My date with Nurse Miserable

This blog contains some very medical stuff........You have all been warned......

So if you have been reading my blogs, you know that I thought I was pregnant a few weeks ago and as god may have it, the pregnancy test was negative, I bought a new purse and carried on with my life. However, those symptoms I had before when I thought I was, didn't go away ...My bubbies were still really sore and I have been tired. About two nights ago, I started to get these dull aches in my lower back , particularly on my right side! The hypochondriac came out full force and I was sure I was having kidney failure (or at the very least a kidney infection). Late yesterday afternoon, I started to bleed...not a lot ...

Because of the PCOS, my cycle isn't regular....it might have been for like 10 minutes after I first started getting it..but it has been hell since. None of the doctors seem particularly concerned over it. They all want to put me on birth control, but hello..I'm trying to have a baby....and then they don't. So it comes and goes when it pleases, and I don't stress over it. The whole counting on the calendar thing got old very quickly because it NEVER came when expected and the emotions that I had to deal with as repercussions of that were insane, so my menstrual cycle and I made a deal....I could stop counting and it would come whenever it wanted (I know its a one sided deal...but hey what can you do!)

On to today:
So I woke up this morning...it was heavier but again no concern. The good wife that I am got up and started to clean the kitchen ....and I started to cramp badly. By the next time I went to the bathroom...I was like OMG....I tried to lay down...everything was getting worse....I FREAKED OUT ....called my wonderful husband at work and he rushed home ....we decided to go to the ER.

I have never been pregnant...I don't know what it feels like, I always get told "you will just know" well I have "just known" like twenty times already! I wasn't sure what was happening and I was scared!!

We drove around for 60 MINUTES looking for a hospital with an emergency room (something you think we both could have looked up BEFORE we left the house)...anyway we came to this hospital , which I will now refer to HELL-sptial. The parking was absurd.....there were seriously like 10 emergency room spots and they were all taken so we had to park in the PAID visitors garage and WALK to the emergency room....so I entered the HELL-sptial and checked in with the nurse. I explained what I just told you guys and asked where the bathroom was. She gave me a urine cup in a little bag that seriously looked like a McDonald's happy meal toy. I went to the bathroom, did what I had to do and went back to give her the cup and she told me to hold it...EXCUSE ME?!? Let me get this straight...you want me to sit in your ER waiting room with a cup of urine in my hand....Apparently ER stands for Extremely Revolting!

So I waited my turn....the lady calls me.....I walk into the room and am introduced to Nurse Miserable. She asks why I am there...so I start to explain the story again and this time I start crying....She asks when the bleeding started...I said last night....She asks when my last cycle was and I am TRYING to explain that it isn't normal etc etc etc.....she tells me "I'm going to need a date" and shows me a calendar...I explain I don't keep track and she says she needs something more than that. So I point to the third week of May...**it might have been around there** HERE IS THE BEST PART (ARE YOU SITTING DOWN)...she proceeds to count the four weeks from then til now and tells me I am due for my period......(you can pick your chin up off the keyboard...that was my reaction too) I am 29 years old lady...I know how a normal woman's cycle works....You stupid ass!

The appt just gets worse and worse...I am full on sobbing now and she says to me (not in a sweet or caring way...but more of a standoffish way) "Did I do something to make you cry?" ...I cant even talk...I am still trying to deal with the fact that she didn't think I had the ability to count 4 WEEKS on a calendar! so I don't answer and she says "Why are you crying?" ...COME ON LADY ...really...you don't know why I am crying???....

The unpleasantness kept coming.....to make an extremely LONG 15 minutes short...I can't count...I am stupid for thinking it was anything more than my period and I am obviously wasting her time....She orders a urine test done...which surprise surprise comes back negative (yea bitch I could have told you that) and sends me out to the waiting room to be called.....

By the time I get back to my incredibly supportive husband I can't breathe!!! I barely squeak out what happened and I tell him I want to leave....I was MORTIFIED....We go up to the lady at the front and tell her we are leaving and OF COURSE ..she has to notify Nurse Miserable....Upon notifying Nurse Miserable she turned to me and said "Fine Ill take you out of the computer" and walked away......I sobbed the whole way to the car....It was quite a trip to the HELL-spital!!

I will be calling a ob/gyn on Monday to go in and deal with someone with bedside manner... It's been a crazy LONG day!!


Complicated Mama said...

(((HUGS))) Nurse miserable sucks and so does her Hel-spital!

Hate them both!!

Rest up Jenn -- it will get better. You and the hubby are amazing amazing people... your kid will probably be president of the Unite States ( or a high end hand bag designer) and then you will go... "OOOHHH So THATS why I had to wait so long!" ;)

Love u!