Period Watch 2009!

So I have officially finished the Provera as of Friday night...which means we now start Period Watch 2009! The nurse told me it can come anywhere between two to seven days after you stop the pill, which would be anytime this week!

Then we start the count down to the Day 6- I'm-freaking-out -and -scared-out-of-my-pants- HSG test (dye test). BTW -thank you to all the people that have contributed to my fears of this test, Like yesterday, my hubby's cousin who asked if I had it yet and when I asked her about it, she made a face like she was in pain and said "I don't remember it being THAT BAD". OH SWEET mother of Jesus!! I do not do pain well.....I am going to have nightmares for days!!

The craziest part of all this REALLY and TRULY have been my insane emotions. Who knew trying to have a baby makes a perfectly "normal" person CRAZY? I can't even begin to describe the wide spectrum of emotions I have been dealing with and over things that would normally be OK!! Ive been trying to fight my alter-ego CRAZY BITCH but she comes out sometimes.

We got all of our blood work done...all clear and we aren't carriers for anything that they tested for (which I have no idea what they tested for...but aren't carriers for that).....so now the next step is just to wait and see...I have my in-laws coming in on Wednesday....we have a HUGE family party to go to on Friday and of course I still have my papers to do for school...

isn't this the BEST week to be PMS-ING?!!?!?


Beautiful Mess said...

Oh man! PMS sucks! I can't even begin to say how much I hate PMS week. As does my husband. Good luck, hon! I'm sure your test will go fine! I've never had one, but everyone has said it was NOTHING like they had expected. Mild cramping but no pain. I hope they're right!