My Little Follicle That Could

Good News today!!! WE HAVE A FOLLICLE PEOPLE!!! 19 mm. I am so happy!

It all started this morning with my sock choice. I have a huge cute sock fetish and today I wore my brand new pair of socks that say "Lucky Girl" with a shamrock! They are so meant for St. Patrick's Day but hey I'm Irish ....so It's OK!! We only waited like 5 minutes in the waiting room (it was SO nice to have an appt!). Dr Godfather came in ....Did I tell you how much I love this guy? I was so nervous before he came in and then I was completely calm. I told him I was ready to go with my lucky socks on.

He went right to the right ovary and checked on that first follicle that we had been watching. NO GROWTH ....I took a deep breath -thinking we were done....then he swings over to the left and there it is....NICE AND HUGE on the screen!! 19 MM!!!! Seriously...I was so proud...they should start giving infertiles pictures of our follicles =) Just like the little engine that could....that's my little follicle that could....it was going to get there...it just did it in its own time =) As soon as the egg releases, it will be chanting "I think I can" "I think I can" all the way through fertilization! As my mom pointed out this morning, It's my little egg that will

Dr. Godfather is thinking it will be ready on Saturday for the IUI ....which means our IUI's will be Saturday and Sunday (still on the weekend...just a week later)....but I need to do an OPK tonight to see if I surge. If so, we go in tomorrow morning! Nurse BFF called and said my estrogen level was good ......everything is moving right along....couldn't be happier!


Johanna said...

That's great news!! I'm rooting for your little follicle!

Beautiful Mess said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! I'm so happy for you! I'm still crossing all things crossable for you! It can't hurt ;o)

Dea.nna said...

SO great!!! I thought the same thing about getting ultrasounds pics of our good follies. We have to hold onto all the hope we can. Good luck!