Can someone please tell me how to get those "nerves of steel" that everyone is talking about?!?!? I swear I have nerves of fishing wire or maybe nerves of a rubber band (sometimes things bounce off but it also snaps!). I am soo anxious for our visit to the RE's office for our possible IUI. My brain is running all over the place....I'm worried about the follicles ...I'm worried if the follicles are good that I have to get that shot....I'm worried that I will feel pain even remotely close to the HSG pain that I felt.......I swear...IS THAT A GRAY HAIR?!

On a different note...I was thinking ....when our kids ask where babies come from we REALLY don't have to explain the whole sex thing. "See honey, babies come from something that looks like a turkey baster....They mix some of daddy's brains and patience with mommy's good looks and love for shopping ...and here you are!"

What's the birds and the bees?! A fiction story I tell ya!!!

I would also like to state for the record that I am NOT happy with the fact that I want to eat when I am stressed out......Seriously!??! Couldn't I be one of those people that like to go running....or work out? Or even better yet....Why can't I be one of those people that CAN'T eat when they are stressed out?!?!? So I eat when I am stressed out and I shop when I am upset/depressed....ya know what that leaves me? A whole closet full of clothes that don't fit!

Say a prayer for us that everything works out tomorrow and that we are able to do the iui so I don't feel the need to shop and eat all weekend =)


liberalgranolagirl said...

Saying a prayer for you! I was a ball of nerves during the entire time of our first IUI cycle-from start to finish. This second cycle has been a breeze except for the mild OHSS. I didn't feel a thing during the actual IUI procedure.

Take some slow deep breaths and try to relax tonight-yeah, I know it's easier said than done =)