Even the Dolls Mock Me!

I'm feeling bitchy tonight....like stick-your-foot-out-and-trip-someone-bitchy!! I'm in a F-U-N-K!

I got a call from my dad (who we refer to as Saver Dave-due to his ability to always save a buck) about a sale at Target, so I decided to check it out.....I get there...no good sale here....so I just walked around....I just happened to walk down the baby doll aisle and all of a sudden I hear " mama! mama" and "wahhh" I look and the friggen dolls are talking to me!!! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? Toy companies have now resorted to making the dolls talk based on movements....holy crap thats annoying!!! It just added to my mood... Great..... now toys are reminding me I don't have a child yet...even the dolls are mocking me!!!

I need some serious retail therapy to get out of my funk....


Fertility Chick said...

I won't lie - those dolls scare the hell outta me! We bought a talking doll for my cousin's daughter a few years ago for Christmas and it started "talking" out of the blue while I was getting ready to wrap it. Creeped me out!

I enjoy reading your blog and have given you award on my blog for that reason. You can visit my blog to check it out!