Dear America

Dear America,

Please stop creating teachers until all the already certified teachers can find jobs!!! I don't know who came up with the whole "we need teachers in this country" speech but PLEASE STOP TELLING PEOPLE THAT?!?!?! The problem with this message you are relaying is that you probably need teachers in high school and all the people are getting certified in elementary....see what I am saying......I am getting exhausted looking at 300 different districts websites daily to see if new jobs have posted, and then waiting by the phone for days....and nothing....So please America (or New Jersey) for that matter, focus on a new career to push. I need some money to feed my shopping habit!




Complicated Mama said...

Dear Amazing Blogger,

I may not get the chance to read every day, but when I do I always go back and get caught up...

and each time that happens, and I am done with my reading--- I'm kind of sad that there's no more to read.

So you are doing something right! :)

This post cracked me up.

Your #1 IRL & Bloggy friend :)