said...

This is a wonderful letter to your someday soon baby. I hope that this will be the time you are blessed with the your hearts desire. I'm sending you lots of positive energy and hopes for a very bright future for your family.