Dear Verizon Wireless....

I have been a loyal customer for nine years now. I never switched companies. I never complained about cell phone reception. I always paid my bill, even though my forgetfulness normally made it a couple days late (but sometimes it was even on time). I was definitely happy with my wireless company.

Before I get ahead of myself and start to tell you about the wretched people you employ in your company, let me start from the beginning....SEVEN YEARS AGO when this all started! I called to dispute a charge on my bill....ya know SEVEN YEARS AGO is a long time in the cell phone world....so there wasn't any of this reasonably priced plans with tons of minutes nor were there any type of text message plans that were actually decent. So I called, the guy on the phone told me something about fixing it by creating a new account or something. I'm really racking my brain here for information from that call...It was a LONG time ago and a lot of important stuff has happened since then. But OK..no problem...its solved.

Fast forward to a couple months later when I get a bill for unpaid services. Confused I once again call your company....There is a charge for a month of services because he switched my account....WAIT WHAT? I didn't ask him to switch my account...I have paid my bill religiously since then ..I'm sure I wasn't nice (haven't you heard its my hormones)....but I finally got someone to see my way ..and they said it would be taken care of....

.....FOUR YEARS LATER....I get a collection letter from you.....puzzled ...I call again....I need to talk to your financial department....I have to explain the whole thing again....They see what I am saying and they are taking care of it....
(hindsight...I am thinking you probably train all of your employees to tell customers that...It's a disgusting habit!!)

...Three blissful years go by.....My hubby and I decide we want new phones...We decide that we are gonna add him to my account ...so we go into the store, decide on the Blackberry storm....The very nice lady behind the counter starts to process all our info....There is a flag on my account for some reason....funny because when I went to upgrade the last time I had no problems...She calls to find out the issue. Your first "customer service" rep actually HUNG UP ON HER!!! The second person states I once again need to call the financial department and we CAN NOT get our phones that day!!! We spent TWO HOURS there ....I was humiliated!

I was bitchy (oops I mean hormonal)...I called customer service in the car and I got a non compassionate man on the phone "I really wish I could do something for you but I can't"! I threaten to go to another company and the response that I get is " I'm sorry to hear that"...OMG!!!

It was then and there Verizon that I had to break up with you....You were no longer giving me what I needed....I could go into the whole it wasn't you it was me song and dance....but I would be lying....I went out and I found a new plan! I know this is hard for you to hear but I am now with AT&T...and although they might not have the best service...they treat me like a lady...I mean customer! I knew that our break up would be messy...you wouldn't want to let me go easy and I understood that...I just never thought it would amount to (in every way of the word $$$) what it has..

........Back to the story.....I called your financial department the next afternoon....only to be told...it was a mistake on your part....it should be been erased seven years ago ..and I "fell through the cracks", which was put so eloquently by your staff. I asked to immediately be put to customer service so I could have that break up speech (cancel my contract). So I get transferred to someone...oh boy was this one a winner....I ask what its gonna cost me to get out of the relationship...she says $90 ...I think that's fair....so I tell her to terminate the service...I explain that I am annoyed and hurt by them and she says in her best valley girl impersonation...."OH MY GOD..WHAT HAPPENED?" ...I explain it and tell her I want out...She tells me that I will have use of my phone until July 7th and then it will be turned off..I will have to pay the 125 for the bill and the 90 to turn off....I am OK with that....I hang up feeling great...I did it....we broke up!!! Little did I know what a conniving bitch she was!!!

.......So fast forward to yesterday July 8th....surprise surprise...my phone isn't off....I check my bill...there is no termination fee....I put my boxing gloves on and call customer service (did I mention I am hormonal)....Poor Poor lady picks up the phone and I lose it!!! She pulls up the computer to find out that BARBIE never cancelled my account, as a matter of fact the spiteful bitch only put that I asked about my termination fee....THAT'S IT!!!! I flip out....I want my account terminated right that minute...and here is the wonderful wonderful bit of news I receive....because the phone wasn't shut off when I called...I have to pay another month!!!!! OMFG!!!!

....OK Verizon....I tried to make this easy for everyone...I didn't complain about the cancellation fee...I figured I would pay it and get on with my life....I was heart broken....My heart breaks a little each time I drop a call with AT& T....I felt bad....but No more!!! You are a bunch of conniving weasels who try to squeeze every penny possible out of every customer you can....I get that you think you are a big hot shot...but its the little people like me...who made your company so big!!! Instead of looking back on our times together with admiration...I now look with disgust...I should have left you a long time ago....