The Registry

Can you guess what was the most magical part of getting married for me? Being with my own true love and best friend forever? Buying a couture Maggie Sottero gown? Designing my wedding band to have diamonds AND pink sapphires? Close....it was registering! The idea of it BLEW MY MIND..... wait a minute?? I can walk into ANY store and pick out MY OWN GIFTS?!?! Genius!!!! The excitement took over and I was soon swimming in a world of Vera Wang glasses and Kate Spade China!!! Registering to me was like FREE SHOPPING!!!!

So my mind starting racing when my cousin said to me that she can't wait to see my registry when I get pregnant! The thought of it is intoxicating!! Does Neiman Marcus do baby registries? Do they make baby Kate Spade purses? I've seen baby Uggs...but how about Baby Choo's?? Oh and the diaper bag!!! I can't wait to find the diaper bag....it seems every season I locate a NEW diaper bag from a NEW designer!

Ive been noticing people's baby stuff...and taking notes (gotta have that...all the way to what were they thinking?)...I find myself saying " When I get pregnant, I need that!" all too often!! Sometimes I even sneak stuff in that I HAD to have RIGHT THAT MINUTE OR ELSE I WOULD DIE!!! (hence the overflowing hope chest). We have spent over three years wishing for the perfect baby, I've spent time coming up with the most perfect names, isn't it only right to have the most perfect things?

Now before you all jump down my throats, I would saw off my right arm with a steak knife to just have a child, whether we lived in a cardboard box or a mansion. But after three LONG years of trying and failing miserably (and by the way ...I don't fail well, it's not my color), my eagerly anticipated un-concieved child deserves the world....and everything in the world I can give them, I shall give them....even if it is just a can of peas.

I can't wait to have all the joys of pregnancy- including being able to register again...I can guarantee you this ...A girl will never have more fun with a gun!


Beautiful Mess said...

I'm laughing at the thought of you running around a store saying "OH I WANT THAT!!" It's normal to want your child to have everything. You will register for all your baby gear, I believe!

Johanna Rose said...

Great post, and I can totally relate. I too have already purchased a few items for my future daughter, because I WILL HAVE A DAUGHTER. And you're right, registering was fabulous! How exciting that we get to do it again! Although I think you'll find that a lot of people skip the baby registry and buy clothes, especially for little girls. My SIL said she spent hours on her baby registry, and most everyone just bought clothes for her little girl. I'm thinking I might keep the sex a secret for that very reason ;)

liberalgranolagirl said...

I can completely relate. About a year ago I went ahead and made a baby registry. Of course my mind has changed completely and I have already picked out everything at IKEA.com. I find myself Googling baby slings, looking for the most comfortable and versatile one; looking at carseats trying to find out which is best and affordable and of course I am constantly looking a baby boy clothes. One day you and I will both be running around with one of those guns in the store, smiling from ear to ear.

mama said...

I can totally relate to your fascination with all the baby gear on your quest to have a baby. It took us over three years of excruciating pain, agony, and heartbreak, not to mention oodles of dr. appointments & fertility drugs & procedures to finally become parents. I had baby and nothing but baby on the brain 24/7. It was everywhere I went. I am sending good vibes and crossed fingers your way, because you, too, deserve to get crazy registering for your own baby gear with a price gun! Best of luck to you.... :-)