Save me a spot in the mommy club!!

Ok quick wrap up of the weekend...ended up back in ER Saturday morning....tests were normal....It's all my hormones fault (turns out I'm not just being a bitch...who knew?!?) ...was sent home to rest...Had my love wait on me hand and foot...called the doctor on Monday morning....got an appt for tomorrow (Wednesday).

My weekend was exhausting!!! I couldn't sleep long...It was just a bad weekend and now my poor husband knows way too much about tampons (after having to run to the store for me multiple times)....I have a new found respect for him and his concern for me this weekend...Sometimes you kinda forget how special your spouse truly is!!! I am crazy in love with mine right now!!!

I was freaked out this weekend more than ever about the possibility of not having children and just decided I have waited long enough without doing anything....so I called our insurance company to get the low down on our fertility coverage and found that we have better coverage than we both had originally thought. I called this morning and made our consultation appt. with the reproductive endocrinologist! July 28th....it feels like forever away but I am extremely excited!!! It's my turn....so save me a spot in the mommy club...I hope to be a member within a year =)


Complicated Mama said...

Your VIP spot is saved right next to me!! :) cant wait.