Thursday Thoughts!

The nurse called yesterday and told me my hormone blood work came back and I am not pregnant (no kidding!) and that my hormones were low so I will not be starting a cycle on my own. I am now taking some pills to start my period....I swear to god!!!...I can't even think straight anymore...I have no idea what the pills are called and I have said them like 500 times in the last few days...anyway...I'm on the pills...and they start with a p. I have to take them for ten days.

Yesterday was a bad day for me. I had a write a very difficult paper. The paper itself wasn't difficult but It was for me because my writing needs to flow together and the directions of this paper didn't ...so I made it flow together ...17 pages together! Took 11 hours of work...I wasn't happy about the finished product but I sent it in....Master's program is over in March....is it March yet?

So on top of me frantically writing my paper, I had to go get my prescriptions filled for the pills to start last night. I am walking out of the house with the husband, locking the door behind me AS I ALWAYS DO and just as the door is closing he yells "WAIT~!" For the SECOND time this year, he has left the house without KEYS!!!! LOCKED OUT AGAIN! The first time was at 5:30 in the morning...NOT FUN!!! We had a family friend bring us the key...I am glad yesterday is over.....

So I really need to start doing some research on insulin resistance diet. I thought I had a book but of course I cant find it .....I'm giving myself a couple days to adjust and work the logistics of it out....I will start the IR diet on Sunday or Monday (depending when I go food shopping). I will be in all black for sure that day mourning the loss of my white bread (sourdough and french baguette...yum) ....I apologize now for all those who will have to deal with me during these very rough times (especially my hubby)!!