Captain DB and Colonel AW

Hubby and I spent a great early afternoon together. We went apple picking, got some cider, picked up a yummy strawberry rhubarb pie....It was wonderful! We decided on the way home to stop for a quick lunch so we decide to go to Charlie Browns. For those who don't know Charlie Browns is a steakhouse...that has a REALLY yummy salad bar.

So we sit down and were given an extra menu with specials and one special happened to be a salad bar lunch special. We both decide we are going to get that. Captain DB (Captain DOUCHEBAG) comes over to take our drink order.......drinks come......now he's taking the food order and I tell him we will both be doing the salad bar special. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: "We are going to do the salad bar special"

Captain DB: " Just so you know, it's after three and the special is only until three o clock...but I will do it for you this time...but just for future references, they can be real anal about it and probably won't let you do it"

Hubby looks at his watch

Hubby: "It's 3:05 man"

Captain DB: " Actually it's 3:08 but like I said we will do it...My manager shouldn't have a problem with it"

Me: " We were seated BEFORE 3 o clock"

Captain DB: " You weren't ...I got here at 3 so you were seated after...It's not a problem"

Hubby: " You can tell your manager to come to see me if he has a problem"

Captain DB: "It shouldn't be a problem"

I am FUMING at this point.....seriously....just get us the frigging food and shut the hell up........I understand if it is after 3 and you cant do it...JUST SAY SO...don't make it like you are giving us your left arm....I know he was doing the "right" thing....I was disgusted with his need to correct us OVER EVERY MINOR DETAIL......I decided we were leaving.....seriously...screw this guy....first correcting my husband about what time it was....THEN telling me we couldn't have sat down before 3....OK maybe it was 3:01!!!

I am so mad I call a waitress over and tell her to get our waiter because we are leaving (which I make sure to say very loudly)...Captain DB comes out

Captain DB "Is everything OK?"

Me " No, I am very turned off by the whole conversation we just had. I am over it and we are just going to leave....please wrap up the check?"

Now....I say wrap up the check loosely....there are obviously TWO FULL sodas on the table that have yet to be touched.....MAYBE we each took one sip......I'm figuring he will just tell us to have a nice day (but of course I am not assuming it because we did order the drinks)....In the past, when we have left a restaurant (especially for service reasons) I have NEVER been charged for a fountain soda....Anything from the bar...I understand completely....If we drank the drinks...I would understand but Captain DB hands us a check for TWO SODAS.....EQUALING $5.65!!!!!!

I said to hubby "drink that soda...it's lunch"....It takes captain DB like 4 minutes to come back to run our card (because OF COURSE we didn't have enough cash)......I am NEVER a person that doesn't leave a tip...but there is a first time for EVERYTHING!!!

FYI- The time stamp on the receipt is 3:07 pm (which means we were checked out at 3:07)

So I come home and calm down a little....and I just called to talk to the manager (who is now called Colonel AssWipe)....I explain the situation. Here's the answer I got:

" Well rules are rules...He's a good kid that was obviously trying to go out of his way to accommodate you...the intention was right but the delivery is wrong and I apologize" blah blah blah

Colonel Asswipe continued to insult me by offering coupons to make everything OK. I told him he can keep his coupons because we will NOT be returning to that restaurant.........and I didn't get my salad bar =(


liberalgranolagirl said...

I HATE bad customer service! I would've left as well. If they have a corporate office I would definitely contact them.

And I love their nicknames, BTW =)

Beautiful Mess said...

MAN that sucks! Sorry you didn't get your salad bar. You were in your right to leave. I can't believe they were such jerks. UHG!

jenicini said...

Colonel AW - Did you know the customer is ALWAYS right? Stop making excuses. Good for you!

Fertility Chick said...

I'm sorry that you didn't get your salad bar. :( The server sounds like he was most definitely a Douche with a capital Bag...and worse yet, I can't believe the manager! Holy crow.

Kudos for leaving - and for following up with it!!