Hell hath no fury like a want-to-be-mother scorned

The longest distance between two people is the word reschedule! I was all prepared to go to my consultation ....I was ready...I am ready...I was prepared to be poked and prodded all for the chance that next month we could FINALLY be pregnant. And then that dirty word came out.....

reschedule---He can't miss work tomorrow, even though I have been continously telling him to tell his bosses about the appt. He always "forgot". How does he forget, when its all I can think about!?!? How can he possibly just keep forgetting...and now he needs to be be in work and we both need to be at the appt, so I'm guessing you are seeing now who gets screwed in this deal!? me

You can't make it right when you know that it's wrong

My heart is in a million little pieces, the sobbing won't stop and I'm actually feel like I'm gonna throw up. I feel like something died...but didn't it? Didn't my dreams and hopes just get flushed down the toilet like waste, like they belonged there?? THIRTY FIVE more days.... You have no idea how long that is for a woman who wants a baby....Haven't I already waited long enough?