Grow Follicle..... GROW!

So we had our big doctors appt. on Saturday. Hubby and I figured that since they open at 6, that we would be there for 6! We even pulled up early and sat in the car for five minutes. So you can imagine my surprise when I walk into the office at 6:01 and there are FIFTEEN PEOPLE in front of me!!!!!! What did they camp out? Seriously people ...this is a doctors office...not Ticketmaster! And that LOOONNNNNGGGG wait was so good for my nerves!

We go into the examination room and I get prepped for yet ANOTHER ultrasound! The same doctor I had last time came in. Very nice man....but he's kinda like a wham-bam-thank you maam- doctor....in and out .....it was like this " ok ...one follicle 11 mm....let's have you come back in two days...any questions?...have a great day"! In and out....He's Dr. Hurry! Dr. Hurry only found one follicle and it was 11 mm. I guess it needs to be 18 to 22. So back we go again tomorrow morning. PLEASE FOLLICLES GROW!!!

I had the most INSANE dreams with what little sleep I got Friday night...One dream was we did the IUI and the sperm kept swimming the wrong way ...they were swimming out...not up! Another was that I was calling after a failed IUI and the doctor couldn't see me until MARCH! I was totally freaked out and I remember feeling so helpless.

By the way....the doctors office had a HUGE spread of bagels and cream cheese put out for the patients. I thought that was wonderful! Not that I was even able to eat...because I wanted to puke from nerves...but still it was REALLY nice for everyone else! On the other hand...I'd like a baby ..not a bagel please =)


Fertility Chick said...

Grow follie grow!!!! Fingers are crossed for you for tomorrow!!

I hear you on the long line ups - you had me laughing out loud at your Ticketmaster comment!

As for the bagels - can you say jealous!? Not that I could choke one down either, but the fact that they have them - how nice! My damn clinic doesn't even offer water or tea or anything (buggers)!

Hope things go well tomorrow - sending good thoughts your way!