Tales of a wayward (god)mother

I had the pleasure of having my two godkids spend a few days with us this past weekend. My goddaughter is twelve and my godson is ten. I haven't had the opportunity to take them overnight or anything since my goddaughter was about six months. I was seventeen at the time and swore I could take care of a six month old overnight. Well she cried the whole night, nothing worked....to the point where I went out to walk her in her carriage at 2:30 in the morning while it was drizzling. She was FINALLY quiet and then we went back in the house.......It was a long night and I decided I needed birth control pills~

Twelve years later, I was stoked to spend the weekend with them. They live in AZ and I don't get to see them very often. I could tell my hubby was a little apprehensive about having the kids for the weekend. Despite his groaning, we picked them up Friday night!!! Things were going great...we went and got ice cream....came back and sat and talked! Got the kids ready for bed...kissed them good night..and I got into bed thinking " I am so ready for this...I can definitely be a mom!"

The next morning I took my goddaughter to get pedicures while the hubby stayed home with my godson playing video games. We ate lunch together and started to get ready for the luau we went to. I was on top of the world......

So I asked the kids if they wanted to go swimming at the luau...they both said no....I thought ok no problem. Well once we got there, they were staring at the pool like it was a big vat of ice cream. NOTE TO SELF: always pack the kids bathing suits, even if they tell you they dont want to go swimming.

So time goes on...they are both looking incredibly bored, I give them my iphone to play with which seems to keep them content...Until it started to get dark and my poor goddaughter who had this cute little dress on was FREEZING. I mean teeth chattering and everything....NOTE TO SELF: always pack jackets!!!

I was feeling bad...and then it happened....a mosquito bit me!! I didn't have bug spray!!!! not only does she not have a jacket....but now this cute little dress is giving the mosquitos plenty of options.....She has eleven mosquito bites on her legs alone the next day...NOTE TO SELF: Carry bugspray, oh and you might want to have calamine lotion for when she is scratching all the mosquito bites...

Feeling defeated...I went home and got some rest to head to the Jersey Shore the next day! We headed down to the shore...which was about a two hour drive and my goddaughter had a woman issue....I had nothing for her to change in to.....so we ran to the first store on the boardwalk and bought her a new pair of shorts. NOTE TO SELF: when you go on long car ride trips...it might be helpful to bring a new change of clothes!!

Thinking it couldnt get any worse....I remembered I never sprayed them with sunscreen....I know shoot me now!!! NOTE TO SELF: Always spray the kids with sunscreen!

I beat myself up about it all day....but its ok...they didnt burn and I am learning....I am still learning and Im not afraid to admit that! I now know that I obviously need to have a bag at all times that has: a bathing suit, towel, change of clothes, jacket, bug spray, calamine lotion and sunscreen!

We had a great time though....my husband even enjoyed it!!! Next year, Im gonna get them for a couple days longer...We promised them that we would spend the night at the shore next year, because the time was so rushed and I am hoping that we have our own little bundle of joy to bring along next year!


Complicated Mama said...
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Complicated Mama said...

your God children are beautiful and you are going to be an amazing mom....

besides, God children are children God gives you as ginuea pigs... ;)

my kids got screwed cause I don't have godchildren lol