Enjoy Your Ride!

Have I ever told you how scared of heights I am?!?!? I HATE rollercoasters!!! To me, a rollercoaster just seems like a method of torture. I don't like to not be in control of my feet leaving the ground (and this includes flying)...Maybe I am a control freak......So its kinda ironic how Hubby(who maybe I should be calling "He's A Prince") and I just stepped back in to the crazy infertility treatment rollercoaster.

This is our third time getting on this ride....The first time was right after we go married. My Gyno put me on Femara to try for two months and she said if it didn't work, we would need to see a reproductive endocrinologist. I was soo sure it worked the first month....so friggen sure!!! All the excitement and the maybes.....all to be torn down with a stick that I had to pee on....And of course the second one didn't work ......And then we found out we had NO fertility coverage!!! Depression ensued.....I was in a haze for many months!!!

The second time we attempted it- we decided to go for a consultation (and paid $250 dollars cash) with one of the top PCOS doctors in San Diego! Well we were soon passed off to Dr. Jackass ....who was pushing IUI RIGHT AWAY without even TESTING US!!! We explained the whole insurance thing...and he "agreed" to let us try Clomid at home for a couple of months. Started me on these pills to get my period (I'm pretty sure it wasn't Provera...although I guess it might have been)....I'll spare everyone the details of what happened next.....I'll just sum that month up by saying I had a 56 day cycle that month ....and when I called DR. JACKASS (which happened to be Christmas Eve) he told me he was NO LONGER willing to let us try at home AFTER ONE MONTH...Thanks for ruining my Christmas jackass!! More depression......

And here we are starting number three.....Things are different now....we have some coverage and I love Dr. Godfather and my Nurse BFF! So I am hoping that the third times a charm....We are planning a three month cycle of IUI's (and hopefully, we won't need any after the first)....If the three months don't work ...we will need to meet with Dr. Godfather again.....I started Clomid last night ...so far no side effects (I definitely just jinxed myself). I start OPK testing on Tuesday ....so our IUI could be some time next week. If I don't get a change in OPK by Next Saturday, I go in anyway. We need to do an ultrasound to check the follicles and if everything is good...we will go ahead with the IUI!!!

I am excited and SCARED out of my mind....I keep telling myself that Dr. Godfather said He is confident that once they can get me ovulating that we shouldn't have any problems....but the realist in me knows it most likely won't be that easy...because this is us and things don't come easily for us!! So buckle up...keep your hands and feet inside at all times and ENJOY YOUR RIDE!!!!


Deanna said...

I am on the same roller coaster this cycle...for the second time. You're not alone. Hang in there.

jenicini said...

I think I just passed the double loopity loop! It doesn't matter where you are on the IF roller coaster, it just pretty much blows at any point! I can't wait to pull up to the station and see my family waiting there on the platform. :D

Iris said...

I also went on that ride. If you go to my website at infertilityrollercoaster.com, you can hear me read a chapter from a book I wrote about taking that roller coaster ride. You may find it helpful and as the others have said, you will know you are not alone. I hope this round will be the lucky one for you and you will find success.
Best wishes,